Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Friday, September 30, 2005

Ben Franklin has left the building....

Temporarily that is. I came home to my surprise to find my power shut off. Switch a light..nothing. Looked at the clocks...nothing. Damn a black out. Hubby came home at 5:15 and i asked...did you pay the electic bill? A look of dread passed his face...shit...it wasn't a black out. Since it was after 5:00 we would be without electricity until the morning. We called mom and told her we'd all be spending the night. I took the girl to cheer and hubby and the boy took off for Gma's. Nothing exciting, right???? Wait....

Ok, its 4:30 am and hubby can't find the cigarettes I had just bought him. He wakes me up and I get up go to the living room grab them out of my purse and talk a little bit while he gets ready to go to work. I go to the bathroom and lay back down. Between 4:35 and 5:05 I guess it happened.

I hear the bedroom door open, I hear shuffling of the feet and I of course thought it was mom checking on me. Figured hubby had woken her up. WRONG. I said, "Mom, its soo cold in here. I don't remember it ever being so cold in the house before." Nothing...no reply. "Mom?" I sit up in bed and its dark so of course I don't see anything. I lay back in bed, cause fuck if I'm gonna get up to investigate.

In the morning mom comes in and wakes me up at 6:45.
"mom, did you check on me last night?"
"No, says mom...why?"
"Somebody did", I replied.

Mom just said that it was probably dad seeing what I was doing there.

Hmmmmm....I don't know what to think of that. I called big sis and of course she la la la'd her way thru most of the conversation with hands over ears. Sorry to spook there sis. Called baby sis and she said as soon as she heard that I had been there, she knew something was gonna happen. Baby sis has been "feeling" - "seeing" things for awhile. I told her to maybe make her feel better and not think that she was going crazy.

I'm still at a lost. I haven't had anything like that happen before. I've had 3 dreams about my dad since he's been gone. I'll have to outline them tomorrow, cause its getting late and I wanted to write this down while I still had the nerve and courage to do it.

Good night dad.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I killed my new hairdresser......

I can't believe it. I know I laid in bed at night cursing my new "Rip Torn" reject hairdresser for giving me the Joe Dirt haircut from hell, but seriously....I didn't mean him no harm. I came back to work from vacay and there was an obituary with his picture on it taped to the door. I stood there in shock. He died 2 days after the fucked up haircut. 2 days!! I was talking to him, he seemed normal, a little gayish and talky talky but otherwise no problem. Hell, i even decided to give him another try and told him I would be back for a color. I talked to the next door neighbor, and she said it had been a sudden death. It was some kind of annurism (sp?) in the throat that had exploded. Maybe it was brought upon by his guilt over my cut?? Jesus...he was only 52. I feel bad. I didn't know him for long but he was really nice. "Hair today, gone tomorrow" (i couldn't resist, what a bitch)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The boy's screen savers

The boy likes to get on my computer and change my screen saver saying. I have always had, "its called obsessive personality....deal with it." The boy puts someting different every time. Below is the list of ones he's used. I'll update periodically as they change.


2. Slipknot

3. Jesus loves the little children

4. Buffy Rules (that ones for me)

5. Mommy please buy me Fantasy PSO 1 & 2 for only 24.99 on Ebay


7. I love you!

8. Pain is only weakness leaving your body.

9. Mom, I'm sick, please let me stay home tomorrow.

10. Fire can fix almost anything.

11. The day you were born is the day you started to die....happy birthday.

12. 1 2 3 4 5 6

Real Life......

I'm back from vacay. It was a nice long week to be away. We went on a cruise to Mexico for five days. I have never spent soo much time with my husband of 14 yrs as I did on this trip. Morning, noon , and night! Jesus, I thought we'd kill each other. Turns out, we only fought once (over me spending money as usual). In all, we woke up together, ate together, napped together. AAAAHHHHHH. It was nice to come home and be apart.....only he doesn't want to be apart. We laugh about it....he just came in and gave me a hug and said, "I like you now"....jeez.

