Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Friday, December 30, 2005


Getting ready to put the cap on 2005 and this is going round. Put down the first sentence of each blog for the first of each month ( I will also have my title in it)...now I haven't written a whole lot, i've only been doing this since July, so its only really a 1/2 years retrospect.

July - She'll never find me....
In order to protect my ramblings and my life, I have had to re-create my blog.

August - What a mess...
Ok....I am finally ready to admit I suck at being a hosuewife.

September - Sew like the wind old woman....
a quote i like to say from "Three Amigos".

October - The underarm man.
I have never seen such a site......or heard something as so ridulous as my husband standing here saying, "blow on my armpits"...!!! "They're on fire, mom...blow."

November - The bitch is back.
Awhile ago, I ranted about the girls giving my girl shit at school.

December - hOW wRONG aM i
One of the girls that I had lunch with over Thanksgiving holiday Dad just passed away.

I see a trend that I am quite the rambler. I talk about anything and everything. No sense, no purpose, no thread....hmmm just like me!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


As you can tell I skipped a post about Xmas. Not that it didn't have its enormous amounts of drama with it but its just soooo much to write about it. So here's some highlights from Xmas Eve and Xmas.

1. Xmas eve did the trek to the matriarch's house for the tradidional Santa coming and giving presents to the kids, tamales, and drunk fest. This is the second Xmas without the matriarch of the familia and its getting sadder each year. Anyways, I got to hear middle sis try and get our cousin ask her about her trip abroad like 4 times. After the 4th time I blurted out, "She's going to Italy!!" just to get a break.

1- 1/2. Listening to holiday dribble come out of middle sis's and cousings mouth for 2 1/2 hrs was just fucking thrilling.

2. Watching hubby put middles sis's kids bike together at midnight was funny.

3. Xmas day, hauled the countless of gifts over to mom's house. Everyone there. Gave the boy his guitar and it was hasta la vista baby to the hubby. He fucking left. He got pissed so what does the fucking baby do? He said, "Im gonna go cool off and come back" what the fuckever. he stayed away when the adults opened up their presents (including mine) and it was for the best! He said how could I go and buy something like that without telling him. It's a $200 guitar for christ-sakes..... I bought a $16,000.00 car without his knowledge either, u think a guitar was gonna upset me?

4. Poor nephew came down with something. Seemed he was sick and couldn't get his girlfriends relatives to the airport and came home to sleep. Oldest sis and hubby went home for a bit.

5. Ate. Ate. Ate. Ate......i ate so fucking much I was getting literally sick. Youngest sis got it worse.

6. Watched IN AMERICA (with nieces twin in it i Swear) Monday night and cried for an hour. I luv that movie.

7. Hubby's truck was recovered. the shitheads who took it took everything. Including the monogramed cover that I got him last Xmas. What fucktards. The thing is non drivable and will take about 3k to fix back up to where it was. Great.

8. Can't wait for next year.

Monday, December 26, 2005

On the 10 th day of Christmas ......

some fuckwad stole from me.....a 1991 Chevy Silverado.
Yep....it happened. Right out from our driveway hubby's truck was stolen. Hubby called me around 11 am on the 23rd and said, "Was my truck out in front when you left for work this morning?" "What?" He then calmly said, "My fucking truck was stolen". Sad part is that I didn't even realize it. Late for work, purse and presents piled high, windows fogged up with water and moisture, I didn't even realize it. Some arguing later, a police report even later than that and I was headed off to drink my sorrow away at the bar after work. What else could I do?
The truck is now I'm sure in some chop shop being taken for its parts and the shell I'm sure will be found in some fucking vineyard on fire. Great. Swell. Fantastic.

My dreams: I hope the fuckers who took it, ran out of gas shortly after taken it cause hubby never fills up the gas tank. I hope they found out that the truck doesn't go in reverse too well sometimes and just dropped it off somewhere. Even better, I hope the fuckers took it over the grapevine and got stranded in the fucking cold and had to walk miles in the freezing temp over there. That would be nice.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Looky Looky...still no laundry room

