Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


- The cat is in the kitchen playing with a ball of foil paper

- The dog has learned its bed time. It promptly fell asleep at 10:30 pm....mark that one thing the dog does right

- The boy left the water on after hubby told him to turn it off and it ended up flooding the neighborhood

- We found the dog in the front yard after we got out of practice.

- The girl pitched her first game for the school softball team and I missed it. What a loser. They came in 3rd place out of 8

- At her other practice it was determined that she would be catcher when the main pitcher was pitching. She's good at that position too!

- Deal or No Deal was on and it was a rather flamboyant man on TV. She turned and asked her Dad, if that was a man who liked other men.

- The boy went to a waterslide park for his 8th grade graduation trip. What a rip....when it was our 8th grad, we went to Magic Mountain.

- It was said that if we wanted to fly 1st class to Hawaii come next year, it would cost hubby and me a grand each!! So much for that. It looks as though we're going to have to each lose around 50 lbs so that we can sit comfortably in economy. Fucking great.

- Friend of ours 40th b day is this saturday. His wife is going all out and we have to dress semi-formal. Another fucking great cause now i have to pour myself into some fucked up dress and pretend that I can breathe.

- My house is still picked up. (patting myself on the back)

- Mom isn't feeling too good lately. She's going to have blood work done next week to see what's going on.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ok...last dog/cat story for awhile. i don't wanna always have to be talking about one of the little rugrats...but first ...here's a pic of the two.



Hubby decided to let the cat come into our room. Mistake #1.
Hubby decided to let it sleep on our bed. Mistake #2
Hubby decided to sleep on top of the sheets. Mistake #3.
Hubby felt the cat pounce with its claws onto his legs and then proceeded to scratch at his crack. Now that was funny!

Monday, May 29, 2006


It's like i'm constantly seeing a damn animal run by me. I know that the cat is in the girls room and the dog is out in the garage but damn if I don't keep seeing one of them out of the corner of my eyes. It's like I'm on a loop and all I see is my turning my head waiting for the dog to take a shit or the cat climing up on my couch. It's exhausting really.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Let's see:

- friend R is in Cozumel for the week

- nephew graduated from his fire academy. He was in the front row so that was cool. He looked very grown up and very boyish at the same time. Weird.

- Oldest nephew came up to the car and gave Gma a hug. I think she wanted to cry. It seemed she's thinking that all the grandkids are getting older and not needing the Gma nowadays. I told her nonsense and stop thinking like that

- I made a sign for the nephew, yelled out "Flashdance" when he was called, hit a complete stranger in front of me, saw the nephews girlfriends mom, who looks younger than me, everyone realized that sitting in the chairs was what Hawaii was going to be like.

- Put Ivy down for her bed time at 11:00 instead of 12:00. These nights are gettting longer and the alarm clock is going on way too early nowadays

- So far, have kept up with the dishes and kept everything off the floor...that's a HUGE improvement

- The Oblongs are one right now. I like that show

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


yeah...that's all the song i know.

I went and watched the girl today at practice for 10 minutes today. Of course hubby forgot the cups for the girls and I had to go to the store and buy some real quick. So i jumped in the car and told the boy to watch the animals while I went.

She's good. I gotta admit. Oh she's no Hank Aaron but she can throw. I see now why her other coach wants to train her. He says he thinks she can really do something so he wants to be the one to say "Yeah, that's my girl...I trained her."


I tell ya....one day with it and the pets have screwed us all up. We're totally off our vibe. Ivy is spoiled, Poison (the cats new name...at least I like it) has left its death claw marks on all of us except the boy, sleep is getting interupted and schedules are all off. Not that we had any real big ones, but simple things like going to softball practice and performances and even trips to the store is now getting interupted. No shopping = a very cranky me. I know it will get better and I know it will all stop...but after only 3 days i'm ready for it to be done.

Ivy slept in her kennel around 11:30 and I left the TV on for her. Hubby woke up at 3:00 to go to work and put her in the garage. I woke up at 6:00 to get her out. We went straight out to the yard to go to the bathroom and waited....and waited....and nothing. So we come inside, I go and wash my hands and before I came out she shit on the hall this time!! That make twice now. She's gonna have a problem with me if this keeps up.

The only good thing is that I got up early enough to actually put a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight!!!! yes....I said it...a roast in the crock pot!!! Fucking amazing.

