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Monday, February 26, 2007


I know ...I know. I must be really bored. I've become somewhat of a better. Nothing big. Just small things.
It all started with me and my co-workers betting on one of employees on his habits.

A quarter says what time he gets in late. A quarter says what's the first thing he says in the morning. A quarter here. A quarter there.
Then the superbowl came. 4 squares at a $100.00 bucks a pop. We won one thank God and got $500.00. Pretty cool.

I'm in a Survivor pool and I don't even watch the damn show. $10 bucks in and you draw a survivor. My guy is 54yr old Yau-Man Chan.

The oscars pool (no money) on MSN. I came in 23,117th place out of 62,000 people. Not too shabby for a person who really didn't even watch any of the contenders.

What's next?

March Madness (basketball)

Then I think its time to stop.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Whoah! Better than the diamonds.
I'm sick right now. Cold sick and I hate being sick. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and was asleep by 5:30 pm. Yesterday I came home from work and went straight to bed. No "hi hubby", "what's up hubby"...nada. Straight to bed.
About 8:15 hubby walks in and says he went to the grocery store, fed the kids and broght me a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of orange juice.
What the fuck?
I'm speechless. Waaaaaay to nice. Don't get me wrong, I aint' knockin' it, but hmmmmmm.....

Monday, February 19, 2007


I luv it.
I never paid any attention to it when it came out last year. I wasn't standing in line for hours on end for a chance to buy one. Not even a blip on my radar. Couldn't care. Oh how wrong I was.
Little sister's girls got the Wii system for Xmas and they brought it down with them this weekend. All Sunday night we played Tennis. That was so much fun. Me and little sis would get up in the middle of the living room floor and play like we used to back in high school. We'd start a best of 5 and then after it was over, we would quickly re-start it before any of the kids had a chance to see.
I knew my arms would ache this morning. We played too much for them not to. I haven't moved my arms in 10 yrs in any kind of sporting activity so I knew it would be bad. Brother, let me tell you....it was. I sit here with my arms by myside only moving my fingers cause I don't have the ability to move my arms. It's going to be a lot of TV watching for me today. No heavy lifting, no strenuous arm movemnts....hell, no moving for me.
It was worth it though.
I'm trying to see if I can get that damn system for my Birthday.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Happy Valentines Day.
Hubby came thru tonight. We couldn't wait for presents so we opened early. Hubby and I really don't share gifts on this day. We usually just go out to dinner either pizza with the kids or the local steak house for just us.
This year I thought I'd one up him and actually get him something he wanted. Around xmas time, all he said he wanted was a boombox for the garage. We found one at Sears for 150 and at the time with our big hawaii trip, I never pulled it off for him. So today I went out and bought it for him and wrapped it up in bright red wrapping. I put it in front of the TV for him to see tonight when he came home (from drinking what else is new). He came home early and wanted to open it so I let him. He liked it. Really liked it so score one for me. Then about an hour later he asked if i wanted to open up my prezzie. I really thought he didn't get me one and I was fine with that. It felt good just to get him something. Lo and behold he told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. He laid a small box in it and I opened it up to find 1Ct diamond earrings. He soooo won the gift exchange. Score 1000 for him.
I had been without one of my diamonds for about a year now and I just recently lost the other one while we were in hawaii. He decided to replace them with some bigger ones.
I'm speechless.
The ol man dun good this year.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

hI....mY nAME iS j aND i hAVE RP.

Retinitis pigmentosa, or RP, is a genetic eye condition. In the progression of symptoms for RP, night blindness generally precedes tunnel vision by years or even decades. Many people with RP do not become legally blind until their 40s or 50s and retain some sight all their life. Others go completely blind from RP, in some cases as early as childhood. Progression of RP is different in each case.

RP is a group of inherited disorders in which abnormalities of the photoreceptors (rods and cones) or the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) of the retina lead to progressive visual loss. Affected individuals first experience defective dark adaptation or nyctalopia (night blindness), followed by constriction of the peripheral visual field and, eventually, loss of central vision late in the course of the disease.

That's what I have. My oldest sis, my mother, my Gpa and I all share it. It sucks. It's a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. The day (or night) that I will no longer be able to drive. Tonight was an eye opener.

