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Monday, February 13, 2006

tHE bOY.....oH bOY

It seems I've been away. NOthing exciting happening unless you seem to think that find out your matriarch is very very sick, your 15 yr old niece is pregnant and your boy almost got suspended from school is someting to get worked up about. Fuck. What a week I had last week.

I get a call at work no less, from the principlal of his school. I wasn't even aware that she was the principal until half way thru the conversation. It seems that the boy had been called into the office the day before for a note that his teacher found in his spiral notebook. (I found out later that the note was actually written last yr when he has this teacher for another class. I found the notebook with extra paper in it so I gave it to him for his school. Fucking moron...kind of wished I would've never found it now). He and this teacher really disliked each other. I don't blame him, even I didn't get a good impressino of him. Anyways the principal then told me the note said, "The obituary of "teacher" is a necessity of this world. He is cruel and unkind". Ok, granted it's not the smartest thing to say in these days and ages, but come on ....its flows nicely don't it? Anyways, they had a talking in which the boy mostly cried and they listened.

As I got off the phone with the lady (which, I must pat myself on the back, cause I did not cry then), I then called hubby and started bawling. I cried and cried I couldn't catch my breath. Hubby came to the rescue and left work to go down to the school. He's actually really really good at this and I was relived that he went down there and not me, cause I would've been like the boy and just started crying. Hubby called later and said by the way I had been crying, he thought the boy had slit the teacher neck or something.

To make a long story short, cause quite frankly I don't know if this is one of those things that I would like to remember, they gave him a referral and removed him from dipshits class (cause he was afraind of the boy, what fucking ever!). The school psych wants to meet with him every so often (which I think we will go elsewhere for couseling) .

I myself think the boy is fine. He's intelligent, loving, emotional, a lot naieve, but that's it. He just needs to find his niche in the world and good luck cause I don't think I've found mine yet at 35!.


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