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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let us begin...again

To finish up on the post below:

AAAAAnd since last year, this very same J-erkward (the boys new name) moved in two doors down from us. How in the world is that even funny? The girl and J-erkward are still friends though. He's dating someone on her softball team so it was awkward at first but they seem to be back to where they were, talking almost everyday. On the phone, not in person. Last week, hubby being gone overnight to Arizona to pick up his brother, she came in and said, "mom, can me and J-erkward take a walk around the block?" I gueeeeesss was my reply. It was only 9:30 but still. Anyways, she came back about 15 minutes later and I asked what they talked about. She said that mostly about nothing other than her making fun of him because he doesn't like scary movies.
I knew I had a good reason not to like him.

Jump forward to the future now and here we are June 22, 2010. Some updates.

Hubby - still not working. Bastard.
the boy - still not working and going to summer school at community college.
the girl - will probably never work and is spending the week over at sis #2 house.
me - the only stupid motherfucker working.