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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Laundry room update

Yes, it has been 6 days that I have sheet rock and white shit all of my entrance and in my laundry room. Hubby has managed to accomplish the caulking of the sheet rocked wall. Needless to say that I still have towels and sheets and comforters lined up in the damn hall.
I hate home projects. Below is a list of great ideas hubby had when there was spare time.

1. Tile - Hubby decided to do this himself. He ripped out the padding and carpet to our dining room and the linoleum in the kitchen. He tried "ironing" the linoleum to heat it up so he could get a better pull of it. Jesus. I had the dining room table and the refrigerator in my living room for 3 months.

2. Wall border - Ripped out the existing border along the floor to put in new ones. Got as far as the hall and kitchen done. Never made it any further

3. I've had 3 new backyard lawns in 7 years. One he just let die for lack of attention. The second he decided to go all HGTV and cut out diamond shapes in the grass to give it an effect!! Yeah, needless to say that lawn was put to rest also. The third he threw seeds out and let it grow. This is the current one and believe me, it's on the critical list right now.

4. He painted a garage size Rams helmet on the cement. It only took him one night but he never finished the face mask. After a year it still has the tape running along side of it just in case he gets the paint out again.

5. Bought 18 lawn lights for the yard.....8 years ago. Still in a box in the garage. He can't put them up because he's going to "sculpt" the front yard.

6. Pulled up the original linoleum in the bathroom and put "fake" wood linoleum and a new border. Actually got this one done over a period of 6 days but didn't have a thingy to cut the border for the corner of the bathroom...needless to say, there is still no border in that bathroom 3 years later.

7. His brother high on crack one day decided to paint a floral mural with definition on my wall above my shower. It turns out that he is a horrible artist while high and it turned out more like a vine than a flower and very unfinished at that. We just call it the "mad angry vine". Hubby promised to paint over it. That was 4 years ago.

9. Took off the boys closet doors to get him some new ones....the doors are still off and no new ones have arrived. 1 year later.

10. I'm sure theres more I'll have to update later


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