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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stolen from another blog....First, Lasts, Now


First best friend: Aimee Clausen....mom was friends with her mom and she got us together before kindegarten. Lasted 2 years.
First kiss: Kiddie Kiss, Gene, 1st grade. Real kiss, Joey freshman year.
First piercing/tattoo: ears. 2 holes each freshman year. Tattoo of winnie the pooh on shoulder blade at 25
First big trip: um....have to get back to that. been on many.
First flight: Senior year went to Michigan with mom to get our eyees checked at the Kelloggs Medical Eye Center to be part of a test for RP
First time skiing/snowboarding: not as of yet
First concert: Duran Duran with oldest sis and middle sis in San Francisco
First alcoholic drink: bottle of wine stolen from the kitchen Freshman year
First ticket violation: speeding ticket at age of 21
First job: Accounts Receivables age 18
First date: don't think I've ever been on a date date before


Last car ride: went to Wal Mart to buy socks....boring
Last time you cried: this morning while making breakfast. argument with hubby. threw a wet sponge at him and he threw it back. PMS'ing bad right now.
Last movie watched: SAW II at the movies last night with the boy.
Last food you ate: bologna sandwich about an hour ago.
Last love:
Last temptation: to get another bologna sandwich right now
Last item bought: pkg of socks for me, boxer briefs and grey sweats for the boy, 2 bras and pkg of socks and lip gloss for the girl, conditioner (or as big sis calls its, "Cream Rinse" that still cracks me up)
Last annoyance: hubby being his drunk ass self and trying to talke to me while Grey's Anatomy is on. fucker.
Last alcoholic drink: bud light last weekend just cause i was so damn thirsty at the moment.
Last concert: i guess The Eagles a couple of years ago....i know i've been to something esle but i can't think. Gwen Stefani in 2 weeks!!
Last phone call: callin friend R to make sure she got to Sacramento ok about an hour ago.
Last time at the mall: Thursday to get some cheap Chineese food.


Current best friend: Oldest Sis, Raq
Current car: Altima
Current love: the boy and girl
Current drink: diet pepsi
Current activity: laundry as usual
Current annoyance: drunk ass hubby snoring in bed
Current mood: tired


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