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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Dentist part......hell who knows

Hubby finally went to the oral surgeon yesterday. We got there early of course and waited...and waited...and waited.....
Finally they called us back. Since hubby was going to be knocked out I had to go back to show that he really had a driver. We listened to her speech about sigining this paper to let us know that some numbness may occur, blah blah , blah....I said, "Yeah, we know all the dangers, why do you think we're here?" After hooking hubby up to the machine with the "beep - beep - beep" noises to monitor his heart and me of course in a loud voice going "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep", hahahaha. he was off to sleep and they begun to rip open his gums. It seems there was something showing up on the x-rays that they weren't quite sure what it was. They had a hunch, but they wanted to make sure. Whadda ya know they were right. Our fucking small town dentist left a piece of tooth in hubby the size of a baby's tooth!!! Fortuantely, that should take away the pain he's been feeling since the end of October, but that does not cure his numbness he has on his left side of his face. That sucks. We have 30 days to see how we feel about him being flown to either Stanford or San Francisco where a microsurgeon specializing in nerve damage may or may not see if he could repair good ol hubby. Decisions...decisions. Let's see, do I want to be wiping food off of hubby's mouth and watching him drool his beer for the rest of our lives? Or take a chance and send him up north, where quite possibly he could get even worse and talk like the Vito Coreleone with a stroke. Lucky me.


When your not having fun. I hadn't realized its been so long since I've lasted updated. So many mundane things to do so few to write about.
Lunch - Had lunch with the "girls" on Sat...jeez..kill me now. I hadn't seen these girls in over a decade. I walk into the place and its like a flashback to 1989 and we're Seniors in high school. They were the exact same. Same hair, same face, same WEIGHT! I on the other hand come in with purle hair (which i like by the way), 75lbs overweight, and not a clue as to how I got like this. I wasn't supposed to be like this,.....or at leaset I wasn't supposed to be the only one that looked like this. Wow...what a wake up call. One doesn't work (or shall I say, doesn't have to work), one is divorced with 3 kids ( I'm more along her lines...lots of drama in that one), and the other is selling her multi million dollar house up north and building one here that she doesn't think that she'll ever live in. Holy shit....see what happens when you stay in a small town? But I'll die in my hometown, I wouldn't have it any other way, but it gets a gal to a thinking what would've been. Should've, could've, would've...my motto. Fuck it...whatcha gonna do? Sit there come out swinging with your wild sense of humor as always and never let them see you sweat!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Won't you please....please won't you be my neighbor.

My mom has the best neighbors. I drove up to her house today to see that Mr. & Mrs. Nice Neighbors were putting Xmas lights up on her house! That house has not had lights up since the early 90's. My dad used to put up the big old green,blue,red lights up...crooked and all. Tradition.
After Dad passed, we were sooo worried when the across street neighbors were selling their house. What if the wrong kind of neighbors moved in across from her. She was by herself now and we wanted good neighbors. We found out that a kid I went to school with was going to buy it. He was single. I knew his rep from school. The old people said "sorry". Wasn't a good sign.
Could we be not the furthest from the truth. He was great. Always saying "hi". Fixing odd things here and there for mom. In fact he was the one that got mom in agreeing to get an alarm. Something we thought she would never do. He gave her the name of his alarm people, walked her through his house and showed her how easy it was. Jumped my moms fence when she couldn't get into her house after being locked out. Fixed a sprinkler. Called the cops and waited with them when her alarm accidentally went off and we were off shopping. All kinds of good deeds. It only got better when he married a sweetheart of a girl last year. They watch Jack, her cat when we're on vacation. Get the papers and mail too. Bought her a wind chime when they went to the coast and even hung it up for her.
I drove up to her house the day before and holy shit, they were both out there stapling lights up to her house! And they were his lights!! I couldn't belive it.
I want neighbors like that.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Things to do.....

Stolen from another blog...yet again....here goes.

