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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Went out and bought a new computer tonight. For a whopping 495.01 I bought a kick ass computer. You should see it. It's all in little pieces all over my table. I have to bring it into work tomorrow so that T can put it all together. Looks like a bunch of wires and gizmos's if you ask me, but for that price, I hear I got a good deal. While there, the boy found Google Earth and we located our house, Auntie Jo's house, Cousin D, and Niagara Falls. Pretty cool. Hubby was impressed.
After ripping the check from the hubby's cold hands, we started to think where we were going to eat.
I said how about spaghetti.
We haven't been back to the spaghetti place since my dad's last birthday with us. A week before he left us, he finally got his spaghetti dinner he had wanted for his dinner when we tricked him into coming to my house for his 65th surprise birthday party.
I had been wanting to go real bad for a long time now. My birthday, we thought about it and Dad's birthday too, but we all just never got around to it. Tonight was the night. Spur of the moment kind of thing, so that no emotions could surface. While waiting, (as you always did at this place), hubby the kids and I sat on the velvet purple couch and talked. We remembered that when we went there, hubby and Gpa would go into the bar and have a beer. We would remember how many times we had been there before and before it moved from the downtown location. We remembered that we would get ice cream at the end. We remembered that Gpa always wanted to sit in a bed (tables looked like old wrought iron beds). We remebered Gpa looking up at the pictures of what the big town used to look like back in the day. On and on the memories came back and I had to bite my tongue in order not to cry.
Dinner was the same as always. Not the best spaghetti, but as always, I enjoyed it because it had been Dad's place to go.
I took a couple of pix and send them to oldest sis to let her know where we were.
After the meal, there was a mix up with our bill and we had to wait 35 mintues to pay and get out of there. Poor hubby has to get up at 2:00 this morning to go to work and we didn't get out of there until 9:00 and still had a 1/2 hr drive home. Hubby was so mad at the people that he by the time we left, he had worked himself into a frenzy. That was kind of funny.
As we walked out of there, I said that maybe we were supposed to have a bad time so that we couldn't get sad. The girl said, "yeah, Gpa was probably mad that we went without him."
I bet he was upset indeed.
We even sat in a bed!


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