Maybe this won't be too bad after all!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Nope..not pregnant. We became the proud parents of a 12 week old kitten and a 8 week old mini American Eskimo. I'm exhausted and its only been 12 hrs. I have forgotten what it's like to have a dog in the house. When we first had our Chihauhaus we had been in our house for 2 years only and hadn't really accumulated to much crap. 8 yrs later and 8 yrs later of shit laying about make a difference. When we got home today it was like baby proofing a house all over again. Get everything off the floors, off the tables, cover this, cover that. Then it's ..."Where's Ivy?" (the dog).."Where's Violet?" (the cat). Catch it before it squats (either)....don't let it climb the couch (the cat)..blah blah blah...on and on.

I'm actually sitting here tired. Trips outside to make sure Ivy goes to the bathroom. Catching the kitten before it climbs up on the table. Figuring out who sleeps where...on and on and on. I told the girl that maybe have both wasn't a great idea after all. We'll see.

The cat was adopted at PetSmart for 55.00 and Ivy was bought by an owner that breeds them for $300.

At 10:30 I put Ivy in it's kennel (without the door on ) and put it in the bathroom with a doggie nap for its "business". 4 minutes inside and the damn dog went crazy. Crying and scratching and flipping out. Violet on the other hand went right to sleep with the girl. We'll see if she remembers where her kitty box is. One mistake and hubby will be taking the cat to a friends house. The bad thing is that before I put Ivy in the bathroom for the night I took it outside. Wanted nothing to do with the dark wet grass out there and didn't go. I put it in the bathroom and sure enough it shit all over the place. The only good thing is that it went on the nappie. So a point there. But 10 points off for going inside when I just took it outside. So I cleaned it up and put it in the box with the cage on and took it in the living room and put it by hubby's chair. It went right to sleep. Damn spoiled dog. It's lying there now by itself with the TV on.

Guess what..hubby just left the chair and it woke up and immediately started whining. hahahahahaha...i'm fucked.
So what does hubby do..."goodnight"!...goodnight!!! whadda ya mean Good Night!...wait a minute buster...who's gonna keep the dog quiet. "You, I have work early". Oh great ...now i'm some Beastmaster and I'm gonna keep it quiet. yea right.


ok...the dog is spoiled and we're gonna keep it spoiled. I sat in the rocker saying shit like "Ssshhh Baby" "It's alright IVY" and sat there and I actually rocked while it slept in its kennel.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

10 Favorites

Stolen from Tai:

10 Favorites
Favorite Season: Where it's not cold or not freaking hot!
Favorite Color: Pink to wear, but Green to look at
Favorite Time: 6:00 pm
Favorite Food: Pizza, mashed potatoes and gravy!
Favorite Drink: Vodka Collins, no freaking fruit
Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Favorite Place: Home when its clean
Favorite Sport: Football to watch, haven't played anything in years.
Favorite Actor: James Marsters, Nathan Fillon
Favorite Actress: ooohhhh...tough one...next

9 Currents
Current Feeling: sleepy
Current Drink: big ol glass of H2O
Time: 12:41 am
Current Show on TV: re run of That 70's show (hubby watching)
Mobile used: Nextel
Windows Open: screen door only
Current Underwear: plain ol white at the moment
Current Clothes: tank top and striped pj shorts
Current Thought: I want a cigarette realy bad right now.

8 Firsts
First Nickname: ebers
First Kiss: wow...not until 8th grade
First Crush: Marc 1st grade
First Best Friend: Betsy, Aimee, Kristi
First Vehicle I Drove: Toyota Celica
First Date: 9th grade with Joey...went to a concert held at the high school with some lame band
First Pet: Sugar (white cat)

7 Lasts
Last Drink: Vodka Collins 1 month ago
Last Kiss: 10 minutes ago to hubby thanking him for getting me running water finally in our kitchen
Last Meal: chineese chicken with plain noodles and rice at Las Tres Casuelas
Last Web Site Visited: oldest sis's
Last Movie Watched: Aeon Flux
Last Phone Call: friend R
Last TV show Watched: Deadlist Catch

6 Have You Ever...
Have You Ever Broken the Law: got caught at? Speeding
Have You Ever Been Drunk: of course
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: not that I know of
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire: not middle but close
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: nope
Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart: yes, sorry to say.

