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Monday, November 14, 2005

This update courtesy of the letter "E"

Went to big sis's house to pick up the girl Saturday. She spent it with her "second" family. We were sitting at the table and she looked at me and asked, "How did you get the name Ebers?"
I saw her smile and looked over at big sis and she smiled.
I couldn't talk when I was little..........."Aha! I knew it!", she exclaimed.
I hadn't realized that I never told her how I got my nickname. It goes something like this.

ME: E, E , E, E, Eeeeeeeee!

Family: "do u want a drink of water J? do you want cereal?....did Timmy fall down the well?? they had no idea as to what I wanted half the time I would assume.

All I could say for, what I am told, years was the letter E and point. I couldn't manage my tongue very well is the story. I couldn't ennunciate and didn't talk and just pointed and said "Eee"....pathetic. My dad gave me the name Ebers and to this day I use it whenever the chance arises.

I couldn't says shoes and socks, I would say foos and focks. I went to speech therapy for two years with Mr. Dee and Mrs. Dan. I'll have to let big sis tell the story since she was old enough to actually remember some of the other fucked up things I used to say.


At 1:46 AM , Blogger MaxiSmeg said...

I know you read my blog but it's going to be gone and replaced. Just be aware that there will be a few days of no MaxiSmeg until he returns.


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