Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sadies from hell

The girl decided to ask her friend to the Sadies dance in two weeks. I said it was ok because she would have been grounded for 6 weeks by then. *using the internet on her phone for 180 in charges.*
She and I made shirts that had spelled out Sadies?. She gathered her 7 friends at the front of the gym and waited. It seemed that the guy had been tipped off and had to have his brother take him there, panic attack and all. He is exremely shy and I think this was too much for him. It turns out that this guy likes her and he didn't know what to do. When he saw the girls there all lined up, he turned heel and ran. The girl laughed it off and they went back to lunch. While there, she saw that his brother was leaning down at him and she heard him ask..."do you want to go?" and he had his head in his lap and nodded yes and then took off like a bat out of hell. He didn't return to lunch. She saw him getting ready to leave and she hopes to god that she didn't see that his eyes looked different. She feels bad. Like she really embarrased him..Don't get me wrong , she's highly pissed too but he is a good friend to her and she thinks that maybe she messed up by doing this.
I gave her permission to give him hell tomorrow and ask him what's up. She said she needed to talk to him but if this is how he acted in front of people, she knows he'll be embarrased to talk to her face to face.
She says she doesn't like him but now that she knows he does, if she gives him the speech "i don't like you like that" then I know. If she doesn't....that's a whole new ball game.
She had a junior friend that she found out thru the grapevine that he liked her. She confronted him and asked him and he said "yeah"...she then said "welli don't like you like that but I hope we can still be friends." That boy doesn't go to school anymore. He's home schooled now. My girl don't mess around. she is not afraid of confrontation and if she wants to say something, she will. NOt mean but she gets her point across.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The girl is going to ask a boy....to Sadies. We made shirts last night. Each white shirt had a letter spelling out Sadies ? . She will ask him tomorrow because today he had a baseball game. She doesn't know if he will say yes or not. Ineresting.

The boy practiced with "the band" yesterday. They are called Chasing Tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

I called in sick today....sssshhhhh don't tell my brother in law. :)