7 things to do before I die

1. Have a savings account.
2. Get re-married.
3. Lose weight.
4. See my children grow up.
5. Go back to Hawaii.
6. Go abroad somewhere.
7. Win BIG in Las Vegas.

7 things I can not do

1. Sew.
2. Cook.
3. Clean.
4. Drive.
5. See.
6. Admit I lost.
7. Touch my toes.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. Sense of humor (hence the reason I'm with hubby still).
2. Eyes.
3. Unselfish
4. Loving and caring.
5. Semi-intelligent in at least one area.
6. Looks (yeah, I said it)
7. Handiness.

7 things I say most often

1. Fuck
2. Motherfucker.
3. What up.
4. Dork.
5. Fuck no.
6. Slap my butt, no way!
7. What the devil! or What the deuce!

7 celebrity crushes

1. James Marsters
2. James Marsters.
3. Julian McMahon
5. Colin Firth
6. John Cusack
7. Christopher Walken (its the voice)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still no laundry room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'nuff said

A blast from the past

Recently a friend from school passed away. We hung out, we've known each other since 7th grade, shared notes, shared tests, shared gossip, shared drinking. After high school, we fell out of touch as many people do. She died last week. Hubby and I will be going to the rosary.
A close friend from those days called me up last night out of the blue and asked if I was going. She now lives in town and wants to get together Thanksgiving weekend. "Yeah, definately, sounds great", yadda yadda yadda. I actually got a little sick to my stomache. What do I have in common with theses people anymore? What would we talk about? Ourselves? Yeah I can see that conversation.
I'm married to the last person you ever thought that I would still be married too. I have 2 kids. I go to work. I go to cheer 4 nights a week with the girl. The sons in sewing. Hubby and I have the worse "fuck you" conversations ever. I smoke...alot. The word "fuck" is a every other word for me. um.....yep that's it. Wraps up the last 15 years of my life. I don't know about this particular friend, but the other one that is coming has a million and one things going on. A business in the bay area, a business down here where we live. A house being built back home. One to take care of over there. Couple of kids and who knows what else.
Ugh, I hope she doesn't call.

Monday, November 14, 2005

This update courtesy of the letter "E"

Went to big sis's house to pick up the girl Saturday. She spent it with her "second" family. We were sitting at the table and she looked at me and asked, "How did you get the name Ebers?"
I saw her smile and looked over at big sis and she smiled.
I couldn't talk when I was little..........."Aha! I knew it!", she exclaimed.
I hadn't realized that I never told her how I got my nickname. It goes something like this.

ME: E, E , E, E, Eeeeeeeee!

Family: "do u want a drink of water J? do you want cereal?....did Timmy fall down the well?? they had no idea as to what I wanted half the time I would assume.

All I could say for, what I am told, years was the letter E and point. I couldn't manage my tongue very well is the story. I couldn't ennunciate and didn't talk and just pointed and said "Eee"....pathetic. My dad gave me the name Ebers and to this day I use it whenever the chance arises.

I couldn't says shoes and socks, I would say foos and focks. I went to speech therapy for two years with Mr. Dee and Mrs. Dan. I'll have to let big sis tell the story since she was old enough to actually remember some of the other fucked up things I used to say.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The sickness continues....

Hubby says that I have a sickness. I cannot go into a store, any store and just buy what I need and get out. As I've said before, he has his beer, I have my stores. The girl and I went to Wal Mart to get some shoestrings for her shoes. 97 cents and I should be out the door, right? Shit, I should've known better:

Thermal top for hubby

Thermal for the boy

Lipgloss for me

Pink turtleneck for the girl

Pink, brown, black, and burgunday ribbon for the girl's hair

Blue thread for the boy (sewing class, remember?)

Birthday present for the neice

New deorderant for the boy since he doesn't like the other 4 he has in the drawer

New deorderant for the girl since it smelled sooooo pretty

Pair of sweats for the boy again

Package of wife beaters for the girl

T shirt for the hubby

Honeycombs ceral (came home to find 2 already in the cabinet)

Word search for the girl

and of course the .97 cents shoelaces.

