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Monday, February 27, 2006


Take a look at this man. I have been quite obsessed with him as of late. I finally found the Firefly DVD (yeah, I said it, "Firefly") and I've been watching it non stop for 4 days. I have just finished the last disc and I wished it had gone on longer than 1 season. Damn, is this man gorgeous or what.

Friday, February 24, 2006


See if this work.....blah blah blah...prentend I'm blogging...blah bla yakity yakity yak....oh look pretty pic here . Damn I did it. whoo hoooooo...more pics to come from me!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I have broken a commandment. "Thou shall not covet".

The green eyed monster has infested my body and I can't think straight. Remember my friend L?? The copy catter? I went over there last night to smoke many cigarettes and while there a friend of theirs was doing their tile in their bathroom (which by the way hubby did tell L's hubby that was on the list to do and of course naturally they're tiling their bathroom) anyways, I digress.....went over, smoked some cigarettes, saw man tile...I then went into the bathroom to check out the tiling and their wall paint.

Gorgeous. I can't stand it that they have it, cause I now know I can never have it. It would be impossible to have. It's the bellagio faux paint in a gold hue. I went home with my head down and walked into the house straight to hubby and said "I am actually jealous of L". I know this isn't right and by no means am I a "Mrs. Jones" but fuck, I want that paint!

This sucks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Long, long weekend.
Took the day off yesterday to make it a nice 4 day holiday.

Saturday bought new entry hall lights and entry lights...and actually had them up by Sunday!!!

Bought a new fan too. Marcos Steward decided he wanted to go dark bronzish throughtout the whole house, so now we've had a friend of ours come out and price our cabinets to be refinished. Whatever. $1200.00 some friend

Took the niece and newphew along with our kids to the second dimension of hell on earth. An all you can eat crap bar with a thousand games that cost your life savings. Grand total for out of our heads bonding $160.00 (for 3 hrs)

Went shopping with oldest sis and mom yesterday. Up by 8:30 out the house by 9:00 and back in the house by 8:30 that night. Not that that was all us shopping, some of it was me shopping by myself. I bought the DVD firefly!!!! yeah...finally found it. $29.99 on sale even. I rule

While out shopping, we went to eat at my yummy hamburger joint. Everyone stared at my mom for wearing a "bunny".

The matriarch is doing a hell of a lot better. She was able to leave CICU and actually go to a regular room.

The boy's been demoted to the smaller bedroom of the house. In 2 hours , we had the girl and the boy switch rooms, cause hubby couldn't stand looking down the hall into the boys room and seeing a mess. The girl now has the bigger room, but now we have to paint it!!

Today was the day that a cousin of mine got killed in the Vietnam War. I was born 3 years later. I never knew him, I never met him, I think I've only seen a picture of him once or twice, but I made sure that I marked this day on my calendar to leave a note for him on his page. The one sad and haunting image I have of him was a story that oldest sis told me one day that she remembers Dad having a big map on the back of the kitchen door and each night he would trace where and what the war was doing. I don't know why that sticks in my head but I choke up every time I think of it.

The boy left today. he had to be at school by 5:30 for a field trip. Thank God, the hubby had to be at work by 6:00, so he had to get up and take him. Of course that didn't stop me from getting up and checking to make sure he had all his snacks and money. He also came in and asked if he could wear his suit jacket today. He really really wanted to so I gave him (even though I didn't want him too,,......i do not want him to be known as that kid who wears a suit jacket to school).

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

?? iF yOU sAY sO......

