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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Dentist part......hell who knows

Hubby finally went to the oral surgeon yesterday. We got there early of course and waited...and waited...and waited.....
Finally they called us back. Since hubby was going to be knocked out I had to go back to show that he really had a driver. We listened to her speech about sigining this paper to let us know that some numbness may occur, blah blah , blah....I said, "Yeah, we know all the dangers, why do you think we're here?" After hooking hubby up to the machine with the "beep - beep - beep" noises to monitor his heart and me of course in a loud voice going "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep", hahahaha. he was off to sleep and they begun to rip open his gums. It seems there was something showing up on the x-rays that they weren't quite sure what it was. They had a hunch, but they wanted to make sure. Whadda ya know they were right. Our fucking small town dentist left a piece of tooth in hubby the size of a baby's tooth!!! Fortuantely, that should take away the pain he's been feeling since the end of October, but that does not cure his numbness he has on his left side of his face. That sucks. We have 30 days to see how we feel about him being flown to either Stanford or San Francisco where a microsurgeon specializing in nerve damage may or may not see if he could repair good ol hubby. Decisions...decisions. Let's see, do I want to be wiping food off of hubby's mouth and watching him drool his beer for the rest of our lives? Or take a chance and send him up north, where quite possibly he could get even worse and talk like the Vito Coreleone with a stroke. Lucky me.


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