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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


In order to sustain what normalcy we do have at work, we've found an outlet for our frustrations.
A co worker of ours seems to be...how shall we say...not worth a lotta fuck lately. He isn't accountable for anything, he comes and goes at will, calls in sick, and is always..always late. The guys are totally frustrated cause they're busy as hell and this guy just doesn't seem to get it. It was getting really bad during the summer and all the guys were always angry and in a bad mood.
So instead of cussing and fighting my friends, we've come up with betting. It cools us all down and its quite fun.

Worker at 10:50 am: "The boss wants me to go pick up some "stuff", get it copied, get my lunch and drop it back off."
Me: "Alright".......immediately I get up with my quarter in my hand and meet the other 5 guys in the middle of the room at the file cabinets....let the betting begin.
Me: "I'll take 1:30.
Worker 1: "put me down for 1:20
Worker 2: "2:30"
Worker 3: "1:00"
Worker 4: "2:45"
Worker 5 (who is in Dallas at a convention, but we still called him): "3:45"

We bet to see what time he gets back in the office. I almost won...winning number was 1:15.

We bet what he's going to wear, how late he'll be, if he's gonna call in sick , what he's going to say as he walks in the door, how many times he follows our boss around the office....you name it, we've bet on it.

It's our fucking release and I luv it.


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