My neice was chosen to be in the Honor Choir. Program started at 7:00. I needed to get there earlier cause I didn't want to drive at night to somewhere I've never been. I hate that most of all. If I had to choose the greatest fear of mine, it would be "driving to a new place." Let alone driving to a new place in the dark with the rain. That's a double catastraphe. My poor sis had to get me threre with her directions and needless to say I got upset. Not only could I not find the fucking place I had my mom and the girl with me. I kept yelling out...do you see any people? do you see any street signs ...do you see anything remotely looking like a high school?!! I finally found the place and turned left onto the road, though I couldn't tell you if I had turned into a freakin' parkiing lot or an actual road by then.
We arrived in an hour. The drive should've only taken 20 minutes.
I was exhausted. Mentally, physically, spiritually...you name it, I was there.
I knew tensions were high amongst our little group, cause when we sat down, no one spoke, which in our family was odd, cause we always talked. I felt bad that I had caused this. While looking up the RP definition, no where did I find that RP affected the nervous system or mood changing hormone. Fuck...it's all me then.
I'm glad we went though. Niece put on a good show. I see why they were the Honor Choir. While she was waiting to get off the stage, me and the girl kept waving really big and embarassing her. Her friend next to her said she had a weird family. There's that word again...weird.
After her performance was the high school group and I kind of phased out of that one, cause all I could think of was getting back into my stupid car and making the drive home (and par for the course, with an empty tank).
Bro in law drove in front of us and to tell you the truth, I couldn't tell if I was on the left or right side of the road. All I concentrated on was the tire tracks he made in the rain. I followed those all the way home.
After we dropped off Gma and the girl went home with sis, I drove home and sat in the driveway. My fucking head hurt. My collarbone hurt (don't ask me why), my arms were all tensed up. EXHAUSTED.
Tonight was the first time I could really really say that I was worried.
Sorry sis if I upset you.
I love you.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Jesus wept. I am now the mother of a 15yr old! Where does the time go! 15!! Holy shit, I'm getting older. But enough about me...let's talk about him.
Here is a pic of the boy.

Let's do a 15 things about me thing for him, shall we? Sure , he doesn't know this site exists, so lets.

1. He hates his mustache. Wants to shave it soo badly, but hubby won't let him? Why you ask? Cause the boy doesn't comb his hair, or iron his clothes, or generally takes care of himself. This is hubby's only bargaining chip with him in those regards. He's told him, wanna shave your mustache? Show me for one week you can go with combing and grooming yourself and I'll let you shave. This pic was taken 2 weeks ago...as you can tell the 'stache is still there.

2. He has very low self esteem. He's very self conscious about his body. Is this normal for a boy? I know girls go thru this, but does a boy? He won't take his shirt off ever. He zips up his jacket to the neck and won't ever wear shorts out to school or in public.

3. He's 3/4 mexican and 1/4 white. Looks more white, but has mexican features.

4. He's funny. He can recite almost any comedian's act that he enjoys and makes them sound great. We trade off Mitch Hedbert, Ron White, Christopher Titus jokes.

5. He plays the electric guitar. He was self taught. He's no Eddie Van Halen, but for being self taught, he can actually play some songs.

6. He has excema. I had it as a kid, but mine went away around the 4th grade. His isn't very active, but he still breaks out really bad 3 or 4 times a year. He gets it above his belly button, behind his knees and on his arms.

7. He got his first girlfriend this year. Around October he "got with" (the term nowaways) V and 4 weeks later (on her birthday in fact) broke up with him and returned the necklace he gave her. they have since reconciled and have been together since.

8. He listens to almost anything (like me). His tastes can run from System of the Down, red jumpsuit, Hinder, wolfmother, Korn, swing ballads (yeah, i said it), heavy heavy metal, some bubblegum metal, and a little bit of sublime, falloutboy, etc.

9. He wears black. He wore black so much that I had to actually take away all his black shirts and not let him wear them. He still insists on wearing his Volcom sweatshirt zipped up though. Drives me crazy.

10. Whenever he tries on new jeans he always does a little "michael jackson'ish" move with his feet. Not moonwalking, more like a crisscross-ish move. It's funny. I don't even know if he's aware of it.

11. He can sleep. If you let him, he can sleep until 1:00 in the afternoon.

12. He and his sister actually get along quite well for being siblings. They take care of each other. Don't get me wrong, they still fight, but for the most part are great with each other.

13. He has a very open relationship with me but his dad's is somewhat strained. Someday I hope that all changes.

14. When he grows up, he wants to be a writer of animae.

15. He's a good kid and very respectable towards his elders. He's always got along with adults better than his own peers.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The girl went to the movies last night for the 7:00 showing of The Messenger ( I really want to go see that). The hubby and I went for a snacker (KFC) and for a drive thru town like we used to when we were teenagers....and then my cell phone rings.

Girl: Mom? Hey, I just sooooo got kicked out of the movies!

Me: What! Where are you?

Girl: I'm in the lobby they kicked me out.

Me: We'll be right there.

