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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

oh yeah...Anniversary

I totally forgot to put down what I did for our anniversary. I mean sheesh 17yrs go by and you think you would remember.
Let's see this years big extravaganza was a night out at our fav steak place for a slab of meat and a twice baked potato (for me not him). We rarely get to go there and when he suggested it, i didn't want to remind him that my fav bro in law and sister took us there at the beginning of the month. Sssshhhh.

So when you get a chance to fill the hump, you fill the hump. Here is what the hubby ordered
Look at the steak. It's practically hanging off the plate! Kind of reminds you of that John Candy movie where he bet he could eat the '69er or some shit like that. If there was ever a contest like there here in town, hubby's signing up.

After that, we went to Wal Mart for toothpaste, toilet paper, and a composition book for the boy. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentleman, it gets better.

The next day was our actual anniversary. We got up at 11:00 am. Watched TV. he went back to sleep around 1:30 pm and at 2:30 we got up and went to the mall to walk around. We came home to our town for some pizza and good night!

I am loved.

Whatever. One of these years, I am going to have a fantastic blog about what my husband did for our anniversary. If you want a good one (one that i don't necessarily want repeated....once was enought). On sis 25th anniversary, bro in law actually pulled off a renewing of the vows without her even knowing!!! Now that's a blog!

Friday, August 22, 2008

All Work and No Play

makes me a dull cranky witch.
I always said since I started out in the work force that If I ever have a job where I just don't want to get up in the morning, I would quit.
Let me tell you....I'm getting there.
Oh i know its a bad day and maybe cause I haven't been around much lately but things are pissing me off royally.
I went to gripe about it to one of my boys and he said I can't quit. Where else would I go and get paid for what I do.
I said I didn't care.
I know I'm just mad and hate this new computer system we implemented in March. I know this.
I made up a short list of pros and cons and as my cons list was getting a tad too long, I stopped what I was doing, picked up the phone and over the intercom said,
"It's already 3:23 pm...damn it where's my ice cream?"
A bowl of ice cream shortly then appeared on my desk by a co worker and as I began to eat, I crumpled up the list and threw it away.
Sometimes it's ok here.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hubby part 1

Hubby went to have his colon checked out. He's been feeling sick and some other problems that I won't go into.
We headed off to the Colon R Us factory for his appointment at 10:00 am.
When we got there, there was a small waiting room and nothing else. No paintings, no pictures...not even some crappy magazines. In the back wasn't better. Once he got called back, he undressed in what seemed like a closet and then got an IV out in the hall. Literally the closet, the the hallway and the door off to the left was the procedure room. We could hear the doc and the nurse talking about the routine colonoscopy they were performing.
After I left him to go to his colon shop, I went and texted oldest sis and told her what the place was like. She typed back "who's doing the surgery, the receptionist?" I said no..the billing clerk.
Twenty minutes later and he was in the recovery room. They had to remove about 10 polyups and informed us that they would go to the lab to get tested and that he had a EGD (throat scrope) on next Friday cause yes, there were polyups but that's not causing all his symptons. Yeah.

And on another fine note....our air conditioner at the house caught on fire.

Bumpers, polyups and air conditioners...oh my.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

It's legal

So it's been awhile since this happened but hey, other things have been going on. The nght that big sis and I went with our girls to the midnight book selling of that stupid vampire book that they're obsessed with.......I got this

My car is saying hello with its bumper. Seems that day I pulled into a parking space and dumb shit me thought to myself..."hmmmm i'm a little too close to that parked car, I don't want them opening their door and hitting me.." so I put it in reverse slow like cause I don't like backing up fast anyways and Wham Bam thank you Maam...a diesel 4x4 GMC truck decided now was the time to come barrelling down the lane AND look for his cell phone. His exact words not mine...but do you think he told the insurance people that? Hell nooo. California law...I was backing up, my fault. Whatever

I am now driving around with the bumper torn off because with school clothes and registration fees I ain't got the 500 deduct to get it in the freaking shop.

We asked our local cops and they said, technically I still have a bumper so it's street legal.

I rule driving that sweet piece of machinery down the roaring freeway!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's a Boy!

I am a great Aunt….so my brother in law tells me yesterday while we awaited the birth of his sons baby. “I already knew I was a great aunt now I’m official” hahahaha…man that just came to me right then and there. Damn I could’ve been using that all along.

It’s official little David has joined the world. My littlest nephew was born at 3:41 pm yesterday. MommA and DaddyA welcomed in (well not daddy cause he didn’t have to spit him out) a beautiful (and no, I’m not biased…I‘d tell you the truth) 8lbs 5oz , 21 inches boy.

Get this…and believe me, this shit don’t happen in the real world.

MommA went into the hospital around 8:30 am or so. She didn’t get in a room until after 9:30 am. She sat around hooked up to the saline stuff and at 1:10 they popped her water. No time for drugs…No time for really anything. That baby boy shot out of her cooch 2 ½ hrs later. That shit just doesn’t happen.

They mentioned that they thought the baby was 3weeks early. I guess you can tell by the baby’s sac…don’t know if that is true or not. But anyways, things worked out the way it was supposed to. Can you imagine if she popped that kid out in another 2 weeks? We’re talking over 9lbs and definitely a C section then.

Today is my Dad’s birthday. It would’ve been a nice gift for him to have the baby born today but I’m glad that the baby has his own birthday, even though it means sharing it with older sis anniversary (not oldest sis, just older sis…don’t get them mixed up).

I am a great …no …Great Aunt. I should be named Mildred or Sadie or something like that. I sound like I’m 90 yrs old and they kids are all saying: “Now, don’t make to much of a ruckus, you’ll wake dear old Great Aunt Milicent”.

But nothing sounded better though as we were leaving the hospital as my nephew said, “Bye Gma” to oldest sis…now that was a riot!

I of course shouted out as I left the hospital….”Good job Fornicating!”

Friday, August 01, 2008

beach day

Man....we went to the beach last Saturday. Out of the blue sis calls up and asks if we were doing anything. She said "wanna go to the beach?" and I of course said "I like beaches".
It was sooo nice. No hot stuffy valley air. No sweat pouring down your legs. Aaaahhhh....relief.
We went looking around at campsites...(we like the one we went to last month better), we did a drive by thru town and then we were off to get fish and chips (none for me thanks...I got a hamburger). Walked around town and I of course made an ass out of myself pretending to be a seal. I'm sure sis has it on youtube somewhere. Here's Gma showing off her tanned legs

After that we mosied on down to the beach where we camped out for the next 3 hrs.

Gma got all worked up that the girls were doing this:

So, she guilted them into doing this:

Guilt...such a powerful tool.