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Friday, October 27, 2006


It's 8:15 pm....only 6 more hours to put out the chairs for the big day.
Chairs out at 2:00 am in favorite spot.
Arrival at parade route 6:00 am
for breakfast.
3 hrs until parade begins!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Holy shit.....fucking twilight zone shit.
Mom just called to ask about the parade this saturday and to find out what time I was going to put out the chairs. Like I've said before its a fucking tradition...see last years post.

So anyways, I went back to the archives of my oh so fucking fantastic life and I came across the parade entry and then scolled down to the tooth snafu of '05 for hubby. This is where the nice small town dentist went to retrive a wisdom tooth and damaged a nerve and forced my husband to seek treatment in San Francisco and is left partially paralyzed in a part of his mouth....anyways...I digress......while coming across this post, I went to see what date it was. On October 26th, I wrote about his trip to the sadistic dentist and I said, "On Tuesday, Hubby went to the dentist." I looked at last years calendar and sure fucking enough, it said
Man, not only is this the 2nd year for dear hubby for life to throw him a boner on this exact day!, but I fail to mention that this day is also my parents anniversary. Even though Dad has not been with us for 5 years, we still celebrate by either going to dinner or something.
OOOOhhhhhhh Dad's trying to tell hubby something alright!

i kNEW i wASN'T aLONE iN tHIS wORLD...

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


I stole this (yeah, I said it) from a new friend of mine, the Jaeger Monster, who in turn stole it from another.

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hubby must of have had an accident.

At 7:15 this morning, hubby called and said, "mom?"......(shakily)" I've been in an accident."
Obviously he was alive cause he was talking to me.
The usual questions came....Are you alright? Where are you? Do you want me to come out there?
He said he was fine and he's going to the Dr's as soon as the CHP was done with him.
Ugh....what a way to wake up.
It seems he was driving along a country road and a big rig with a tractor trailer blew a stop sign and kept on going right towards him. He had time to tense up, close his eyes and turn the wheel in order to not run straight into the truck which would have sent his very full cement barrel crushing him. He is a very smart guy sometimes. He remembers feeling and hearing the crash and then opening his eyes and saying "I made it". It really put a big scare in him today.
He escaped with a sore back, head hurt and bruises. Nothing too serious. Tonight I was rubbing his back where it hurt the most and it seems that something is amiss. There's something swelling up under the skin and he thinks maybe a disc got dislocated or something. He will be going to the dr again tomorrow.
I for the most part was very calm and I only cried when I had to call one of my co-workers to let them know that I wouldn't be coming in until I found out what and where he was going to be.

Hubby has lost another one of his nine lives today. He doesn't have much more to go.
Let's see:
1) Rolling a car when he was young and stupid.
2) He running a stop sign and having a truck hit him on his side.
3) Falling in a ditch while on a escavator and then the next day getting stuck in a cement pipe underground when his back gave out due to the accident the day before and having the fire department have to hoist him up the 25 feet up out of it.
4) Todays accident.

Way I see it, he's got 5 lives left and he's only 35.
If I was him, I'd be treading realy lightly for the next 30 years or so.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a tRUE fRIEND.....

Will never let your eyebrows or blackheads go.

Tonight the girl and I went to friend R's house and we helped her pack some stuff away. She is minimizing her house and put away all the pictures, candles, do-dads, vases...etc. She wants her home to be "surface clean". No more junk.
So after we did that, she got her tweezers out and plucked the girls eyebrows. Nothing dramatic, just cleaned them up. The girl laid down on a pillow on her lap and friend got to pluckin'. After she was done, she did mine and also popped some blackheads (yeah, I said it)...she can't stand them and I don't have the sight or the nails to do it.

Now that's a friend!


In order to sustain what normalcy we do have at work, we've found an outlet for our frustrations.
A co worker of ours seems to be...how shall we say...not worth a lotta fuck lately. He isn't accountable for anything, he comes and goes at will, calls in sick, and is always..always late. The guys are totally frustrated cause they're busy as hell and this guy just doesn't seem to get it. It was getting really bad during the summer and all the guys were always angry and in a bad mood.
So instead of cussing and fighting my friends, we've come up with betting. It cools us all down and its quite fun.

Worker at 10:50 am: "The boss wants me to go pick up some "stuff", get it copied, get my lunch and drop it back off."
Me: "Alright".......immediately I get up with my quarter in my hand and meet the other 5 guys in the middle of the room at the file cabinets....let the betting begin.
Me: "I'll take 1:30.
Worker 1: "put me down for 1:20
Worker 2: "2:30"
Worker 3: "1:00"
Worker 4: "2:45"
Worker 5 (who is in Dallas at a convention, but we still called him): "3:45"

We bet to see what time he gets back in the office. I almost won...winning number was 1:15.

We bet what he's going to wear, how late he'll be, if he's gonna call in sick , what he's going to say as he walks in the door, how many times he follows our boss around the office....you name it, we've bet on it.

