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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The sickness continues....

Hubby says that I have a sickness. I cannot go into a store, any store and just buy what I need and get out. As I've said before, he has his beer, I have my stores. The girl and I went to Wal Mart to get some shoestrings for her shoes. 97 cents and I should be out the door, right? Shit, I should've known better:

Thermal top for hubby

Thermal for the boy

Lipgloss for me

Pink turtleneck for the girl

Pink, brown, black, and burgunday ribbon for the girl's hair

Blue thread for the boy (sewing class, remember?)

Birthday present for the neice

New deorderant for the boy since he doesn't like the other 4 he has in the drawer

New deorderant for the girl since it smelled sooooo pretty

Pair of sweats for the boy again

Package of wife beaters for the girl

T shirt for the hubby

Honeycombs ceral (came home to find 2 already in the cabinet)

Word search for the girl

and of course the .97 cents shoelaces.

Total $102.50..........fuck...I am sick.


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