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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Long, long weekend.
Took the day off yesterday to make it a nice 4 day holiday.

Saturday bought new entry hall lights and entry lights...and actually had them up by Sunday!!!

Bought a new fan too. Marcos Steward decided he wanted to go dark bronzish throughtout the whole house, so now we've had a friend of ours come out and price our cabinets to be refinished. Whatever. $1200.00 some friend

Took the niece and newphew along with our kids to the second dimension of hell on earth. An all you can eat crap bar with a thousand games that cost your life savings. Grand total for out of our heads bonding $160.00 (for 3 hrs)

Went shopping with oldest sis and mom yesterday. Up by 8:30 out the house by 9:00 and back in the house by 8:30 that night. Not that that was all us shopping, some of it was me shopping by myself. I bought the DVD firefly!!!! yeah...finally found it. $29.99 on sale even. I rule

While out shopping, we went to eat at my yummy hamburger joint. Everyone stared at my mom for wearing a "bunny".

The matriarch is doing a hell of a lot better. She was able to leave CICU and actually go to a regular room.

The boy's been demoted to the smaller bedroom of the house. In 2 hours , we had the girl and the boy switch rooms, cause hubby couldn't stand looking down the hall into the boys room and seeing a mess. The girl now has the bigger room, but now we have to paint it!!

Today was the day that a cousin of mine got killed in the Vietnam War. I was born 3 years later. I never knew him, I never met him, I think I've only seen a picture of him once or twice, but I made sure that I marked this day on my calendar to leave a note for him on his page. The one sad and haunting image I have of him was a story that oldest sis told me one day that she remembers Dad having a big map on the back of the kitchen door and each night he would trace where and what the war was doing. I don't know why that sticks in my head but I choke up every time I think of it.

The boy left today. he had to be at school by 5:30 for a field trip. Thank God, the hubby had to be at work by 6:00, so he had to get up and take him. Of course that didn't stop me from getting up and checking to make sure he had all his snacks and money. He also came in and asked if he could wear his suit jacket today. He really really wanted to so I gave him (even though I didn't want him too,,......i do not want him to be known as that kid who wears a suit jacket to school).


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