It's our fucking release and I luv it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I can't belive it. I got up this morning and laid in bed until 1:00...watching movies on Lifetime.
They were typical made for tv movies about love loss, death, affairs..blah blah blah...and i watched them all.
How depressing was that.
The boy spent the night with his cousin.
The girl spent the night with her cousin.
Hubby and I went out to dinner and afterwards we met one of our friends and his new 39 yr old Cambodian girlfriend. She was very nice and we went outside and had a cigarette together. She then asked how long we had been seeing each other and I told her that we just celebrated our 15th yr anniversary in August.
She said, "Ohhh, I thought you guys were new. You act like new."
hahahaha....I had to laugh at that. She thought we just started dating.
Now that shit was funny.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


One more step in getting closer to Hawaii.

I just booked 4 rooms at a hotel near the airport that will not only put us up for the night, but they will also keep our cars for the 7 days we will be gone aaaaannnddddd....get a free cont breakfast consisting of dry toast, 2 day old bagels and crunchy donuts for the low low price (which is actually a very good price) of $99.95 plus tax.

You can't go wrong on this one. Oldest sis found the hotel and we were going to book it online, but I actually called the place and they quoted me an even cheaper price by $16.00 or so.

So in my savings account of change that I've been saving for the last 4 months, I will not only be able to pay for the room ($110), the gas ($40), pit stop at some fast food restaurant to get fed for the 4 hr trip ($25), the tipping of the shuttle guy ($1 bag this time, we don't want to go over board....$8), earphones for the plane ride ($3.00 ea x 2 = $6), a snack box or 2 on the plane (they suck , but when your hungry your hungry 2 x 5.00 = $10.00), and still have $40 left over for when my feet actually hit the hawaiian island and start spending the real money!!
Whoo--hoo....I like it.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Today was progress report day. Where the boys teacher write to me to see how the boy is doing.....lets see
Out of 6 classes,
3 of them were failing (spanish, animae, & science)
1 of them was a c- (pe...i mean come on)
1 of them didn't answer yet (english)
1 of them he was actually get a 84% (algebra)
and a partidge in a pear treeeeeeeee.

Yep...so guess what my night was about.

Yelling, crying, organizing, cleaning, and talking. Yeah fun night at the P house.
I sat in the boys room for over 2 hrs while he organized his binder and cleaned his room spotless. I sat there on the bed and we talked and cleaned.
I'm going to hate Mondays.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Looking thru oldest sis blog of long ago, I came across her quotes and I thought what the hell. The list of ones that the family quotes are in the comments of her page...but here are some others.


"Get busy living, or get busy dying" - Red (Morgan Freeman) Shawshank Redemption

"Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" - crowd chanting Rudy's name played by Sean Astin in "Rudy"

"I- den-tical" - Joe Pesci My cousin Vinny

"Why Johnny Ringo, you looked like someone just walked over your grave" -Val Kilmar to Michael Behn, Tombstone

"My fights' not with you Holiday" - Michael Behn Tombstone
"I beg to differ, we started a game..a game for blood" -Val
"Alright lunger" - Michael

"Luke, I am your FATHER" - Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker

"He was my FATHER" - Christopher Lambert -Earl of Greystroke-Tarzan


"God lets see what else is there um...I never gave a reach-around to a spidermonkey while reciting the Pledge of Alligence" - Peter playing a round of "I never" with the boys.

"I'm not drunk, all right. I just have a speech impediment ... and a stomachvirus ... and an inner ear infection" - Brian while he was drunk at a bar after slurring, throwing up and falling of the stool.

"So, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway? - Stewie to a prostitue

(Lois walks in on Stewie torturing a bully)
Stewie: "We're playing house..."
Lois: "But that kid is all tied up!"
Stewie: "Roman Polanski's house"


"You leave town tonight, right now. And when you're gone, you stay gone, or you be gone. You lost all your L.A. privileges. Deal?" - Ving Rhames to Bruce Willis

Jules: "Pigs are filthy animals. I don't eat filthy animals.
Vincent: "Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood."
Jules: "Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know"

'It's the one that says Bad Motherfucker." - Jules (Samuel L Jackson

"And right now I'm a race car and you got me in the red." - Vincent (John Travolta)

"Why am I brain detail?" - Jules

Jules, you give the fucking nimrod fifteen-hundred dollars and I'll shoot him on general principle.- John Travolta as Vincent

Are you calling me on the cellular phone? I don't know you. Who is this? Don't come here, I'm hanging up the phone! Prank caller, prank caller!" -Eric Stolz

and of course BUFFY

Spike: "Death is your art. You make it with your hands day after day."

Spike: "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."

Spike: "Help me out here, Spock, I don't speak loser."

Spike: "You were my sire, man! You were my... Yoda." to Angel after seeing him for the first time in a hundred years or so.