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Friday, February 17, 2006


Birthdate:22nd, 1971
Birthplace:S, CA
Current Location:S, CA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Maroonish/Mahogany-ish
Height:5' 5"
Weight:no way jose
Piercings:4 in my ears, 2 in ea
Tatoos:3 on my back, Winnie, Piglet, Eeyore...more to come
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:I wish
Overused Phraze:Fuck it
Color:Green to look at, pink to wear
Animal:Blank Panther
Drink:hell yeah
Alcohol Drink:why thank you yes.....vodka collins
Bagel:plain only
Letter:J of course
Body Part on Opposite sex:Chest
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:Diet Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:Mc D's (grilled chicken sandwich)
Strawberry or Watermelon:Watermelon
Hot tea or Ice tea:I hate tea
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:Hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug:Hug please
Dog or Cat:Dog and kittens only
Rap or Punk:Punk
Summer or Winter:Definately Winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:Always scary
Love or Money:....that's a tough one. next please
Bedtime:12:30 - 2:00 ish
Most Missed Memory:Walking in mom's house and seeing Dad reading his book in his chair
Best phyiscal feature:Smile, so I"m told
First Thought Waking Up:My head hurts
Goal for this year:lose weight
Best Friends:sissies and R
Weakness:food, shopping
Fears:anything to do with my kids
Longest relationship:hubby 17 years together, 15 married
Ever Drank:of course
Ever Smoked:still do
Pot:still do
Ever been Drunk:i've slowed down a bit but yes
Ever been beaten up:took a punch or two, but I always gave back
Ever beaten someone up:see above
Ever Shoplifted:nope
Ever Skinny Dipped:believe it or not, no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:no
Been Dumped Lately:have to take one but no
Favorite Eye Color:blue
Favorite Hair Color:platnium
Short or Long:short
Height:6' 0"
Style:good shape but not muscle-y. just chiseled
Looks or Personality:shit, i hate these kind of questions, i have to say personality i guess but u know i'd be lying
Hot or Cutehot
Drugs and Alcohol:alcohol is fine, i'm used to it
Muscular or Really Skinny:muscular on the chiseled side, i said
Number of Regrets in the Past:oh jesus, i don't have time to think how many
What country do you want to Visit:australia
How do you want to Die:if i have to die, then painlessly of course
Been to the Mall Lately:yesterday
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes
Get along with your Parents:of course I do
Health Freak:no way
Do you think your Attractive:bettern than some. i'm not on the bottom of the ugly chain, but i ain't near the top either
Believe in Yourself:yes
Want to go to College:did at one time
Do you Smoke:yes
Do you Drink:yes
Shower Daily:you betcha
Been in Love:yes
Do you Sing:yes...car only it seems
Want to get Married:again, to somebody else? um, ok
Do you want Children:got 2, need only 2
Have your future kids names planned out:n/a
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:lost it too earlyk wish I had been later
Hate anyone:at the moment....yeah. too many to count though


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


As a rambler, I thought for my very special 100th post, I will write 100 entries of absolute drizzle. Sounded good at the time.

1. We are looking into buying a new garage door. Hubby has "accidentally" and I mean that to say "drunkenly" rammed into it 2 times and it's no longer on a functioning level.

2. Yesterday after my horrible Valentines dinner, I didn't even bother opening up my candy and bear he got me. (I suck)

3. To top it off he didn't even get any last night....hahahahaha.

4. I'm looking kind of bald on top of my head. The part is getting wider and wider.

5. Like my hips...hahahaha

6. Talked to a friend earlier today. Passage for 2 to Hawaii for 7 days to tour 4 islands $3200

7. My friend R has been gone for 4 weeks on vacation. I miss her.

8. Middle Sis is taking off for Italy this weekend. She will be gone 10 days. She has called to let me know that I will be getting her insurance and kids if anything should happen to them.

9. Isn't it funny that we only think of these thing if hubby and wife are going somewhere out of town or country. don't people realize that it could happen when your going out to dinner or walk across the street together??

10. My $26 "Crappy Lee" necklace (that I've worn exactly twice) has broken.

11. I wore my new blue fuzzzy slippers for work today. Fuck it. I don't care.

12. I will also be leaving this office in under an hour with those slippers on for lunch.

13. I've been the love doctor for my co-worker and his new girlfriend for the last couple of days.

14. I rule when I dole out advice to the love-lorn......at least I think I do.

15. Hubby wore his new pajama bottoms yesterday for a whole hour. When he went to bed, I found them on the floor.

16. Little Sis's anniversary was on the 13th. Called to wish her a "Happy" one.

17. My VP called yesterday, I told him I was going to New York. This man only talks to you when he buys something or goes somewhere. I beat him to the punch and told him about my trip this time. He offered to get me into the Marriot cause, and I quote, "I'm a Platinum member of the Marriott and I can get you in even if they say they can't get you in." Whatever.

18. Translation of the above quote: I am a little penis man with a big penis man's attitude. It makes sense to me.

19. My 15 yr old niece is pregnant.

20. My mother inlaw is contemplating calling CPS on her daughter and taking the 3 kids away from her.

21. My brother in law had his baby boy (with his new girlfriend/wife) a day before his 1st sons 15th bday.

22. I'm making dinner tonight, no matter what!

23. My nephew started this ancestry program. It's way fucking cool.

24. I bought some clothes for hubby's side nephews and niece. I know they don't have much.

25. I "quit" working at 4:15. I didn't quit, I just stopped working.

26. A customer called and we talked on the phone for 30 minutes about New York City.

27. Hubby has called 4 times to say absolutely nothing.

28. I opened up the valentine jelly belly's that my friend R gave to my kids for Valentines Day. They're good!!! I luv pink jelly belly's

29. I'm still wearing my slippers.

30. Our intelligent personnel manager forgot to put our paychecks in the pony today. Jesus, how do you forget something like that. Thank God I don't need it today, but still how fucking stupid.

