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Monday, September 25, 2006


A little somethin' something' for me to remember.

- My new computer is underneath my desk. Purty. All black and shiny and new. I can't get on the internet cause it doesn't have a modem so I had to sign up for the "faster" one, so I had to finally tell hubby that I do have more money than time finally. I will be amongst the living as of Saturday with a sbcglobal.net address...wheeeewwwww.

- Hubby started to take the boy out to the country to learn how to drive. Thursday was he first time out. I just happened to call and all I heard was "STOP, that's a fucking stop sign". And then he said I'll call you right back. I thought he was yelling at some random person to stop at the stop sign. I didn't find out until 15 minutes later it was the boy he was yelling out. Other than not stopping at that sign and blowing right past it and not being able to turn the 91 chevy silverado real well, he didn't do to bad said hubby. A few more grey hairs and a sore throat was all it cost him.

- It seems the wisdom tooth from hell has acted up. Stayed home from work today to start the medication from the last time this happened and load up on the pain pills. Wheeeeewwww.

- Painted one wall in the kitchen a gold/brown color. I like it. If no one else does, who gives a fuck. I felt like it...i figured painting walls was just like coloring your hair. If you don't like, change it. Seems simple enough.

- A friend from long ago called up and wanted to do dinner on Saturday. I erased her number and wasn't able to get a hold of her. I felt bad. It would've been nice to see her again.

- Week 3 of Fantasy Football came and went with the usual heart attacks. I hate this. Its such a poor excuse to have anxiety attacks over. This year the pot is a grand though. Right before Xmas. That would be soooo sweet.

- Went looking at houses today. The time has come to either build on or sell and buy a bigger house. Looked at a new sub that is going up. Starting prices 349k. We liked the 2200' house for 405k...with a 6.7 percent interest, and 92k down, we're looking at 1700 month payments. Ugh.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Went out and bought a new computer tonight. For a whopping 495.01 I bought a kick ass computer. You should see it. It's all in little pieces all over my table. I have to bring it into work tomorrow so that T can put it all together. Looks like a bunch of wires and gizmos's if you ask me, but for that price, I hear I got a good deal. While there, the boy found Google Earth and we located our house, Auntie Jo's house, Cousin D, and Niagara Falls. Pretty cool. Hubby was impressed.
After ripping the check from the hubby's cold hands, we started to think where we were going to eat.
I said how about spaghetti.
We haven't been back to the spaghetti place since my dad's last birthday with us. A week before he left us, he finally got his spaghetti dinner he had wanted for his dinner when we tricked him into coming to my house for his 65th surprise birthday party.
I had been wanting to go real bad for a long time now. My birthday, we thought about it and Dad's birthday too, but we all just never got around to it. Tonight was the night. Spur of the moment kind of thing, so that no emotions could surface. While waiting, (as you always did at this place), hubby the kids and I sat on the velvet purple couch and talked. We remembered that when we went there, hubby and Gpa would go into the bar and have a beer. We would remember how many times we had been there before and before it moved from the downtown location. We remembered that we would get ice cream at the end. We remembered that Gpa always wanted to sit in a bed (tables looked like old wrought iron beds). We remebered Gpa looking up at the pictures of what the big town used to look like back in the day. On and on the memories came back and I had to bite my tongue in order not to cry.
Dinner was the same as always. Not the best spaghetti, but as always, I enjoyed it because it had been Dad's place to go.
I took a couple of pix and send them to oldest sis to let her know where we were.
After the meal, there was a mix up with our bill and we had to wait 35 mintues to pay and get out of there. Poor hubby has to get up at 2:00 this morning to go to work and we didn't get out of there until 9:00 and still had a 1/2 hr drive home. Hubby was so mad at the people that he by the time we left, he had worked himself into a frenzy. That was kind of funny.
As we walked out of there, I said that maybe we were supposed to have a bad time so that we couldn't get sad. The girl said, "yeah, Gpa was probably mad that we went without him."
I bet he was upset indeed.
We even sat in a bed!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Happy Birthday, Oldest Sis.

I love you.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A tribute for Lisa Egan

Five years ago, on September 11th, a nightmare happened.
2,996 people were taken from this world.

Thinking back to that day, I remember the middle sis calling and saying that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Time stood still. I couldn't belive it. I drove to work and that day no work was done. We had a small TV and me and my office sat in front of it and watched coverage throughout the entire day. I didn't know anyone personally that worked in those buildings or lived in New York. My heart sank as I watched the buildings collapse and felt such sorrow for all those mothers, fathers, sister, brothers, and friends that were lost to so many families.

Five years later, the oldest sis told me of this tribute that was going on for the bloggers around the world and I immediately told her to sign me up.

My tribute is for Lisa Egan:

Cantor Fitzgerald was on the 101st-105th floors of One World Trade Center. They lost 658 employees, or about two-thirds of its workforce, in the September 11, 2001 attacks, considerably more than any other company.

One of their employees was Lisa Egan who was a human resources manager. She was there for four years, when she heard that there was a job opportunity for her sister, Samantha Egan, age 24. Sadly, both sisters lost their lives that day.

While researching Lisa's story, I found that she was an avid sports player, she enjoyed visiting her parents on Long Island and was loved by many family members and friends.

Her father David, in a tribute said, "I know that in the minutes after the plane hit their tower, Lisa and Samantha were together. They would have been seeking one another immediately.It would have been the first thing in their minds. 'Where is Samantha?' Lisa would have said. 'Where is Lisa?' Samantha would have thought. I know they are together."

Lisa was 31!. 31 years and old. So young and full of life. Her entire life ahead of her. She was taken from this place too soon by a ruthless senselss attack on innocent victims.

I wish it was different. I wished that Lisa was with her mother and father and brother. I wished a lot of things never happened that fateful day.

