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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


or so says my life insurance lady that sent me a 1 pound box of See's Candies says. Whatever. It's just another holiday to show the world that you have someone to love or that loves you. thank god, the boy and the girl aren't celebrating this holiday yet. I don't think I could go out and buy their significant other a prezzie. I did however go out and get my significant other a present. I actually went out and got him a pair of pajamas. Seems the man is getting older and wants to hang out in pj's and slippers all of a sudden. Whatever floats his boat. I bought them, we'll see if he actually wears them.
We don't usually buy each other stuff on Valentines Day anymore. We did start a tradition 2 years ago, that we go out to pizza with the kids on this day. We don't need a fancy dinner for 2 anymore, we're way past that shit. Now its a quiet night out with the kids and a family size 1/2 pepperonie 1/2 combo pizza for us!!

So all out there who do do something nice and special and loving for your spouses on this day....go to hell.


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