Hubby says that he never lets shit left undone or if he does it really doesn't take all that much time and I'm making it sound worse. Travel back dear people and check it the fuck out. November 8th I started to write about the laundry room. At that point the sheet rock had already been put up and it really began. What's the date? December 19th? The suckiest part is that he's been off work all this time and could've had this shit done in a weekend. Fuckin' loser. I hate projects!!!!!!!
UPDATE: New floor is in and the cabinet to hold my towels and sheets are in.
Still to DO: Paint the bottom cupboards, put up the trimming he bought, put back bottom drawers, make shelfs for the one side. Put handles on all cabinets and doors. Paint door. That's it. shit could be done in a day...u think it will? HELL NO!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It's funny. I recalled part of my lunch convo's with the girls from high school last night and I remember saying that I was going to see Gwen Stefani that night. One of the girls smiled, one said, "who?" and the other said, "oh my daughter would be so jealous". What the fuck? Where does this put me in terms of my "acting my age". I enjoy concerts, I enjoy loud noise, I enjoy rock, I enjoy laughing and dancing and acting silly. This was also brought up to my mind cause me and oldest sis got to go shopping the other day by our lonesome and we went to Best Buy. Anyone who's ever been there will understand when oldest sis started getting worked up. Every electrical contraption known to man was turned on. You either heard planes roaring, armies crashing, beats a bumpin', or some CD on the loud speaker....add in a few hudnered people and it was a madhouse. I strolled through the place like nothing. Sis said every once in a while, "I must be getting old. I'm getting agitated in here, why can't it be quieter?" I laughed. I said, "Yup, first signs of getting old. Can't hang." There's an age difference, but I never even thought about it. At the tender age of a very young 34 that I am, I vowed never to be bothered by noise, music, etc......I wonder if that will be true. I'll probably be a nervous wreck and pull my hair out and bang my head on the floor when I reach "that age". Who knows. Anyway...I digress, here is my list of concerts that I have attended. Quite a mixture if I don't say so myself and in no way in any kind of order except the first one.

1. Duran Duran (1st concert, oldest sis, middle sis, me)

2. Power Station (middle sis)

3. Simple Minds (friends from school)

4. INXS (friends from school)

5. Garth Brooks (oldest sis)

6. Prince (baby sis, friend R)

7. KISS in at Shoreline (friend R)

8. KISS in Reno (oldest sis, middle sis)

9. KISS at Fresno (hubby)

10. Aerosmith (friend R)

11. Metallica (hubby, friend A)

12. The Eagles (oldest sis, hubby, friend R)

13. Wayne Newton (mom's birthday, gimme a break) (all us girls)

14. Red Hot Chilli Peppers (friend R)

15. Joan Jett & the Heartbreakers (hubby and the kids, Fair)

16. Stone Temple Pilots (friend R)

17. NSYNC (the boy, the girl, & baby sis)

18. Chicago (2nd row seats baby w/oldest sis. i listened to them for 3 days learning their songs)

19. Ratt, Cinderella, Quiet Riot, Firehouse (front row baby!!! friend R & J)

20. Hank Williams Jr. (baby sis, friend R)

21. Lisa Lisa (hubby)

22. James Marsters (from buffy.....shut up)

23. Static - X (friend L, friends from work)

24. Connie (old school....w/hubby, friends)

25. Gwen Stefani (friend R)

26. Dwight Yokum w/Rosanne Cash opening (mom, oldest sis, sis friend M)

Monday, December 12, 2005

A day at work with me.

Know what I did all day today and got paid for it??? I got to go shopping for wrapping paper, ribbon & bows. I got to go shopping for myself at Wal Mart & Michaels. I got to wrap 26 boxes of Hickory Farms Deluxe Package. I got to mail out 22 calendars to our customers........and I get paid for this shit. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

hOW wRONG aM i

One of the girls that I had lunch with over Thanksgiving holiday Dad just passed away. I was unaware of the funeral and just happened to look thru the local papers obituaries when I came across the Dad and found out the funeral was in 10 minutes. Knowing I couldn't just get up and leave work to go, I saw that they had a guestbook. How fucking cool was that. I clicked on his name and saw his pic along with his write up. Next, clicked on the guestbook and fucking A, technology strikes again. You could leave a message for the family and even buy flowers or plants thru the site and they will send them to the place designated by the family. Genius! The first thing that went thru my mind is "how cool is this gonna be when I die?" Sick. I know.


The girl had her competition last weekend. Weeks of blood, sweat, and tears were about to be over. The hubby at the last minute (due to the advisors change of plans) had to drive us up there. Mom and the boy tagged along. Which was actually pretty good, cause the boy and hubby went off to ride some rides while we watched the ongoing compeitition. We got there at 1:00 and went inside straight to the bathroom to do the girls makeup and hair. Eight girls with glitter on their eyelids and fake ponytails were ready to go watch the other teams by 3:00. Not bad time considering.
The girl was to go on at 5:25, but as usual the thing was behind schedule and they got on at 6:10 or so. They did really good this year and both hubby and I thought they had a chance. The local rival team went last and had a girl break an ankle, drop a pom, and 2 stepped on each other. All in all not a really good performance....especially not for first, which is what the fucking team got. Outrage, horror, sadness, pissed....all emotions that I went thru as soon as the name was called. I really don't want the girls to go to Vegas if this is the way its gonna be.
The upside of all this is that when hubby went on the first ride with the boy (goaliath) I guess it was a little too much of bumping around and he activated his, shall we say, "bump" on his ass. I hate the H word and don't even know how to spell it. That was around 3:30, the poor guy had to sit on the cold hard slab of cement they called benches for 4 hrs plus the 3 hrs ride home. Hilarious. He was soooo pissed. I realize I am the only one that could laught at this, but you gotta know my hubby, he took it all in stride, bleeding ass and all.