Total $102.50..........fuck...I am sick.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Still no laundry

As the days go on.....the laundry room is still in shambles and the clean towels are lined up and down the hall still!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Laundry room update

Yes, it has been 6 days that I have sheet rock and white shit all of my entrance and in my laundry room. Hubby has managed to accomplish the caulking of the sheet rocked wall. Needless to say that I still have towels and sheets and comforters lined up in the damn hall.
I hate home projects. Below is a list of great ideas hubby had when there was spare time.

1. Tile - Hubby decided to do this himself. He ripped out the padding and carpet to our dining room and the linoleum in the kitchen. He tried "ironing" the linoleum to heat it up so he could get a better pull of it. Jesus. I had the dining room table and the refrigerator in my living room for 3 months.

2. Wall border - Ripped out the existing border along the floor to put in new ones. Got as far as the hall and kitchen done. Never made it any further

3. I've had 3 new backyard lawns in 7 years. One he just let die for lack of attention. The second he decided to go all HGTV and cut out diamond shapes in the grass to give it an effect!! Yeah, needless to say that lawn was put to rest also. The third he threw seeds out and let it grow. This is the current one and believe me, it's on the critical list right now.

4. He painted a garage size Rams helmet on the cement. It only took him one night but he never finished the face mask. After a year it still has the tape running along side of it just in case he gets the paint out again.

5. Bought 18 lawn lights for the yard.....8 years ago. Still in a box in the garage. He can't put them up because he's going to "sculpt" the front yard.

6. Pulled up the original linoleum in the bathroom and put "fake" wood linoleum and a new border. Actually got this one done over a period of 6 days but didn't have a thingy to cut the border for the corner of the bathroom...needless to say, there is still no border in that bathroom 3 years later.

7. His brother high on crack one day decided to paint a floral mural with definition on my wall above my shower. It turns out that he is a horrible artist while high and it turned out more like a vine than a flower and very unfinished at that. We just call it the "mad angry vine". Hubby promised to paint over it. That was 4 years ago.

9. Took off the boys closet doors to get him some new ones....the doors are still off and no new ones have arrived. 1 year later.

10. I'm sure theres more I'll have to update later

Monday, November 07, 2005

That stupid fucking blue diamond of the ocean

Sat and watched the Titanic tonight. What went thru my mind besides the bitching of Rose that she didn't even take turns on the fucking door so that poor Jack froze to death, is that the old bitch just dropped the fucking diamond into the ocean? Now I am not the biggest Bill Paxton fan cause quite frankly he can't act worth a shit, but here he is...searching for the son of a bitch for 3 years and the ol lady just drops it in the ocean.
What a bitch.
Another 2 hrs wasted of my life. I swear I need to stop watching these movies.....right after the sequel to Bridget Jones is over.

Whats in my purse

I saw this on another blog and had to do it. Here goes:

Wallet with a massive amount of receipts so big that I have trouble closing it.
Car keys with 3 keys on it
Office keys with 6 keys on it
Regular size bottle of Jergens Shimmer Body Lotion
4 pens
1 pencil
2 black Sharpies
Hair clip
Rubber Band
2 cough drops
4 gum wrappers
Directions from my physical therapist on how to manuever my neck (worthless, should throw that away)
The boys excema precription that I need to fill pronto
Bottle of black fabric paint
Bottle of pink fabric paint
6 Avon Lipsticks
2 eyeliners
2 mascaras
Clinique double day face powder
Clinique blush
Avon eyeshadows set of 4
2 paychecks stubs
1 paycheck stub from hubby
Silver jangly anklet
2 necklaces
3 Bandaids
Eyeglass holder (no glasses in it)
Eyeglass blankie to clean them
.65 loose change
Nextel phone bill
4 yrs worth of receipts from the girls cheer uniforms (don't ask me why)
1 lighter
Warranty and receipts to new washer/dryer
1 sticker of Stewie from Family Guy saying "Hello? Get me the Pentagon?
Pair of earings (ooohh that's where they went to)
Bottle of Vicks Vapor Rub
Recipt from phys therapist (again worthless)
3 napkins from Mc D's
2 Best Buy bucks from the above
Orange stupid fucking rubber band that I'm supposed to use per the useless therapist I have now stopped going to
1 blank index card (what the fuck?)
$5.00 bill
Amarato business card (jewlers)