I'm not a very good writer and I hope if anyone who did know Lisa or Samantha personally knows that I did my best here. I do know that I won't forget Lisa's smiling face and will always remember her family and friends comments.

I will never forget...

Lisa Egan, age 31
Cliffside, NJ
Human resrouce manager, Cantor Fitzgerald
Loving daughter, sister, and friend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


oh yeah!!!
I've been dealing with my wonderful computer for over 6 months now.
I can't open up windows sometimes.
I can't buy shit online.
I can't go to "next page" so I have to go up in the script and type the next chapter in my stories.
I can't download pictuers anymore.
I couldn't get on this site for like a week.

There's a lot of "cant's" on my computer that I have dealt with because my computer is dying. I'm sure there's some nasty ol virus just eating things up slowly...but i take it in stride, along with the mother fuckers and the hair pulling, I'm fine.

So imagine my surprise when hubby of mine walked in and said that FANTASY FOOTBALL has arrived and its time to get in our league and put in our line-up.

Oh dear man of mine, i said whilst looking up in his child-like eyes of excitement at the very thought of fantasy football time, "You know I can't do that. I have computer problems, and like you always said, I have more time than money so deal with it."

Oh the satisfaction of seeing his fucking face fall to the ground with the thought of not get in on the football and the up to the minute scoring of every game.

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y is mine!!!!!!

So guess what he did.

"I guess we need a new computer, huh. I'll move some things around and see what money I can come up with to get one."

yes, honey bear, you just do that!!!

a dAY oFF

I didn't go into work today. didn't feel like it.
I got up early and took the girl and her friend to school, then picked up mom to go grocery shopping and then stopped off at the linen store, dollar tree, taco bell and wal mart. All by 11:30. Whew!
I wanted to stay home and fix the boys room up. Nothing big. No home improvement or while you were out things, but I wanted to clean and spruce it up a bit.
4 hrs later and I was done. I found more socks and t shirts underneath his bed then I found in his drawer. I'm still doing laundry at 12:30 am.
I bought a new lamp and some pillows and put on his new comforter. I threw out all the wrappers, paper cups, old school work and crap that was either broken or shouldn't even be in his romm (like his dad's brand new pair of shoes he could never find, the girls socks and books, my mop handle, a broken piggy bank, a broken clothes hamper, odd cords and adapters, 2 plates, dad's pair of black jeans, all my dvd's, and other odds and ends if you can belive it).
He came home and went into his room and just stood there. He was shocked to say the least. He liked it. I liked it. His dad liked it.
I'm tired.
It's just a little thing, but I'm thinking that I need to do some little things for him more and more and maybe we'll all get thru this time with him.
Friend R came over and asked him to play his guitar and asked if he would want guitar lessons. He said, "sure"....and just like that started to make calls for him.
His nephew starting to bring him out a bit, his dad maybe talking to him more....
I want him to feel that he has family and friends that care and love him and that he's a good boy and worthy of the world.
(I promised myself I wouldn't cry)
I lost.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I got a call from the nephew today. He said he was coming into town to check out a car and brought up that big sis and mentioned the boy and his problems.
I knew this cause when big sis came to pick up the neice from the girls birthday party, she said that maybe her son could talk to the boy about life in general. As soon as she said that, I started to cry (as usual when anything comes up with the boy) and as I type this I cry. I don't know why I do that.
When the nephew called and asked some questions and I told him what I could. He said I don't have to worry yet and things aren't really that bad. -sigh-
The nephew then told me about his friends and how he has some that were just like the boy and he even went into the situation about his girlfriend and what he's gone thru with her. He said he doesn't like to talk about personal things that go around with him but let me in a litte.
I cried, of course, and said I wasn't some basketcase like my mom but I can't really seem to get my feelings in check when it comes to the boy.
I told him about his school experience last year, his feelings about society, his friends, and that he doesn't belive in God. The nephew says that he sees that alot and maybe he can listen to the boy and give him some things to sit and think about.
I thanked him and told him that the boy would listen to him cause that's his big cousin.
I told the boy later that his big cousin said he may one day come over and pick him up and go somewhere and talk or something and he thought I was blowing smoke up his ass. He said "Yeah, I'd talk to him, but he stopped talking to me long time ago."
I let the boy know that the newphew was growing up and he had things to do and that he didn't "forget" him and true to his word, the nephew called later that evening and asked if the boy could go out with him tomorrow for some kind of frizbee game they play....and u guessed it, I cried.
The nephew also said that when he left to go to Ireland, the boy gave him a rosary to take with him. He just happened to come across it last week at his station house. Maybe he was supposed to find it. Maybe this might be the thing the boy needed.
I hope so.


I can't fucking belive it. I just emailed, called, and text'd everyone I knew at 12:00 midnight to let them know that the beloved Crocodile Man has died!
Hubby has always said (and I'm sure anyone who has ever seen him) that some fucker was gonna get 'em and it did. It wasn't a croc, not a poisonous snake, or some wild boar...u know the things the crazy guy fucked around with.......it was a STINGRAY!
Man...it's strange.
I can't belive he died.
My thoughts and prayers are with Terry and the kids.
Sad day...and I'm not even Austrailian.

Friday, September 01, 2006


1. characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, esp. having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.

The girl the other day, while driving to Wal Mart asked the Gma and I what that word meant. She was listening to Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous Girl".

I knew what it meant, but wanted to somehow tell her but not tell her.
So after a beat, the Gma said, "It means to be loose in a sexual manner."

What the devil!!

I laughed so hard and the girl just said, "Ah , Gma I don't really want to know, thanks" It was sooo funny. I told Gma next time a word like that came up, just say "ho"...seems to sum it all up easily.