5 Things
Things You Can Hear Right Now: hubby laughing at the re-run and tv in my room on while the gir sleeps to Hannah Fontana
Things You Can See Right Now: crap everywhere...books, light, hole puncher, speakers, my treadmill looming in the corner, shoes, bra, punching bag lying on the floor, hot glue gun, ...i see shit everywhere!
Things On Your Bed: the girl
Things You Ate Today: wendy's hamburger, missile, cinnamon brown pop tart, chineese food
Things You Do When You Are Bored: be even more bored

4 Places You Have Been Today:
chineese food

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now:
hole punch
glass of water
DVD of Firefly

2 Choices
Salt or Pepper: loads and loads of Pepper
Hot or Cold: oh god, definately colder than hotter

1 Place You Want To Visit:


We have a rule.....everybody's fair game whilst in the house. Meaning any and all burns are a go as long as they're not in front of other people. We don't want to look like total pychos now. So I've compiled a list of burns that I can think of on such short notice so that I can always cherish our weird family tradition.

HUBBY - " I feel like a fat golfer"

Girl (while walking away) - "Ya got one part right!"

HUBBY - "OOOhhh I knew where I should've gone"

Girl (from the backseat of the truck) - "CURVES!"

HUBBY (trying on a yellow shirt with black jean shorts) - "I don't like it".

Girl (loudly so that the saleslady can hear) - "Awww...who's my little bumblebee!"

GIRL (to Hubby when saying he needed to lose weight)- "Haven't you heard of SlimFast?"

Boy (in resonse) - "Obviously, you haven't"

BOY (while watching his Dad miss some fly balls he was throwing at the girls at practice) "Excuse him girls, he's obviously sober today!"

Me (to the boy) "What did your Dad want?

Girl (in response) "To move out."

The girl, (while talking to hubby's belly button: "Hellooooo...Hellooo...echooooo..echoooo."

Girl: "How come you didn't call me at midnight on New Years?"

Hubby: "How come you didn't call me. I'm the dad, your supposed to call me."

Girl: "Well, I guess we both missed out then, huh."

The girl spent the night at her aunt and uncle. A week before that, Uncle fell down some stairs they have in the living room.....to which the girl calls out ........

Girl : Uncle! Uncle!.....Watch.....whoa whoa whoaaaaaaa (as she re-enacts the fall that caused her uncle great pains and aches....smart ass I tell ya)


- the boy wears long sleeves all the time cause he doesn't want to show everyone his eczema on his arms

- the girls cheer uniform ended up costing 665 dollars

- a plumber can make 282.00 in 1 1/2 hr by hooking up our plumbing for our new sink

- Aeon Flux wasn't all that great of a movie after all

- apparently the family wants a dog and the only way I'm getting one is if I get to pick it and it stays indoors

- the boy even with all his problems is maybe just a boy after all. spent some time talking to two other mom's who seem that their boys are going thru something similiar

- braces really hurt when put on an adult according to friend L

- our friend E just found he's going to be a daddy. he text everyone saying "I will be spending Fathers Day with all you other Fathers this year."

- the girl is good enough according to one of her coaches (not hubby) to be put on a traveling team

- my house is in total shambles and I'm walking over piles of crap everywhere

- it's getting into the 90's and I'm getting really frustrated already with the heat and its only May

- some kind of bird flu is going to be big this year

- my friend C got his restraining order approved for one year

- the boy will almost certainly have to take summer school in order to proceed to the next grade

- middle sis's daughter's b day is today and she took some friends to spend the night in a hotel (exactly one week ago I told friend R that's what I wanted to do for the girls' b day. when I said it I forgot to put on my foil hat so that sis couldn't read my thoughts...damn)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A few pics of Vacay

That's right. There you go.....my view from my hotel room. I've been away o deary diary ( I call it my diary, cause quite frankly only me, sis & Tai read this....but that's cool). I haven't wrote in awhile. Lots of things going on. Let's see......Niagara Falls from April 30th - May 3rd. How beautiful is this pic. Imagine waking up each morning and opening up your door and looking out at this?? The sounds too....what a roar!!.

Here's another one. This is of the Canadian Falls up close and personal.

I'll post more late. I've had no nicotine in my body for 3 weeks and i've started to eat less = one crank ass bitch.