Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, we have officially begun the cool down process. Our air conditioner is fixed. Seemed the compressor broke and we are not at 83. Much much better. My brain doesn't hurt. My head doesn't hurt and I can take all the ice bags off me. Whew!!!

Tomorrow I can post about something other than the heat. I just haven't had any complete thoughts while at work , and that's the only place I really blog.

Ta Ta

Monday, June 26, 2006

cAN'T bREATHE!!!!!

Still no air.... I can't breathe. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and I'm suffocating. It's only 9: fucking 30.
It's 87 degrees in here. We all now have a fan in front of our faces, but it's not helping one bit other than giving me an earache it seems.
I wanna cry!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

85 fucking degrees~!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~
My brain is melting.
I have a bag of ice on top of my head and I'm spraying the canned air all over my body to keep cool.
I have a bag of ice down my blouse to keep cool.
I have a bag of ice next to my arms.
Nothing's working.

The air guy just showed up and I told him, "Guy, its fucking 85 degrees in here, you tell me what to do to make you go faster and I will do it". He laughed.
I'm miserable.


Oh hell no. Yesterday at my office, the air conditioner broke at 2:30. Now, we keep this office like a meat locker. It's usually around 74 degrees and I'm wearing a jacket while I work. I luv it. The boss and 3 others are luv it. There's 3 big ol pussies that can't stand it. so what, if the boss likes it cold, its gonna stay cold.
So when it shut down on us, I really didn't start to notice until 45 minutes later that it was getting kind of warm. By 4:00 pm I was sticking my head into the freezer. I didn't care. I put ice in a bag and had them all over my body. It still didn't work. I was now hot and in certain places freezing. It didn't take down my body temp like they say it does. I suffered the last hour and ran to my car where I proceeded to put my AC on full blast and call hubby to bitch.
This morning, as I promptly got to work at 8:10 am, I noticed that our 2 doors were open. Not a good fucking sign. I can't believe it, a 103 - 107 (depending on which weather forecast your gonna belive, and I mean really, after 100 fucking degrees, it all feels the fucking same) and we have no air!!!!!!
I ain't gonna make it. I know it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I've thought of recently:

- I am sooooo going to find Dog when we go to Hawaii. Number one priority is to find Leland (though i heard he stays over in Kona) and take a pic! Me and one of the corporate girls email regularly about this man. We dont' know what it is, but he is goooooood lookin'. I luv that show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Can't explain it.

- I have now made dinner 2 times in a row (spaghetti last night) and I've decided the previous post was horse-shit. I DO wanna parade.

- Hubby had to stay home from work again today! Yesterday was his work truck that broke down and they sent him home. Today was his personal truck that blew a wire or some shit like that. I swear that man takes more time off. And to boot, he does shit with it. I told him to go to the bank to get a loan for a new truck (hasn't done it), i told him to call his Dr and get in to see about his weight gain and get some meds (hasn't done it), I told (asked, same shit) him to call a tile guy out and see about coming out for a quote for our backdrop (hasn't done it), I told him to go to the neighbors house and see about getting his big rocks for our back yard (the guy doesn't want them and there sitting in the middle of his yard!) (hasn't done it)....I mean come on, ....you ain't bringing in any income, you better be accomplishing something, fucker!

Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm mad. Not mad mad, but upset. I hate this about myself.

I made dinner tonight....and I expect a fucking parade. Why is that? I'm not curing cancer for Christs sake. It's just dinner. But man, does it piss me off when I actually make something and put it on the table for the family to eat and I don't get a hero's fucking welcome when they come in thru the door. Now is that selfishness? baby-ness? ridiculous? all of the above? probably.

Oldest sis had made enchiladas for A the other day and I thought that sounded really good. So after 3 calls to sis and 2 to mom, I went to the store while the girl and hubby were at softball practice and bought the fixings for dinner. The boy cut the onions and helped somewhat with the meat. It was nice, just me and him talking and cooking. NOW that I could get used too....the girl and hubby coming home late and the food was cold? Fuck that, I ain't getting used to that.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Sitting here contemplating something. Something I said I was going to do. Was talking to a co worker of mine and I told her about my tattoo that I'm gonna get that all my other wussy sisters opted out of.

Bought some shoes yesterday and the gal at the register had this big ol A on her shoulder where her bra strap is. Perfect!! That's where I'm going to get it. So, now I have to lose weight and get a tattoo before I leave for our Hawaii trip.

My goal is to get the Celtic Lion w/a Rose by the end of the year!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Softball going good. The girls are at 2-0-2. Won 2, lost 0, tied 2 (due to time restraints they make us stop at an hour). She didn't catch last night, she played 2nd base. And even though I luv the little girl at catcher, she's got's to go. Unfortunately that leaves Aud to do the duty. These girls are thinner and faster than our girls and they like to steal. The poor catcher didn't know what hit her (except when the ball did and that was quite often). No practice tonight, just cheer for her...yeah.

Today is June 15th...payday...riiiiiiight. WRONG. The new payroll girl didn't get the checks in the pony bag, so I'm the only one who didn't get a check. Everyone else is direct deposit. I don't do direct deposit, cause like I've said before, I like to skim a little off the top.

It's Father's Day this weekend. I haven't gotten the hubby anything else. He's easy. I just have to go to Sears and pick up some stupid tool or something.

