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Friday, December 29, 2006


Ok....they're over. Well almost over. The holiday "ripping of presents" is over and New Years is here...almost. And since I don't drink as much as I used to, I've been spending that holiday at home.
So with the holidays behind us (0h by the way, I got a new straightner, blow dryer, some pajammies, gift certif and The Office second season)...it's now time to concentrate on Hawaii!!!!!
I started my list of things to check off to pack.
I got journals for everyone to write in every night so that we may all remember what really went on and get 18 other views on what Hawaii meant to them.
Started to get batteries for the cameras.
Printing out all the damned rules that we'll have to follow in order to get on the plane.
Checked in with the hotel reservations to make sure they're all still there.
and on and on and on and on.....
Lots of things to do.
Hope Xmas was good for all and New Years is a safe one!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to all you bloggers out there and a Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm sitting here at work right now, with what feels liks a large "talon-y" creature used the back of my throat as its personal scratcher. It hurts soooo bad. I hate being sick. I'm a bitch when I'm sick and I certaintly don't want to be at work when I'm like this.
I don't want to be sick for Xmas.
This sucks

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Time for a quick update while I'm "working".

- The boy went to church youth group with his cousin A. He seemed to enjoy himself. He's been in such a better mood. Not so drawn and down. A said that at first he was kind of stand-offish but warmed up quickly. On the way home, A asked how he liked it and the boy expressed to him that he "felt shocked cause people actually conversated with me". Is that a show of low-self esteem? And if it is....how does one get "self-esteem"!. I don't have any freakin' clue. the girl has it coming out of her butt. I never had to worry about her. But a boy? A 14 yr old boy at that. I'm gonna have to work on that one.

- Our Queen Meow Meow got out last night!! While I was talking to oldest sis (cause my fucking computer wouldn't work......heh...you have to pay the bill by the way in order to sign on....AT&T is funny that way I guess) , we realize that we haven't seen the cat anywhere. My cat is an indoors cat. I don't want my cat getting ran over nor do I want fleas or any other "problems" that arise when cats are outside pets. I like my nice, clean warm, non-flea cat inside. We think when my brother-in-law, wife, and kid came over, they left the fucking door open and out she went. She was gone just over an hour, but man.....that was an awful feeling. I cried to oldest sis that "she's never been outside, she won't know how to get home!". Cats are smart , I found out. She was in our neighbors driveway sitting there patiently for us to come get her.

- Ever play the rubber band snowflake game? I have. It's where you sit at your desk and shoot rubber bands at all the snowflakes that you've hung up in your office for the season. Very fun.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

hE'S gOT a gUN

What the hell.
So hubby and I decided that we would go to the local Taco Bell (yeah, Ecoli, didn't even register). So the four of us go to have a quick bite before the ritual of Wal Mart shopping that needed to get done.
After finishing the last bite, we hear sirens. Lots of them.
We shrug and think "yeah, someone was probably jay walking and our local finest were out in full force".
Thru the windows we see that the red and blues surround Taco Bell and stop right in front of it. That's when we hear a lady go, "He's got a Gun!" and she and her 2 older kids run to the back and into the bathroom.
The employees are hiding behind the register. Some others hide behind the taco bell sauce counter. Some stand up in their seats to get a better look. What do we do?
If you know me by now, I do what I do in any "weired" situation.....I sit there.
Hubby gets up by the door, in case the moron makes a run into Taco Bell to hold hostages or some shit and me and the kids sit in our chairs waiting for shit to hit the fan.
While at the door, hubby waves to me to get the kids back and I get up then to have them crouch behind the counter while I stand behind it.
What the hell, man...we're at Taco Bell in "middle America" not LA or New York.
The cops, all eight patrol cars, surround the guy and he gives up and lays on the ground.
Crisis diverted.
So now were their for 40 minutes while the cops search the car and hand-cuff the fucker. I know this cause the petty crime fucker decided to screech into the parking lot and park right behind my vehicle!
I called oldest sis to let her know we're trapped in this hell hole and let her know what's going on. She luvs shit like this. I bet she wished she was there.
After the 1/2 hr, we all four go outside and stare at the guy being taken away and start beeping our car to let the coppers know that we want to leave.
In the meantime, local news show up and I call mom to watch the news that night.
Aaahhhhhh....home town shenanigans.....gotta luv it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


