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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a dAY oFF

I didn't go into work today. didn't feel like it.
I got up early and took the girl and her friend to school, then picked up mom to go grocery shopping and then stopped off at the linen store, dollar tree, taco bell and wal mart. All by 11:30. Whew!
I wanted to stay home and fix the boys room up. Nothing big. No home improvement or while you were out things, but I wanted to clean and spruce it up a bit.
4 hrs later and I was done. I found more socks and t shirts underneath his bed then I found in his drawer. I'm still doing laundry at 12:30 am.
I bought a new lamp and some pillows and put on his new comforter. I threw out all the wrappers, paper cups, old school work and crap that was either broken or shouldn't even be in his romm (like his dad's brand new pair of shoes he could never find, the girls socks and books, my mop handle, a broken piggy bank, a broken clothes hamper, odd cords and adapters, 2 plates, dad's pair of black jeans, all my dvd's, and other odds and ends if you can belive it).
He came home and went into his room and just stood there. He was shocked to say the least. He liked it. I liked it. His dad liked it.
I'm tired.
It's just a little thing, but I'm thinking that I need to do some little things for him more and more and maybe we'll all get thru this time with him.
Friend R came over and asked him to play his guitar and asked if he would want guitar lessons. He said, "sure"....and just like that started to make calls for him.
His nephew starting to bring him out a bit, his dad maybe talking to him more....
I want him to feel that he has family and friends that care and love him and that he's a good boy and worthy of the world.
(I promised myself I wouldn't cry)
I lost.


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