31. I went to visit my mother in law, the neice was there. She was huge. She's 6 months along and is having a boy.

32. The girl went to church with a different neice. She liked it.

33. I worry about the baby sis and how's she's doing financially. I don't know how they make month to month.

34. We went to dinner after all. Cho's. I suck

35. My hands are very very dry. I need lots of lotion.

36. I'm freeeeezing.

37. I went to bed early last night (9:30) so I didn't finish this list.

38. Hubby and I haven't spoken in 3 hrs...its a record.

39. Hubby is a straight ass face.

40. I watched the movie Serenity with the commentary on tonight.

41. This 100 rambling is actually kind of hard.

42. Found out today that I cannot get a flight from Buffalo to JFK for our vacation. That sucks.

43. I went out and bought the girl and I a pair of shoes that we didn't need. What the hell it was BOGO time!!!

44. Dave Chapelle is on Inside the Actors Studio. He's hilarious.

45. I'm listening to Amy Mann singing Pavlov's Bell. Nice song.

46. My eyes hurt.

47. The girl had her ear appointment today. All is well. She hasn't lost any more of her hearing so that's good. They said we didn't have to come back for 2 years.

48. While there, a mother and I got to talking. Her 8 year old was going to have to have reconstructive surgery on her eardrum.

49. Hubby just came in and said goodnight. What a bitch.

50. I have to get up at 6:00 tomorrow and meet the guys from work at breakfast by 7:00. We said we would do this once a month. It started last month when I took friend R to the airport and I had nothing to do from 6:30 until work, so I made them meet me at a restaurant near work.

51. My friend R just called and I talked to her for a bit. It's 4:00 am over there and she's just getting in . Bitch.

52. Some of my pre-sets for my Sirius radio. Culture Club, CAke, Depeche Mode, Beatles, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, Kiss (2000 man), Fugees (Killing me Softly), Alanis Morrisette, 311, Queen, Bob Marley.

53. When my Guitar Gently weeps is playing now.

54. The boy wore his suit jacket to school today even though I told him not to. I told him I didn't want him to be known as "suit boy"

55. My legs are in badly need of lotion and a fucking razor.

56. I'm wearing my pajamas and slipper to work tomorrow. It's only going to be me and 2 others, so fuck it.

57. I yelled at some customer today for basically being an idiot. Sue me.

58. I realize that when I back up in my car I am constantly seeing in my head that I'm going to hit something.

59. I'm hungry.

60. There's a lot of Valentines candy left.

61. Buffy the vampire slayer season 7 is now playing on my TV

62. I now own a copy of the Corpse Bride finally.

63. I like Jack Skellington's movie better.

64. I realize that every room in my house is a construction site.

65. I'm going to have to clean this 4 day weekend. Damn.

66. I like blogging at work much better than at home. I'd rather be getting paid to type this instead of giving up my sleep.

67. My check finally came in the courier bag this morning.

68. When cashing my check, the teller wanted me to get direct deposit. I couldn't tell him no I don't like that cause like any good bookie or drug dealer, I like to skim a little off the top.

69. James Taylor is now playing Fire and Rain (I think that's the name of it)

70. Garage door estimate came intoday. $568 for door and installation. $200 more if I want windows.

71. Fuck the windows, they'd just get broken by drunk hubby and friends anyways.

72. It's sooooo fucking cold. My hands (dead hands, as fuckface likes to call them)are like ice.

73. I've drank only Sprite for the last couple of days. No more Diet Pepsi if I can help it anymore.

74. My insides feel like mud right now. I havne't drank any water in the last 2 days.

75. Hawaii for 4 is expensive.

76. Dickwad is already snoring. I can hear him from a room and hallway away.

77. I only know 2 jokes that I can tell in public that are funny. One is a tad bit racist and the other is too long to tell hear.

78. I wish I knew more jokes.

79. I bought a new coral color shirt and 5 people said I looked really nice and alive in it....as opposed to say when I wear blue or green, I must look fucking dead.

80. The only things I know that's going on in the world is this: Cheney shot some poor fucker, that Briton guy who killed his wife and baby is gonna get it, the Olympics are going on but I have no idea as to who or what is going on, XM stocks are at a new low, and its gonna start getting real cold again pretty quick.

81. Saw a pic of Ryan Seacrest actually try and kiss some stripper. He looked as thought he might throw up in her mouth though.