ok, Im off to clean out my purse. Fuck, I didn't think I had that much crap in this bag. No wonder I can never find my keys or cell phone once it goes in there.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stolen from another blog....First, Lasts, Now


First best friend: Aimee Clausen....mom was friends with her mom and she got us together before kindegarten. Lasted 2 years.
First kiss: Kiddie Kiss, Gene, 1st grade. Real kiss, Joey freshman year.
First piercing/tattoo: ears. 2 holes each freshman year. Tattoo of winnie the pooh on shoulder blade at 25
First big trip: um....have to get back to that. been on many.
First flight: Senior year went to Michigan with mom to get our eyees checked at the Kelloggs Medical Eye Center to be part of a test for RP
First time skiing/snowboarding: not as of yet
First concert: Duran Duran with oldest sis and middle sis in San Francisco
First alcoholic drink: bottle of wine stolen from the kitchen Freshman year
First ticket violation: speeding ticket at age of 21
First job: Accounts Receivables age 18
First date: don't think I've ever been on a date date before


Last car ride: went to Wal Mart to buy socks....boring
Last time you cried: this morning while making breakfast. argument with hubby. threw a wet sponge at him and he threw it back. PMS'ing bad right now.
Last movie watched: SAW II at the movies last night with the boy.
Last food you ate: bologna sandwich about an hour ago.
Last love:
Last temptation: to get another bologna sandwich right now
Last item bought: pkg of socks for me, boxer briefs and grey sweats for the boy, 2 bras and pkg of socks and lip gloss for the girl, conditioner (or as big sis calls its, "Cream Rinse" that still cracks me up)
Last annoyance: hubby being his drunk ass self and trying to talke to me while Grey's Anatomy is on. fucker.
Last alcoholic drink: bud light last weekend just cause i was so damn thirsty at the moment.
Last concert: i guess The Eagles a couple of years ago....i know i've been to something esle but i can't think. Gwen Stefani in 2 weeks!!
Last phone call: callin friend R to make sure she got to Sacramento ok about an hour ago.
Last time at the mall: Thursday to get some cheap Chineese food.


Current best friend: Oldest Sis, Raq
Current car: Altima
Current love: the boy and girl
Current drink: diet pepsi
Current activity: laundry as usual
Current annoyance: drunk ass hubby snoring in bed
Current mood: tired

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dentist part III

The Bad News:
As I came home yesterday from work, I walked in the house and lo and behold the fucking recliner was still in front of the t.v. Yep, Hubby is still off of work. They took the stitches out and had to stuff some gel shit in the hole to help heal it up.

The Good News:
With hubby cranked up on codine and pain pills he started another home fucking project. Tonight I will write up a list of unfinished home projects, to which I will probably be adding this one.
He broke thru my wall in my laundry room and to the other side of the entry hall closet and will be giving me a new large laundry room. Yeah, ok.....in the meantime if your in my kitchen you can see straight thru to the laundry room.

The Bad News:
He just called and said he's going to start sheet rocking tonight. Lord help me.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The bitch is back.

Awhile ago, I ranted about the girls giving my girl shit at school. Well it happened again. They have cut the girl loose. Now I don't have a problem with this cause frankly they're bitches, I don't care of their ages. It seems that the bitch bribed some boy to tell the teacher that the girl had gum in her mouth during line up. The teacher gave her 500 sentences to write in 2 days saying, "Be courteous, respectful and responsible" What a crock. She was dying tonight. I swewar if she gets a cramp from all this I'm getting payback somehow.
Fucking kids...they're rotten sometimes.