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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


When your not having fun. I hadn't realized its been so long since I've lasted updated. So many mundane things to do so few to write about.
Lunch - Had lunch with the "girls" on Sat...jeez..kill me now. I hadn't seen these girls in over a decade. I walk into the place and its like a flashback to 1989 and we're Seniors in high school. They were the exact same. Same hair, same face, same WEIGHT! I on the other hand come in with purle hair (which i like by the way), 75lbs overweight, and not a clue as to how I got like this. I wasn't supposed to be like this,.....or at leaset I wasn't supposed to be the only one that looked like this. Wow...what a wake up call. One doesn't work (or shall I say, doesn't have to work), one is divorced with 3 kids ( I'm more along her lines...lots of drama in that one), and the other is selling her multi million dollar house up north and building one here that she doesn't think that she'll ever live in. Holy shit....see what happens when you stay in a small town? But I'll die in my hometown, I wouldn't have it any other way, but it gets a gal to a thinking what would've been. Should've, could've, would've...my motto. Fuck it...whatcha gonna do? Sit there come out swinging with your wild sense of humor as always and never let them see you sweat!!


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