Driving up to the movies, we see the girl and a couple of her friends in the lobby. Figured they all got thrown out. Nope...just my girl. Seems they got sssshed before the previews even came on and as my daughter eagled eyed the usher coming towards them, the girl that WAS doing the talking kept right on. The girl (my girl) tapped her on the shoulder and said she's being watched and then proceeded to open her phone to see what time it was. BAM! Mr. "I still live with my parents in the basement and never kissed a real girl" Manager pointed to her and said get up and go call your parents.
So when we got there and got out, hubby went to "talk" to the manager and I listened to the other girls give a play by play and call oldest sis at the same time.
Hubby and manager convo went like this:

Hubby: Was it soo bad that you had to throw a little girl out of the theatre?
Manager: I have a 150 people inside to watch a movie.
Hubby: The credits hadn't even finished yet. I know how it is to work in a movie theater, I've worked one before.
Manager: I've worked in the business for 13 years and...
Hubby: Listen guy, I'm not here to compare theater working with ya. I just want my daughter to go back in and watch her movie.
Manager: Here's your ticket and get your refund at the front window.
Hubby: (turning to the girl): You see, there's assholes working everywhere daughter.

I'm glad hubby went in, I think I would've been more sarcastic and make a scene.
10 yrs, no even 5 yrs ago, hubby would've handled it much much different. We're talking guy on the floor with a bleeding face different. I guess he has evolved somewhat.

So the drive that started out like we were teenagers ended up with us being parents after all. Damn....i guess its true....you can never go back.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things/habits about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Well that's the name of the game. I got this off of Jager's site even though its a tag free zone, I told him I'm playin'. And since I've seen it on Tai's already, I can't tag the 2 people I read religiously, except of course OLDEST SIS!!

Here goes:

1. Since little, we girls have grown up with "superstitions" of certain things that our mom passed onto us. Here's list that we all abide by:
-Never iron at night
-Silverware always gets put last into the dishwater
-Only wear new pajamas if your on a trip
-Never sing at the table (you'll go crazy)

2. I do not write with black ink. Blue, green, red, purple...etc are all fine, but you will never ever see me write with a black inked pen. It goes against my nature.

3. I drive with one foot up on the dash. Not all the way up on top or anything, but I like to put it up against by the steering wheel. I think I started this years and years ago, cause I learned how to drive with 2 feet (thanks mom). One on brake and one on gas...this is pretty dangerous, so I lift the leg so I only drive with one.

4. Not too weird, but unhealthy.....I do not eat any vegetables. Not a one. Don't like 'em, I don't think I ever did.

5. I only have cigarettes at night. Never during the day. Mostly habit now.

6. I never go to sleep with my bedroom door closed. Never have. Hubby did, and I had to break him of that habit after we got married. Even when we were living in my parents house for awhile would I let him shut the door. I remember when me and youngest sis would share a bedroom, my dad would come in at night and leave the closet light on for us and the door open. He did that way after we were at an age that we didn't have to have the light on. We never told him not to do it. As an adult with her own children, I still leave the bathroom light on for them, well at least for the girl who is now 12.



Take a look at this. You might not be able to tell all that well, but these so called "steps" were really steep. This is little sis and nephew trying to navigate their way down/up the Trail to the Blowhole!. Actually the "fake blowhole". Seems that oldest sis/ hubby kind of remembered the way to the blowhole and took us thru a neighborhood of homes that according to the nice pool man that we asked, was the location of the blowhole. Does this look like a one of only 3 blowholes in the world kind of trail? Does it look like hundreds...nay thousands of people partake in this natural wonder? HELL NO! Now imagine, 18 people, ranging from 5 - 70 trying to get down this steel trail. We were like a human ladder with some of us scooting down on our ass, while others, like my poor daughter, slamming down 1/2 the way against a fence. This little trail was smack dab in the middle of a well to do neighborhood and in between 2 peopls homes. Don't quite think that this was the right place. That statement was confirmed when we heard my older sis's 2 kids say , "Stop...there's a steep drop off and Andy looks as though he has to climb down some kind of cable to get down".....yep, definately wrong place. The two nephews made it along with hubby, not quite sure who else made it.

This is the two newphews who finally made it down to ....wait for it......The Spitting Cave! Not no fucking blowhole for all to see and gaze at...it was supposedly some fucked up spitting cave!! We risked life and limb and not to mention, someone falling off into the ocean and rocks to their deaths for some cave that when the water goes into the cave, it sprays out and looks as if it's spitting. Now that was hilarious. Poor sis felt so bad, she just imagined someone falling or getting hurt and all because of the directions. Oh man we all had a laugh on that one.
Wouldn't you know after we all got up out of there, we got back in the car to head towards Hanama Bay and 1 1/2 miles down the road a huge opened up parking lot and
tourist site set up was in front of us. BING! Blowhole !!