Friday, June 09, 2006

We gave up our dog. We had too. I thought this family could do it, but we really didn't realize how much time we're away from the home. We had no time with it to properly train it and it wasn't fair to her. We called up the owners and explained (well we really didn't, friend R called up acting like me cause I was too chicken) that even though the dog was beautiful and was very good, we weren't the right people. We were only thinking about her best interests and wanted to have her go to a good home. What the fuck did they care, they were getting her back for $100 less than what we bought her for. I even threw in the leash, her 2 favorite toys and her brush. I didn't even go with hubby to drop her off. I got him to drop me and the girl and her friend off at the mall so I didn't have to see her go. She really was a beautiful beautiful puppy. We just weren't ready for her.
As far as the kitten. She is no problem. Keep the litter box clean, give her food and water and play with her when SHE wants to play with you and all is good. She gets to the roam the whole house during the day and at night sleeps with Aud by her feet or in my bed on top of my head. Either way she's sitting like a fat hog. Anyways, since we named the dog and cat to go together, I thought it was unfair to keep Violet when there was no Ivy.

So may I introduce you to our little kitten

Queen Meow Meow......

Meow Meow for short. But if you ask hubby...her name is "Where's that bitch at now?"


Where do i begin. Um, mom had her colonoscopy on Wed. She was scheduled to go in at 2:00 but somehow didn't get thru until 3:10. I took off work early to meet big sis and mom at the very big, very nice, but very poor cafeteria hospital around 1:30.
Mom went in and we waited in the waiting room. I am so sure, the Dr's came right out and told everybody their news right there in front of everyone.
"um yes, your beloved's ass is doing just great. No rectal problems that I can see, some bleeding to be expected...blah blah blah"
We didn't really hear this but I mean....eeeeew. We saw some people go into the "Conference Room". One guy came out and I of course smarted off with, "He's gonna cry when he gets into the car".....a quote from Friday. Granted not my most shining moment, but i did say it where he couldn't hear at least. By the way, the guy looked fine so it must've not been tooo horible...i hope.
So after about 20 minutes into the surgery, sis and I both thought sufficient time had passed where we could sneak off and go to the cafeteria. ooooohhhhh wrong....I meant the Bistro..whatever...some crappy coffee, some snickers bar and day old salads....yech! It didn't stop us from getting those frosted brownies though. We went back up saying that after we got mom's news we'd go hit up the cafeteria. Dont' get me wrong, we're very serious when it comes down to why we're at hospitals but it's something about hospital food thats gooood! We've been in enough of them to know which are good and which are bad....a discussion that sis and I had while there. We're putting this hospital at a question mark, cause when we did go down to eat, they didn't serve lunch until 4:30 and mom would be in recovery by then...damn! So back up to the waiting room we went.

I'll tell you one thing and I don't know if I could say this about the other sis's......we sure can keep ourslves entertained. It doesn't matter where we are, big sis and I can talk. I found this out cause we went to Las Vegas once and did nothing but sit in front of Starbucks for like 5 hrs and did nothing but people watch ( a favorite amongst all of us girls in the family) and talk. I enjoy these times where we can just sit and talk and watch.

Mom came out around 4:00 and her Dr said everything was fine, but.......2 polyps, "diver down" disesase (which is my medical term for those pouches you have in your stomache lining that act up when irritated by seeds and a lack of fiber) and a hiatal hernia (which Gma had and is very heredity and which most likely I'll end up with). So all in all, not bad..not good, but certainly not the worst. We went in to the recovery room to find a semi lupey mom due to the drugs and waited for her to get released.

After we made sure mom was alright and back in her house and settled in, what did sis and do??? We took off to our local mexican restaurant for dinner......casuse by then we were starving. I don't feel bad cause I know mom would've done the same!!

rING rING.....

The unthinkable has happened. the hubby caved in and the boy and girl now have cell phones. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. the only reason they got one is that hubby's phone snapped in half and was literally hangning on by the one wire. When he talked he had to hold both pieces together. This phone is 3 yrs old, old, no pic/text...nothing and he still kept it even after it broke for 3 weeks!!! Verizon had a nice deal where you buy one get 3 free. How could we pass that offer up? I was even so nice as to let hubby get the nicer of the 4. What a gal!
I ordered the phones on Wed and rec'd them Thurs. We are all now "IN" and caught up to the world in the cell phone area. Next up: DVD writer!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i have never been more stressed out than i was yesterday. and for a stupid thing. it's not because i gave up my poor doggy (more on that later), it's not because my mom isn't feeling well and will be in the hospital (more on that later too), it's not because school is almost out and the kids are going here and there and all over the place......no...it was because of softball. this shit 's gonna stop if its gonna be like this every monday and wednesday.

The Green Machine had its first game last night. It ended up a tie 5-5. NOT good enough according to the coaches. This was the team that was supposedly the best in the league and we fucking tied them, what do they want??!! Hubby was not happy to say the least. I couldn't believe how he was acting. I had to remind him once in the truck and we had drove off out of the park....that what just happened stays back there. I mean it. Once we're gone ....softball moods are kaput. He had to leave to drink a few beers and go over the game with the other two coaches. How convenient. I'm left at home to console not only an upset daughter because she got yelled at a lot, but also a hurt one cause she got her finger jammed by the ball when she was catching and a bruised rib cause the pitcher hit her while warming up.

Then it was all about me when I had to all of a sudden be scorekeeper. I don't know the first thing about softball nor have I even seen a scorebook. What the fuck?! Tiny little diamonds and I'm supposed to be able to put 1B, F-6, K...all that shit and also keep track of where the girls hit out in the field on this tiny ass thing. You should see my book...its got scratches, lines, X's all over the fucking thing. Quite hilarious.

Big sis came by the game cause she had to go get mom some drinks and she couldn't wait until I got out of the gam...poor thing. sorry sis. She saw my frustration on my face and quietly walked away.

Now I know this is no biggie, but I just hadn't realized that when these games started it was going to be this emotional roller coaster with hubby coaching and the girl playing. It's a nightmare. You'd think they were playing in the fucking World Series.