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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I've thought of recently:

- I am sooooo going to find Dog when we go to Hawaii. Number one priority is to find Leland (though i heard he stays over in Kona) and take a pic! Me and one of the corporate girls email regularly about this man. We dont' know what it is, but he is goooooood lookin'. I luv that show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Can't explain it.

- I have now made dinner 2 times in a row (spaghetti last night) and I've decided the previous post was horse-shit. I DO wanna parade.

- Hubby had to stay home from work again today! Yesterday was his work truck that broke down and they sent him home. Today was his personal truck that blew a wire or some shit like that. I swear that man takes more time off. And to boot, he does shit with it. I told him to go to the bank to get a loan for a new truck (hasn't done it), i told him to call his Dr and get in to see about his weight gain and get some meds (hasn't done it), I told (asked, same shit) him to call a tile guy out and see about coming out for a quote for our backdrop (hasn't done it), I told him to go to the neighbors house and see about getting his big rocks for our back yard (the guy doesn't want them and there sitting in the middle of his yard!) (hasn't done it)....I mean come on, ....you ain't bringing in any income, you better be accomplishing something, fucker!


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