Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I didn't write on Valentines day cause I went home and went to bed.
We did the pizza thing with the boy and the girl. Waited for an hour inside the place and had a very good xtra pepperoni and canadaian bacon family size pizza for dinner. Very nice.
Candy was also up on the TV this year.

Here's a text that hubby sent over to me on Valentines day which is perfect cause I really was on it too....poor bastard:
Flowers - $20
Dinner - $70
Movies - $25
Drinks - $30
Hotel -$115
.....the look when you tell him your on yor period....PRICELESS!!!

Happy V Day all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Besides the fog post, I forgot that I was sick last year.
AFter all the hub bub and my mother feeding my "cancer" late last year, it turns out I'm going to survive after all.
Everyone now may put back their death shrouds and continue on with life.
It turns out that I have a "tearing" a "hole", some kind of "rip" around the liining of my bladder. When bad foods get thru there it causes the pain. go figure....here I was taking all these pills for a UTI and drinking all this cranberry juice for those weeks on end and at the end, the cranberry juice was making it worse. It's on the list of things that I should'nt have, along with aspartame, alcohol, fruits, and lo and behold chocolate and peanuts.

What brought about this little complication is a boy and his wrestling.
One of my co workers son was raising money to go to some werestling tournament in Chicago. He would bring in candy and sodas and sell them to us.
Now, I'm a charitable person and I wanted to see the kid go to Chicago, so I helped him out best I could. That meaning I bought a bag of peanut M&M's daily for about 2 1/2 months.

My specialist said that was what triggered the attacks and how we found my little problem. So I got two deals out of that ....I not only gained 20 lbs from all the fucking chocolate but I found a tearing in my bladder. Yippppeeee.

It's not a big deal. Here's my thing though.

When I tell people I can't see at night due to my RP, they immediately follow with "oh, I'm blind as a bat at night too!" Um....no your not. I on the other hand have a bitch of a time seeing at night because as we all know, RP's symptons is night blindness. So when I tell them this , they poo poo it and say I can see you just have to conentrate more..yada yada yada. Now I tell them that I have a tearing in the lining around my bladder, and they hold out their rosary's and start ironing their black trousers. It's not a big deal. I have to stay away from certain foods or else I want to feel like a bowling ball is in the lower half of my stomache. Now the RP, that's the disease that really sucks. I don't wanna go blind. A tear in my lining, no biggie. Losing my sight...a big biggie.


Since Saturday, there has been nothing but fog. Fog - fog - fog - fog and more fog. It's been awhile since there were so many days in a row that there was this bad of fog.
The kids have had foggy day Mon, Tues and today and unfortunately I, like my bro in law, nephew, and hubby alll have had to drive in. sucks ass. Today I called in a foggy day schedule for myself at work. If busses won't drive in my hometown, then neither am I.

Here is a pic I took while driving (yeah, i know how stupid) and this wasn't even the bad day!!