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Thursday, February 12, 2009

smoke 'em if yo got 'em

did i mention that i stopped smoking? i did? did i mention that it sucks balls royally? i said that too?? ...damn now what else can i talk about. i can't think about anything other than food and smoking...i think about eating and then smoking.
oh well move on ...get over it.

the girl started softball practice monday. she has only been going for 3 days but so far she loves it. the team sucks though. hubby went out there and watched and they are like the bad news bears...literally. the Varsity coach wanted to know if hubby would help out and coach the JV team..now i know they're desperate. he said he would help out but that he has a new job coming up and won't be around too much.

oh yeah...he had an interview for a trucking outfit that would have him driving to LA and San Diego and back. He would be gone every other day and be home on weekends. Be still my beating heart. We'll see. He has to take all his endorsements again and has begun studying for them. Unemployment called and they were just as confused as he was as to how this all got so fucked up. Suffice to say they will be sending out paperwork for him to fill out and then it's all gravy from there. They will cut him a check for back pay. Yada Yada yadda. I'll wait and see what happens next.

I'm hungry.

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