82. Speaking of Seacum, idol favorites: Chris (cowboy hat guy), Paris, and Taylor (the 100 yr old)

83. I hate that I watch some reality shows cause its killing TV. No one wants to invest the time or money into actors and scripts nowadays. I blame the cancellation of Angel on fucking reality tv.

84. How can a show like Flavor Flav (or better known as Fuffy-Fuffie) get a show and Angel be cancelled?

85. I'm going to have to pluck the girl's eyebrows without hubby knowing. She's starting to get a tad too bushy between the eyes. I ain't having no uni-brow child in this family dammit!

86. No more cheerleading for the girl. She's agreed to stop after 4 years.

87. I need a cigarette.

88. My new novafoam pillow is the bomb. I really really like it now.

89. Friend L called saying that her Gma is in the CICU at St. Agnes...see I told you.

90. I'm going to hell for the above sentence.

91. I'm almost done

92. That was so a cheating ramble just to take up room, and so is this one.

93. The Home Show is coming ....The Home Show is coming.

94. Every Thursday, my 3 co workers and I go to an italian restaraunt and order the same fucking meal. The owner and his sons all know us and have it ready for us when we get there.

95. I'm still getting my tattoo of the Celtic lion and the rose even though all my punk sisters opted out.

96. My toenails are now painted pink and white.

97. This is a pretty boring blog (yeah ,like my other ones are so much more titilating.

98. I used the word titilating...hahahaha.

99. Jesus, what am I going to do for my 200th blog?

100. Good night all!

....I dID nOT gET mY pIZZA

I can't believe that we did not have pizza. Fuck tradition I guess. It's very hard to have hubby stick to something. I swear. The candy on Valentines (on the TV no less, well this year it was on the coffee table) no problem, that was a tradition that started with my Dad with us girls that he got forced into doing. The dinner, something that I wanted to start with our kids? out the fucking window after 2 years.
Hubby kept saying, "do you really want Pizza tonight?"
"Yes", I said 5 different times.
How many more fucking times can I say it? Well, since obviously it was his fucking day, I caved like an idiot and had a crappy dinner at a mexican food restaurant that was packed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


or so says my life insurance lady that sent me a 1 pound box of See's Candies says. Whatever. It's just another holiday to show the world that you have someone to love or that loves you. thank god, the boy and the girl aren't celebrating this holiday yet. I don't think I could go out and buy their significant other a prezzie. I did however go out and get my significant other a present. I actually went out and got him a pair of pajamas. Seems the man is getting older and wants to hang out in pj's and slippers all of a sudden. Whatever floats his boat. I bought them, we'll see if he actually wears them.
We don't usually buy each other stuff on Valentines Day anymore. We did start a tradition 2 years ago, that we go out to pizza with the kids on this day. We don't need a fancy dinner for 2 anymore, we're way past that shit. Now its a quiet night out with the kids and a family size 1/2 pepperonie 1/2 combo pizza for us!!

So all out there who do do something nice and special and loving for your spouses on this day....go to hell.

Monday, February 13, 2006

tHE bOY.....oH bOY

It seems I've been away. NOthing exciting happening unless you seem to think that find out your matriarch is very very sick, your 15 yr old niece is pregnant and your boy almost got suspended from school is someting to get worked up about. Fuck. What a week I had last week.

I get a call at work no less, from the principlal of his school. I wasn't even aware that she was the principal until half way thru the conversation. It seems that the boy had been called into the office the day before for a note that his teacher found in his spiral notebook. (I found out later that the note was actually written last yr when he has this teacher for another class. I found the notebook with extra paper in it so I gave it to him for his school. Fucking moron...kind of wished I would've never found it now). He and this teacher really disliked each other. I don't blame him, even I didn't get a good impressino of him. Anyways the principal then told me the note said, "The obituary of "teacher" is a necessity of this world. He is cruel and unkind". Ok, granted it's not the smartest thing to say in these days and ages, but come on ....its flows nicely don't it? Anyways, they had a talking in which the boy mostly cried and they listened.

As I got off the phone with the lady (which, I must pat myself on the back, cause I did not cry then), I then called hubby and started bawling. I cried and cried I couldn't catch my breath. Hubby came to the rescue and left work to go down to the school. He's actually really really good at this and I was relived that he went down there and not me, cause I would've been like the boy and just started crying. Hubby called later and said by the way I had been crying, he thought the boy had slit the teacher neck or something.

To make a long story short, cause quite frankly I don't know if this is one of those things that I would like to remember, they gave him a referral and removed him from dipshits class (cause he was afraind of the boy, what fucking ever!). The school psych wants to meet with him every so often (which I think we will go elsewhere for couseling) .

