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Monday, September 25, 2006


A little somethin' something' for me to remember.

- My new computer is underneath my desk. Purty. All black and shiny and new. I can't get on the internet cause it doesn't have a modem so I had to sign up for the "faster" one, so I had to finally tell hubby that I do have more money than time finally. I will be amongst the living as of Saturday with a sbcglobal.net address...wheeeewwwww.

- Hubby started to take the boy out to the country to learn how to drive. Thursday was he first time out. I just happened to call and all I heard was "STOP, that's a fucking stop sign". And then he said I'll call you right back. I thought he was yelling at some random person to stop at the stop sign. I didn't find out until 15 minutes later it was the boy he was yelling out. Other than not stopping at that sign and blowing right past it and not being able to turn the 91 chevy silverado real well, he didn't do to bad said hubby. A few more grey hairs and a sore throat was all it cost him.

- It seems the wisdom tooth from hell has acted up. Stayed home from work today to start the medication from the last time this happened and load up on the pain pills. Wheeeeewwww.

- Painted one wall in the kitchen a gold/brown color. I like it. If no one else does, who gives a fuck. I felt like it...i figured painting walls was just like coloring your hair. If you don't like, change it. Seems simple enough.

- A friend from long ago called up and wanted to do dinner on Saturday. I erased her number and wasn't able to get a hold of her. I felt bad. It would've been nice to see her again.

- Week 3 of Fantasy Football came and went with the usual heart attacks. I hate this. Its such a poor excuse to have anxiety attacks over. This year the pot is a grand though. Right before Xmas. That would be soooo sweet.

- Went looking at houses today. The time has come to either build on or sell and buy a bigger house. Looked at a new sub that is going up. Starting prices 349k. We liked the 2200' house for 405k...with a 6.7 percent interest, and 92k down, we're looking at 1700 month payments. Ugh.



At 11:03 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

I remember when Andy was being taught to drive by his dad. Baaaad move. They almost ended up in a ditch. Andy said he would NEVER drive with his dad again. Instead of calmly telling him what to do or what not to do he screamed at him the whole time. I had to teach him how to drive.


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