Spike: "I want you to know I did save you. Not when it counted, of course. But after that. Every night after that. I'd see it all again, do something different. Faster or more clever, you know? Dozens of times, lots of different ways ...Every night I save you." to Buffy after she came back form the grave.

Anya: "I swear, I am just trying to find my necklace."
Willow: "Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?"

Harmony: "Is Antonio Banderas a vampire?"
Spike: "No."
Harmony: "Can I make him one?"
Spike: "No. On second thought, yes. Go make him a vampire. Take your time. Get Melanie and the kids, too."

Buffy: "We have a marching jazz band?"
Oz:" Yeah, but, you know, since the best jazz is improvisational, we'd be going off in all directions, banging into floats... scary."

(After finding Spike outside her house.)
Buffy: "What are you doing here, Spike? Five words or less!"
Spike: (counting on fingers)"Out... for... a... walk... bitch."

Willow:"You just don't like him 'cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years.
Xander: "Yeah, I'm irrational that way."

Drusilla: "Your face is a poem. I can read it"
Xander: "It doesn't say "spare me" by any chance?"

Giles: "I have a friend who's coming to town, and I'd like us to be alone." Anya: "Oh, you mean an orgasm friend?
Giles: "Yes, that's exactly the most appalling thing you could have said."

Spike: "Made with care for Randy.' (looks at Giles angrily) Randy Giles? Why not just call me 'Horny Giles,' or 'Desperate for a Shag Giles'?

Spike:"Knock knock, robot boy. (knocks on Warren's head) Need you to look at my chip."
Jonathan: "Is that like, British slang or something? 'Cause we're not..."
Spike: "In my head, the chip in my head."
Warren: "We're kind of in the middle of something."
Spike: "Well, you can play holodeck another time."

Buffy: "You know, this place is okay for a hole in the ground. You fixed it up."
Spike: "Well, I ate a decorator once. Maybe something stuck."

Spike: "I’m drinking pigs blood from a novelty cup. Doesn’t rate high on the Zagots guide." (a line i actually used when oldest sis and i were walking thru downtown Vegas)

Spike: "You listen to me. I've been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I've seen things you couldn't imagine, and done things I'd prefer you didn't. I don't exactly have a reputation for being a thinker; I follow my blood, which does not always rush in the direction of my head. So I've made a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years, only one thing I've ever been sure of. You. Look at me. I'm not asking you for anything. When I tell you that I love you, it's not because I want you, or 'cause I can't have you, it has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try... I've seen your strength, and your kindness, I've seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You are a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy."

Joyce: "I... love... what you've neglected to do with the place."

Cordelia: "So does looking at guns make you wanna have sex?"
Xander: "I'm 17. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex."

Buffy: "We're not all gonna make it. You know that."
Spike:" Yeah. Hey. Always knew I'd go down fightin'."
Buffy: "I'm counting on you... to protect her."
Spike: "Till the end of the world. Even if that happens to be tonight."

[In response to being asked to fight a troll]
Spike: "I would, but I'm paralyzed with not caring very much."

Olaf: (looking for babies to eat) " You there, do you know where there are babies?"
Spike: [to Xander] "What do you think, the hospital?"


The boy and I went to the childrens hospital today to check out his mole. I always thought that the mole would be such a distinguished mark for his later years, but alas, he can't stand it anymore. His family Dr got an appointment at the plastic surgery at the top childrens hospital in the part of town and wanted to see what they had to say about it.
The Doc said it didn't look dangerous. Regular color, size, shape...la la la la. She said she would book another appointment in 6 months and see if we wanted to have it removed at that time. The boy said yes...we'll see April how he feels.
The down side, is that of course it will leave a scar. Not a huge one, since the mole isn't big but a line scar that will be noticable. I think he would rather have the "cool" looking scar than the "autin powers" mole.
The only time I have been in this hospital is when the girl was a baby and the niece was in for a scary emergency trip. I only saw the ugly beige part of the hospital. IN the main hospital...its sooo colorful and quite nice. Pretty purples, greens, teals, and blue walls and chairs. While there we saw a lot of sick kids and it was really sad. Here we were walking in for a mole check up and some of these kids will be spending a lot of time in these pretty walls. I felt bad and so did the boy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sis.....tIME tO cHECK oUT tHAT 100 tHINGS lIST

89 again by now

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


You scored as Spike. You feel like you're misunderstood. When you care for others, it's deeper than they'll ever know. Though no one thinks you'll change/pull through, you'll show them.

Buffy Summers


Tara Maclay


Dawn Summers






Xander Harris


Rupert Giles


Willow Rosenberg


Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Oh yes...no longer am I the "you have more time than money". I did it. I hooked up and got going on DSL tonight. Jesus...never thought that would happen. It's cool...haven't really played around with it but just knowing that I can see angryaliens.com and you tube, just makes me sleep a little bit better.