Ramblings of a Mad Piggie

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Sounds of Music

Hank williams Jr is Kid Rock's dad??? When did this happen?? Im actually going to go see Hank Williams Jr at the casino this Wed. My co-workers informed me of the above. How did I not know this? I am full of useless shit like this. It makes me wander what other useless tidbits I am missing out on. I know none of his music (unless you count the Monday Night Football song) but hey, free tickets, night outside drinking a beer, gambling afterwards, what else could you ever want? A friend bought me Gwen Stefani tickets also this weekend. Yep, that's the type of music person I am. Hank Williams Jr., Gwen Stefani, and I'm trying to win tickets for Disturbed for October.


Just in, Jimi Hendrix said he was gay to get out of the army? What the fuck? I told my co-worker, he almost choked. I don't know...I just saw it on MSN today.

I actually left work today @ 8:30 to go to Wal Mart to buy a new shirt cause the one I had on was wrinkled. I knew it was wrinkled when I went out the door this am. Didn't care. Until I saw how wrinkled when I actually saw it in the daylight. Told everyone I had to go buy break room supplies.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I rule!

I did it. Not a huge deal, but i knew i could do it. tonight my husband says, "hey, that show you like is on..the one with the four kids." Entourage? "yeah, that one." he sat thru 3 episodes back to back. hook, line and sinker. power of persuasion, baby. did my pilates tonight again. that's a record twice in one week. look out people.....im going for the abs. hahhahahaha. yeah right. hurt like hell, but i knew i would hurt worse tomorrow if i didnt do it. i locked myself in my daughters room and put the tapes in and did it. hubby wanted to say goodnight and i yelled for him to get away from the fucking door! i've notice im a bitch when i have to exercise. i'm alway a bitch when i'm hungry, when i'm hot, when i'm tired, when i'm sick, ....jesus...that doesn't leave a whole lot of time in between all that does it? im weak right now...don't know if i should be, but man, when you try to work your body out a little, it sure does start screaming in protest. the thing that is motivating me is the cheer moms. it seems like all of them lost weight from the year before and i doubled it. i told them all that tonight while we were watching our daughters practice. the advisore lost 32lb since november, another mom lost 17lb by quitting soda...for christ sake even the owner lost 23 lb since january. aaaahh!! that's the real motivation behind all of this. i am not going to be a big cheer mom this season and if i want to do that, i'd better get my ass in gear. i'll have to do something besides pilates 3 times a week. i type this as i am sitting in front of my $500.00 treadmill that has been used exactly twice in 6 months. maybe tomorrow.



Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The agony........

oh my arms...my poor pathetic aching arms. it wasn't the squats that did me in , nor was it using those stupid 3 lb squishy (but cute) balls, no it was the 12 lb bar that you lift over your head and back behind your neck. you would think that my having to drop my body on one knee and then actually having to lift it back up would be killer on legs/cankles....belive it or not, those are doing good. its the arms...oh god the ARMS.....for the love of God, make it stop.....over and over in my mind i scream, "ugh, you poor sick bastard" ( i know that line from a movie and i can't for the life of me remember which it was, needless to say it was when a woman was looking down at a badly beaten? and bloody person ready to die) that's how i feel. bloodied and battered...my arms swinging useless by my side....aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! the shit i do. after excersicing, know what i did? after i had my adrenaline all pumped up, took a shower, cooled off, really felt my lungs did a little workout, felt actually a little better...........until i went outside and puffed 3 cigs down in 15 minutes. hahahahahahahaha...if it aint food, it's something else!!! aaahhh, the joys of being "addicted".

Monday, July 25, 2005

And the Oscar goes to???

for the 68th year in a row...my mom. such a fun filled drama day. phone calls, frustration, head banging against the wall, walk it off, have a cigarette, breathe and remember..tomorrow could always be worse.
anywaaaaaays, daugher had cheer practice today. 7-8 due to the heat. wasn't soo bad. found out that nationals is at the end of january and qualifying won't be until nov 20th. that doesn't leave a lot of time for a routine to get done. here i was saying this to all the advisors and i don't even know if my daughter is going to make the team. how precosious (sp?) was that. felt pretty dumb to just automatically think my daughter would make it. she's good, don't get me wrong, but never count your egss before they hatch. practices from mon - wed 1 hr for now. as it cools off (yeah, who am i kidding) we will go back to mon - thurs 6-8. i don't mind, i like finding out what's going on with the teams and helping out where i can. can't wait to see the uniforms on the girls...they looked great at fittings and im really excited this year. this will be her fourth year and she says its going to be her last. who knows with her. we're looking at enrolling her in a 1 night a week mexican dance class here in town. could be interesting.
watched joe black tonight. luv that movie. could watch it over and over again. before that came on i actually went into another room and actually did pilates for 1/2 hr. what a bitch that was. here it is 2 1/2 hrs later and i can't feel my arms. tried to lift myself off the char to get a better sititng position and i actually felt my arms go numb and i dropped back down on the chair. fuck, can't wait to get out of bed tomorrow. should be fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A little T.V. on a Sunday

