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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Won't you please....please won't you be my neighbor.

My mom has the best neighbors. I drove up to her house today to see that Mr. & Mrs. Nice Neighbors were putting Xmas lights up on her house! That house has not had lights up since the early 90's. My dad used to put up the big old green,blue,red lights up...crooked and all. Tradition.
After Dad passed, we were sooo worried when the across street neighbors were selling their house. What if the wrong kind of neighbors moved in across from her. She was by herself now and we wanted good neighbors. We found out that a kid I went to school with was going to buy it. He was single. I knew his rep from school. The old people said "sorry". Wasn't a good sign.
Could we be not the furthest from the truth. He was great. Always saying "hi". Fixing odd things here and there for mom. In fact he was the one that got mom in agreeing to get an alarm. Something we thought she would never do. He gave her the name of his alarm people, walked her through his house and showed her how easy it was. Jumped my moms fence when she couldn't get into her house after being locked out. Fixed a sprinkler. Called the cops and waited with them when her alarm accidentally went off and we were off shopping. All kinds of good deeds. It only got better when he married a sweetheart of a girl last year. They watch Jack, her cat when we're on vacation. Get the papers and mail too. Bought her a wind chime when they went to the coast and even hung it up for her.
I drove up to her house the day before and holy shit, they were both out there stapling lights up to her house! And they were his lights!! I couldn't belive it.
I want neighbors like that.


At 7:47 PM , Blogger Tai said...

We ALL want neighbours like that!


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