We took some Harloquin Romance novel like pic of us looking lovingly into each others eyes while holding a rose...hahahahaha....too fucking funny. I'm using it as blackmail. There was another one that had him all GQ'd out with his hand up under his chin that would've been better but alas I didn't want to spend the 19.99 on it. In hindsight, I should've. I could have run out to the garage right now and showed all 10 guys who are here for Sunday Night Football. He also didn't drink at all. I know fucking shocking as all get out. He had 2 beers and that was on the first night. I had a margarita or two a night, nothing big...didn't want to chance a hang over and the sea. We went to karaoke every night almost. Never did get up and sing, though we should have. Me and oldest sis sang every song that was played and I'm sure we were loud. We didnt care. That was fun. Next time, we're going up on stage though. If some of those people could get up on stage and "perform" especially the gal Geenie...jesus, put a stake thru my heart...she bit, I could get up there as well. We ate...ok...I ate...sooooo fucking much....I'm actually sick to my oversized stomache that I ate so much. Again, I'm typing this all while my $400 treadmill looms in the background. As of Monday, its back to real life and no more napping, eating, and singing.

As for home, it was nice and clean due to the mother in law staying the week so that was really nice. The kids were still alive and breathing so that's also a big plus.

I believe it will be Vegas at the end of October. We need to take the mother in law somewhere.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

C ya

I'm out of here for a while. I will be back next week. Vacay!!!

The girl made it for competitin. Will have to write about it later.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The lone hair

Right before bed time tonight, my boy called me in his room. He was up on the top bunk so i stood on the bottom and said, "What' sup?" He said, " i got one"....oh man....got what? My mind started to race. He quietly said, "I got a hair". He lifted up his arm and showed me his lone hair in his armpit. He was soo proud. I just looked at it and smiled. One ugly little strangled hair popping up. I called his dad and made him show him...i know how embarassing...but I wanted his dad in on this. He said, "now your going to just starting stinking more"....(he said it with a smile...typical dad. Here it comes. The hair, the voice changing, the mustache...oh man oh man. I feel old.

As for the girl, its a stressful week. They started learning their dance for try outs for Jamz competition. Try outs are Thursday. My stomache hurts. Her stomache hurts. Thursday can't get here any sooner.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

flight 93

Jeez...i'm typing this as I'm watching the re-enactment of Flight 93, 9-11-01. I was actually gonna use my time tonight on this blog to bitch about a stupid "misunderstanding" I had with mom today. I even wrote up a pre-draft in the car while I was waiting for her while she shopped. I threw it away. I'm sitting here hearing all the real life messages from the people who were on Flight 93 that awful awful day. Grandmothers, mothers, father, kids....all on that trip. One stewardess even traded another co-worker that fateful flight. The show showed both planes going into the World Trade Center and the other on into the Pentagon. On flight 93, after each of the real life phone calls to loved ones, they would show the person they were talking to and let them tell their story. Wow. The flight people knew someting bad was going on. They had heard about the 3 planes and knew it wasn't looking good for them. The amazing thing was that all these people who were so lucky to leave messages or call their loved ones, all seemed so calm, under control, sooo brave. It was common for those who were talkiing didn't know what to say. Some just sat there on the phone breathing. I mean, what do you say?? Could I actually get words to come out of my mouth to sum up my love and my life to the ohter person? It kind of puts everything in perspective. I mean, here I was gonna bitch about something soo stupid on today of all days and I turn on the t.v. to watch this show and.....nothing. I realize I don't have shit to bitch about anymore......"that's all I got to say about that". God Bless to the people of September 11th.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sew like the wind old woman....

a quote i like to say from "Three Amigos". Too bad I can't sew. Even worse I don't know a seam ripper from a crochet thingy. Tonight after cheer, I went to Wal Mart to get my childs sewing supplies for a class project. This is for the boy, not the girl. He's in sewing. What do you do. I took the girl with me and we were walking up and down the fucking isles looking for 7 needles, pins,embroidery needles, embroidery hoop, material, pin cushions, thread....the works. Dear Lord. I kept saying out loud I didn't have a clue as to what all this stuff was and where to get it, hoping the little old ladies that probably sew whole wardrobes would help. They didn't. We there for 30 minutes looking at every single sewing item they had. I don't know shit about sewing. I finally asked for help from an associate and they got me the stuff. Jesus....my son will know how to sew before I do. Pathetic. I keep telling my husband that there are quite a few straight designers, so don't let this thing bother him. Who knows, maybe my son will become the next Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. It could happen.

Ramblings: Middle sis is thinking about going to help out with Hurrican Katrina victims. Big Sis is finally on the right track, and Little sis is moving into her new house. All looks good.

Remind me to write about middle sis's husbands band. Quite the story.