What a guy. He was really really good. He talked to both hubby and I with the boy in the room and he's straight forth. He didn't coddle and he didn't let the boy think that if he continues this path, that he will graduate. Y our allowed 4 F's for the entire 4 years your there at high school. The boy has 3 at the moment. Not good.
He asked the boy if that is what he wants, cause if it is, with our permission, he'll write him up right now and let's not waste any of our time.
He told about his life story and his growing up and college. About his 2 brothers that are in high school right now. About the hundreds of kids just like him that he's talked to in his 7 yrs there at the school. We were in there for 2 hours!
He gave us some advice but he really said it was up to the boy to make a decision. If he's going to graduate and get better grades, then its not up to him or us, but to the boy himself.
Maybe hearing it from someones else will perk up the boys attitude and let some sunshine in. A ray of hope maybe.
In the meantime.....he will walk to Gma's and do his homework until I get hom from work to pick him up.
Ugh......I hope this passes. 2 1/2 years of this stuff and I'm starting to go crazy.
I won't give up...but man, it sucks.
He has 2 weeks to at least get 2 of his F's up to D's. He's at a 59% in english and a 42% in science (which, by the way he's in an accelerated science class I just found out. Only 10% of freshman take this class.) Time to remove him and put him in Biology where he belongs.
Hopefully that helps.


I leave work today to go to a meeting with the boy's learning director and pricipal (who sadly enough was once my tennis coach....yeah I know).
We're going to switch around his classes and see if he can get in a different science class and drop his stupid digital animae class that he's getting a 12% in.
Talked over with Gma today and maybe the boy going to live over there is a bad idea. I don't think mentally she can handle it. Hell, I can't, so how can she.
I think the boy will just walk over there after school and stay there until I get off of work.
After a day of hyperventilating and crying , I need to start thinking a little more clearly.
I also went to the school supply store and bought a book on cursive handwriting. The boy has serial killer writing and is so hard to read and see.
Maybe if he sat down and thought about what he was doing and writing and can actually go back and read some of the stuff he wrote, could somehow help him.
I'm grabbing at loss straws people.
I'll try anything.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I got the update on the boys progress. Wasn't good. Fail. Fail.Fail. D. Fail.
Off to continuation school he goes.
Report cards go out next friday and if he doesn't bring some of those up, he goes.
So after my nervous breakdown with crying and screaming all the way home, I spoke with the boy and it was decided that the boy would go live with Gma for awhile.
He actually told me that it would probably be better because he feels "cramped" and Gma would make sure she was there to make him do his homework.
I was the to say the least floored. It was either this or quit my job and make sure I was there when he came home and hold his hand while he did his work.
Now, its not a permanet thing. It will be a semi-move.
He will get dropped off at Gma's house Sunday night and go to her house Mon-Wed. Thursday after school he will come home here and stay until Sunday.
Maybe he does need a break and quite sadly, maybe I do too. After today, I know I lost it (not in front of him, but I'm sure he heard the wailing thru the walls) and it was upsetting the girl something awful too. The hubby actually tried to make things better and he spent the better part of the night on the phone with Gma and with the boy in his room. Maybe if he steps back and hubby steps back and see that they actually do have some sort of relationship, things may get better. Hell for me too. He told me that we're too much alike and that's why its not good to be around each other too much.
I failed.
The person who usually knows the answers and can help out everyone with their own problems (except mine of course) has failed her only son.
I feel like shit. I hate myself right now and I can't get over the feeling of such failure.
I dont' care what people say or how they're going to look at it. I only know that I'm trying to do anything and everything to make sure that the boy gets his education and goes on with a productive life. He's only 14 years old for christ's sake. If he's ok with this...from being away from his sister and mom ( I can't include Dad, cause it probably is good that they don't have too much interaction anyways) then I'm going to be fine about this. It's not like he's moving to another city or anything.....Gma lives like 5 blocks away for fuck sake. But knowing that he won't be there to say "goodnight" or yell at him in the morning to move his butt out of bed in the mornings will be hard.
Good news is that he's only 2 weeks away from xmas vacation and then he will spend those 2 weeks with us. AFter that its one week at school and then its off to Hawaii.
I'm hoping this will work. I'm hoping that he doesn't think I'm trying to "get rid" of him. I'm hoping a lot of things.
When saying good night to him, he asked if I was ok with this and I told him that if he thought this was what was going to help him , then I was fine with it (of course crying while saying it probably didn't reassure him).
I just can't belive that we're doing this.
It will be temporary. If I see my mom not being able to take this, then I will think of something else.

I'm tired and my eyes hurt and my head is pounding. I haven't stopped crying since 4 this afternoon.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Ok...so I'm home now.

What I did at work today....by J

Today I watched a whole episode of The Office on youtube. I then found some more amusing short videos there and continued to watch for the next 1 1/2. So officially, I was online watching tv for about 2 1/2 hrs. I then drove to our other office 20 mnutes away and preceeded to "work" waste another 2 hrs. So far that's half my day. Lunch covered the other 2 hrs, cause I go to lunch first and then when evryone else is gone, I continue to have my "second" lunch. 6 1/2 hrs now. That leave 1 1/2 hrs left to work.
I love my job!


It's time to talk about work. I don't know if I had let anyone in on all the important goings-on here on a daily basis......know what?
I think I'll write this one at home and not on the work computer.....u just never know.