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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I like these Wed. dribbles....expect them often.

1. Called for Niagara Falls packages...$1,600.

2. I now know that Toronoto is the airport you fly to for the Falls

3. My back is killing me for no apparent reason other than the extra 100 lbs I carry.

4. I've been spraying applie spice delight Febfeez every night before I go to bed.

5. Project Runway is on right now and I'm watching it

6. My room is a construction site.

7. My toes are finally painted....white.

8. My hair is dyed....red

9. I got a co-worker in trouble today....

10. He deserved it.

11. I need a new cell phone.

12. I've said exactly 10 words to hubby all day.

13. My fav fanfiction site is back up...I can breath again.

14. Hubby is laughing at Project Runway right now.

15. I watched Season 7, Disc 5 of Buffy while cleaning my room.

16. I got a new computer chair. I luv it.

17. The girl is still gone.

18. My back tooth hurts.

19. I've learned that I don't know where to use apostaphes (or even spell it) correctly.

20. I found some pics of baby sis and I cried when I saw them. She looked sooooo "alive", she's a shell of her former self.

21. My feet are cold.

22. I have exactly 8 loads of laundry lining my hallway.

23. I need milk for cereal tomorrow.

24. The boy got grounded for his grades. C's & D's.

25. I miss the girl :(

26. Since when is Beyonce an actress?

27. I'm out of cigarrettes.....start the sweating.


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