I myself think the boy is fine. He's intelligent, loving, emotional, a lot naieve, but that's it. He just needs to find his niche in the world and good luck cause I don't think I've found mine yet at 35!.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

wHAT tHE hELL? iS tHIS gOOD oR bAD??

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


me: I booked my trip for Niagara

friend: Wow, how much?

me: $1100.00

friend: That's like more than we're spending on our cruise to Canada. At least we're going out of the country

me: So am I dummy, I'm to Canada too...I'm going to New York then crossing over!

friend: It's still more

me: Yeah, but I can drive to your fucking Canada Biatch.


i dID iT......nIAGARA fALLS hERE wE cOME

Well, I actually did it. I just bought 2 plane tickets and reserved a room for Niagara Falls. Don't ask me how. Hubby said, "I want to see the wonders of the world". I of course jumped on the chance and then went to google it. Turns out the wonders of the world are all out of our budget. Natural wonders of the world...is a maybe. So we start with Niagara...which I have always thought that it was Niagra..who knew? I started with a travel agent and she said $1604.03 for flight, room and car. Turns out that we have to drive 30 miles from Buffalo to the Falls. So I went and decided to do it on my own and book separately. Not bad. I got us there for $1130.00. That's do-able. We leave in 2 months...I can start saving money for when we actually get there still.

Friday, February 03, 2006

tHE gIRL iS hOME....aND i lEFT hER

The girl finally came home. The bus ride took a bit longer cause there was a huge wreck on the main ride home. She came home a bit later but all was good. Auntie, hubby and niece all came over and went to the school to see her come home. That was awesome. She had a good trip. Not sad that she left, she had a blast which is what I wanted for her. No fights with the girls she was with either...whew! She got to play sports, learn about the sea life and even disected a squid's eyballs and cut off their testicles...yep. She said, "We even had to cut off their testicles"...the boy and hubby started to laugh and I said, "Babe, you mean its arms?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "Babe, those are teNticles...not testicles. Those are boy parts." WE all all had a good laught at that one.

We all settled in after coming home from eating dinner and around 8:45 or so, mom called to let us know that they took the last remaining matriarch of the family to the hospital. She had trouble breathing and took her to the local hospital. Mom called a little cryig about 15 minutes later and said she wanted to go. I kissed the girl goodbye and off we went to the hospital. We waited there with my cousin and her hubby and they called her back aboud 9:30. While waiting some kid around 9 yrs old was asking a million an done questions to my poor cousin P.
"Where do you live?"
"What's the superbowl?"
"What time does it start?"
"What channel"
"Have you ever been to Utah?"
"What about Las Vegas"
"HOw many children do you have"
"Who's sick"
and on and on and on and on. I was praying that they would call him back but they never did (He stepped on a nail)
My cousin came back out around 11:00 and said that they were going to do some X-rays and it would be awhile. Unfortunately the fog started to roll in and I knew I wouldn't be able to see for much longer so we told them that we would have to be leaving. I hope all is well.
We lost the first matriarch last year and that was a rough one. I don't want to have to see this wonderful lady go either. She's 85 yrs old and still has better skin than me. Its amazing. My mom and her are very close and it will be really hard on her if things go bad. These woman talk everyday on the phone with each other. The last couple of weeks its been hard to understand her because she talks as if she's had a stroke (even though she hasn't). I hope all is well and will pray for her.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I like these Wed. dribbles....expect them often.

1. Called for Niagara Falls packages...$1,600.

2. I now know that Toronoto is the airport you fly to for the Falls

3. My back is killing me for no apparent reason other than the extra 100 lbs I carry.

4. I've been spraying applie spice delight Febfeez every night before I go to bed.

5. Project Runway is on right now and I'm watching it

6. My room is a construction site.

7. My toes are finally painted....white.

8. My hair is dyed....red

9. I got a co-worker in trouble today....

10. He deserved it.

11. I need a new cell phone.

12. I've said exactly 10 words to hubby all day.

13. My fav fanfiction site is back up...I can breath again.

14. Hubby is laughing at Project Runway right now.

15. I watched Season 7, Disc 5 of Buffy while cleaning my room.

16. I got a new computer chair. I luv it.

17. The girl is still gone.

18. My back tooth hurts.

19. I've learned that I don't know where to use apostaphes (or even spell it) correctly.

20. I found some pics of baby sis and I cried when I saw them. She looked sooooo "alive", she's a shell of her former self.

21. My feet are cold.

22. I have exactly 8 loads of laundry lining my hallway.

23. I need milk for cereal tomorrow.

24. The boy got grounded for his grades. C's & D's.

25. I miss the girl :(

26. Since when is Beyonce an actress?

27. I'm out of cigarrettes.....start the sweating.