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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Damn it Jim

Hubby went to the Dr yesterday. He's been having some kind of stomach ailment and some bleeding. Something that you really don't wanna have.
His brilliant primary dr sent him to a surgeon up in big town to have a look see and that surgeon had no idea as to why the doc did it. Wrong Dr.
The Dr called up the hick and let him know and now hubby has another appointment for Aug 11th.
Hubby must be kind of scared cause he actually called the new Dr and asked to be put on the cancellation list.


Monday, July 21, 2008

I heart Vampires

I Got a call from the girl while I was at work. It was a somewhat panic call from a 13 year old.

the girl: "MOM!!"

As my heart leapt thru my throat, I hurriedly answered WHAT!

the girl: "The new book is 1/2 about Jacob and his point of view!!!"

JUMPING JO HASSAFRAS (OR WHATEVER THAT STUPID SAYING IS) ..She's calling about the plot of next book she's breathlessly awaiting. (Due out Aug 2nd)

I thought it was "Mom, I broke my toe, or Mom, how do you put out a grease fire. JEEZ..I don't know something, by the sound of her voice.

Nope, it had to do with her stupid vampire, Edward (because as we all know, SPIKE is the one true vampire.) She informed me tht she was going to be quite upset if Jacob gets in the way of Edward nd his true love Bella.....WHATEVER!

Not only is she doing this but her cousin-sister is at it also. I'm sure it's the same over at that house.

Aug 2nd can't come soon enough.


the ride that never stops

Jesus...the boy just finished summer school on Thurs the 17th and what
do I find in the mail??? Registration packets for both kids. I didn't even get a chance to breathe before they started ramming the idea that they will begin school in 3 more weeks.
Registration is the 6th for both of them. The girl is a freshman (god, kill me now) and the boy is a junior so they get to go on the same day. Not that means anything to them, cause they'll avoid each other like the plague. At school, they are on two entirely different planes of existenece and they like it that way.
Ugh, registration also means a cool 300 clams that has to be paid out. Activity cards, PE clothes, locks, yearbooks & pictures.
After registration , is the school clothes shopping done at the last moment of course and also the backpacks, paper, pens, and the list goes on....
With hubby off on medical leave a couple of weeks means that money is tighter than its ever been....
I saw Fun with Dick and Jane last night on TV...I think it was a sign.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

the MRI

We got some health issues in the familia again. This time (or should I say the 4th time) hubby is sick.
I won't go into icky details, but suffice to say, he will now know how it is to get rammed from behind.
But before that, hubby had go get an MRI for a seperate problem he's been having. Seems as though his left leg alternates between mind numbing pain and just plain numbness. The Dr scheduled it for 2:00 yesterday. At 2:20 I get a call from him saying he was out of there. Please follow:

hubby: I'm out.

me: out? already. those tests are like 30 minutes at least

hubby: well...i was laying down watching my feet go thru the tube and i started saying "stop stop". The tech's were trying to calm me down thinking I was claustophobic "there there Mr. Hubby just relax and breathe". In the meantime, I'm hearing the wheels grinding on the bed that's rolling me thru and I start yelling "I'm not claustophobic, I'm stuck. I'm stuck."

Seems poor hubby wasn't in the "non-human" size of the MRI machines. He was in a normal size one, which is what we have in our mayberry size town.

He now has to go to the big town up north to go thru a tube he can actually fit.

Funny side note: Don't know If i wrote this down here or not but 14 years ago or so hubby did get stuck in a pipe 20ft underground. He had to be air lifted up in one of those baskets by a crane or some shit in front of every local news channel. I'll have to write about that some day.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Books, trains and Vampires

I saw my friend R in her lovely little town. It was probably only 10 degrees cooler over ther but a way huge difference. I think it's just that is so much "cleaner" over ther. Cleaner as in no humidity. No stuffiness. It was niiiiice.
We picked up the girl in Roseville and headed over to catch the train on Sunday.
On the way, we passed by:

Take a look at this. We arrived 2 1/2 hrs early at the train station and this is what I got from her for the first hour

This is the second hour:

And this is what I got on the train ride:

For six hours I watched her read a fucking book!!! Hey, I'm all for books and reading. I remember the "learning is power!" slogans, but enough is enough.

I brought it on myself. I had bought her the damn book around graduation. I had been hearing about these Twilight series book and the movie had been filming and was set out for Decmeber. It's a total rip off of another vampire/girl love story but hey. I had Buffy she's got Twilight.
It's taking her about 2 days to finish each book.
I guess she is a bit like me. Obsessive personality. Great

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

leaving on a ...

no not a jet plane. But how about a jet Train?

Tomorrow at dawn, as in the crack of...well 6:50 am , I will be leaving for my good friends R's place. I hop on the train and will be there by 10.

No driving, no gas, no stress from having to drive up north (which for some reason really really scares me). Friend bought me a ticket so that I can come to visit finally.

The girl is up at middle sis's place which is only 1 1/2 away , so while up there, we might make plans to pick her up and both of us will take the train home. I say maybe, cause middle sis has said they are awaiting a call from a job interview that they may have to come down here for next week. As in Tues, Wed and Thursday.

We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back at it

June has come and gone and its July. I can't go back and write about things...I can't remember them well enough, so I'm starting yet again.

July 4th was depressing. No big BBQ at my house. No firework spectacular. No competition. Nada. No money, honey's.
We sat around oldest sis backyard and reminised about the "old days".
Gma B, Cat, Gma, Middle Sis and family and me and mine sat outside, ate some good BBQ dogs and waited for darkness so that we may begin to cry.
Hubby came over but left before dark cause he was down in the dumps.
When he left, I told everyone he was gonna cry in the car.
As poor as we all were this year, we actually each gave $20 bucks and got us a box of pathetic looking fireworks and some whistling petes (to light off in memory of Dad).

To put it in perspective, here is what our fireworks display has been in the past. me and sis have a competition to see who has the best display. If you head on over to hers, you could probably read about it. I think i did one too...can't remember.

And then this is what we had for this year.

Big difference.
Officially, the trophy will have 2008 - Winner: Recession. Cause face it, it kicked our asses this year.