another sunday another statement by me out loud, "i think tomorrow will be a good day to start a diet". of course my inside voice is saying, "who the fuck are you kiddin?" walked thru costo today and told hubby to walk behind me. i started to see spots before my eyes and if i passed out i didn't want to hit the concrete. but even the stars didn't persuade me to not ask for a choc/vanilla swirl yougut. pathetic.
watched lance armstrong get his 7th victory in the Tour de France. that was pretty interesting, until i called oldest sis and she informed me that the little girl that sheryl crowe was holding was actually his from his first wife. how sad, here the ex goes thru the cancer scare and at least 5 of the victories and who gets to stand up with him on the most important feat of his cycling career? yep, ms. sheryl "i wanna walk in the sun, i wanna tell everyone to lighten up" crowe. ouch, bet that hurt. hope the ex got a good settlment. after that it was a texas hold 'em tournament. we've been watching that a lot lately, cause hubby all of a sudden thinks "he know when to hold 'em , know when to walk away". he wants to go to vegas and try his luck in some card games over there. my dad used to play cards in vegas/reno. nothing too extravagant...i always thought it was more for the beer than the cards. one time he politely got escorted by the nice Stratosphere security to his room after a long night of card playing. i thought it was funny, i don't think my mom did though. after that it was Entourage, to which i really am getting addicted to. made hubby watch it. i think i'l get him into it too. hey, if i can get him into watching buffy and angel, i know i can get him into this.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The too short smell of victory....

was exactly a day I lasted. foster large cone called to me yesterday. Sucker. anywaaaaaays, enough of that depressing shit. Today is Friday....I luv Fridays, it means I can sleep in until 10:00...whooo hoooo...hahahaha poor hubby works most of them time on Sat . fighting with mom again...what's new. I'll have to go back and flesh out the stories between her and I, but not now...I don't have the time nor the fingernails (been 3 weeks since my last fill and they're killing meeeeeeeee!!!). I will say that Mom has a list of all the money that I have had to borow from her from the last 10 years. I'm finding that a bit sad, but maybe I'm wrong. maybe other mothers do it too and I'm being ungrateful. so far, we are at $200.00 for root canal of last year, $40 for a night going out with my friend raq, and $300 that i have to pay back before September for a cruise we're taking. I think I'm going to start a meter in my car with a truck drivers log and jot down every time i take her to the store. wouldn't that be a hoot. the diabetes would kick in and she be in comaland if i did that. I think I will do a 100 things about my mom...the bad things not the good things, cause hey... the bad things are the ones to laugh at :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I WON I WON....i didn't get an ice cream yesterday. 3:00 sharp, everyone started doing their lists....sonic here we go. Except me. I didn't do it. i didn't do it. So you know what I fucking did last night around 8:00?? Sat down to watch Dead Like Me with a bowl of damn ice cream. How pathetic.

RAMBLINGS: Look up San Diego Comic-Con, Read more about John Irving "Until I Find You", Stop eating you fat pig.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The ice cream debate......

I go thru this everday. Like clockwork, my male co workers and I decide that its ice cream/soda time. I have a huge calendar on my wall with the names who have gone and where they go. Thursday is me. The guys place their orders, usually a Route 44 Cherry Coke or Dr Pepper, xtra cherries xtra cherry syrup. I always go for the regular M&M blast. Now figure that out...usually 3-4 days of fucking ice cream I'm stuffing down my throat. And I wonder why I'm gaining so much weight. Since I started this blog I vowed that no more would i participate. I didn't even put me on the order list this time. Of course , the inner mind starts going as I drive the short distance to the Sonic Drive-in. I wil not get a Blast. I will not get a Blast is my mantra over there. I'm actually saying this out loud and as I drive up and push the button to order I have made up my mind not to get one. Until she has to go and ask. "will there be anything else today?" Ummmm...yeah I'll try one of the new cookie dough balsts. Damn, another day shot to hell

She'll never find me....

In order to protect my ramblings and my life, I have had to re-create my blog. I only just begun so its not a big deal. How sad. This is to hide. It's not that I write about certain people often, I just don't want to have to be secretive or not be truthful about certain things that go on in my life. My oldest sister, of course, has free access.