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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hubby must of have had an accident.

At 7:15 this morning, hubby called and said, "mom?"......(shakily)" I've been in an accident."
Obviously he was alive cause he was talking to me.
The usual questions came....Are you alright? Where are you? Do you want me to come out there?
He said he was fine and he's going to the Dr's as soon as the CHP was done with him.
Ugh....what a way to wake up.
It seems he was driving along a country road and a big rig with a tractor trailer blew a stop sign and kept on going right towards him. He had time to tense up, close his eyes and turn the wheel in order to not run straight into the truck which would have sent his very full cement barrel crushing him. He is a very smart guy sometimes. He remembers feeling and hearing the crash and then opening his eyes and saying "I made it". It really put a big scare in him today.
He escaped with a sore back, head hurt and bruises. Nothing too serious. Tonight I was rubbing his back where it hurt the most and it seems that something is amiss. There's something swelling up under the skin and he thinks maybe a disc got dislocated or something. He will be going to the dr again tomorrow.
I for the most part was very calm and I only cried when I had to call one of my co-workers to let them know that I wouldn't be coming in until I found out what and where he was going to be.

Hubby has lost another one of his nine lives today. He doesn't have much more to go.
Let's see:
1) Rolling a car when he was young and stupid.
2) He running a stop sign and having a truck hit him on his side.
3) Falling in a ditch while on a escavator and then the next day getting stuck in a cement pipe underground when his back gave out due to the accident the day before and having the fire department have to hoist him up the 25 feet up out of it.
4) Todays accident.

Way I see it, he's got 5 lives left and he's only 35.
If I was him, I'd be treading realy lightly for the next 30 years or so.


At 8:48 AM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

I think you left one out...

2A. Having to tell future father-in-law that he ran the stop sign and a truck hit him on the side while driving future wifes car.

Maybe thats a half life?

At 9:02 AM , Blogger RWB said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok...I've been in a few of those situations myself and its never fun!


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