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Monday, January 29, 2007


The gang (minus me)await their bus ride to begin the vacation!

Pearl Harbor. Up early in the morning to go see Pearl Harbor. Oldest sis's hubby made arrangements for the shuttle ride $8 person. Once there, we were in group 3 and wandered around the museum before our "movie" started. It was really informative and even narrated by Ms. Rizzo (Stockard Channing) herself. The short boat ride out to the memorial was a little on the quiet side. Once there, pics and videos were taken. You can actually really see the boat really well under the water. A little bit un-nerving, but on the same side, not. Can't explain. Knowing that the thousands lives that were lost that day and didn't make it out of that ship is something. Definately a something to see kind of thing in your lifetime.

The point of land that extends out into the ocean is called, "Laniloa". According to legend, this pennisula was originally a "Mo'o" or lizard standing upright ready to kill any intruder.

After Kana, a lengendary warrior had rescued his mother from Molakai and reutrned her to Hawaii, Kana set out on a journey to kill all the Mo'os in the islands. He arrived in Laie where the Mo'o had been killing scores of people. Kana easily defeated the Mo'o. He took the Mo'o's head and chopped it into 5 pieces and flung them into the ocean.
That's what at least the legend is out there. The actual rock we're standing in front of according to a book about the island is the head of the lizard but the hole that is in the middle of it was caused by the 1946 tsunmai.
That's a pic of me , the boy and the girl!

On Friday, we all rented mini-vans and toured the island. Stops were Haunauma Bay, the "fake" blowhole, the "real blowhole" (story and pic to come later), Giovanni's orignal famous shrimp truck, Chinaman Hat, Laniloa rock, and Dole Planation. Here is our people in our van. That's Gma, baby sis and her 2 girls and me. We had a nice ride. Can't say that everyone else did though :)

On Sunday, we all went snorkling at the bay. Now that was fun. So much fun that hubby went back on Monday by himself to snorkel for 4 hrs. I've never snorkled so when my head went into the water I started to almost hyperventilate. i was almost gasping. It was strange but I got the hang of it. My kids were like fishes. They really liked it. Gma wasn't going to get into the water but figured she'd have time to get dry by the time we left. And boy did we dry. At the end of the day, not a one escaped severe sunburn. We all had lotion on , but by the tiime the two whitest of the white kids got back to the hotel, they were lobster red. Not red, more like purple, the rest of were all red. While we were there, we heard a big "thump" and looked up to see that a big ol whales tale was slapping the water. It was sooooo big and loud. That was really cool. Not sure if anyone got pics of that or not. I know I got it on video though, but hubby was taping so i'm sure it's a Blair Witch video of the tail.
Here's a pic of Gma looking for fishies the ol traditional way! She didn't want to put the snorkle on at all.




Here's the first pic I'll post. Haven't gotten around to journaling yet....that's to come later.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's almost midnight on the night before we leave on our big Hawaii trip. Am I ready?
Hell no!
Hubby just walked in and asked if I'm still at it?
"Of course, I am. "
"Why is it taking so long?"
Why?....Why?....cause I'm packing for 4 people for a week and no one is lifting a finger to help. I hate being disorganized, but I hate it worse if they DID help cause god forbid, they forget something and I get on a rampage. My one suitcase per person rule has been shot to hell, and it looks like beyond our carry on, that we will have 6 pieces of luggage to haul around and worry about.
I"m tired, cranky and am about to start the red wave any hour now and I'm not HAPPY.
If hubby dares complain that he has to pack the trunk or haul the luugage around at the airport, I may have to kill him.
It's a possibility.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Oh, in the midst of all my sadness for the week and the big Hawaii trip I leave for this Monday...this announcement....
Buffy The Vampire Slayer -Season 8!!!!......in comics.
Hey if it continues where season 7 left off and they add Spike not going to see peaches in LA...I'm all for it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I told my sis that if she had to she can use my funeral fund to bribe people to show up at my rosary.

tonight's rosary was packed. Wall to wall people to pay their respects for a wonderful crazy fun loving mom, friend, sister. I was so glad to see so many people come to support my friend. I saw a lot of her other friends there and felt good.

While walking out sis and mom were talking that they would never get that many people. That's when I told my sis to start bribing for me.

She saind, "I'll bring a date".................that's at least 25 people then.

I may have said this somewhere, but at my wake, I want lots and lots of pictures of me with friends and family and the songs:
Another one bites the Dust
Who wants to live Forever
and lets round it out with
The Show Must Go On.

Iffn' I go, I'm going with a bang!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Man, I hate being under organized. I have a pile of clothes that I'll have to iron before Sunday. I have a rosary, and two funerals this week, and get thru the rest of the week of school clothes, homework, and things to do up the ass to get ready for vacay. Yeah...never gonna happen. I'll be packing til Monday right before we leave. Typical.

My best friend R's mom's rosary and funeral are Wed and Thursday. I'll be a wreck. She's being so strong. I feel bad taht I'm not with her more, but it eats me up inside. Knowing now that she is alone with no parents or family support. i mean she has family but not close. Not like my sisters. If ever anything was to go wrong, I know I have my sisters love and guidance thru anything. She really doesn't have that. She had her mom and dad...and now both are gone. What's going to happen for holidays or sundays breakfast...or anything really. Where will she go? How will she feel? She really doesn't have that close knit of family. I told hubby at the begininning of her mom's illness that she is and will be invited to all our family functions. He agreed. Her friends have always been her family and I know she is very thankful for all of them. She will need us more than ever now.

It's going to be tough the next couple of days.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today my best friend R's mother passed away.....that's all I have to say about that.