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Friday, June 09, 2006


Where do i begin. Um, mom had her colonoscopy on Wed. She was scheduled to go in at 2:00 but somehow didn't get thru until 3:10. I took off work early to meet big sis and mom at the very big, very nice, but very poor cafeteria hospital around 1:30.
Mom went in and we waited in the waiting room. I am so sure, the Dr's came right out and told everybody their news right there in front of everyone.
"um yes, your beloved's ass is doing just great. No rectal problems that I can see, some bleeding to be expected...blah blah blah"
We didn't really hear this but I mean....eeeeew. We saw some people go into the "Conference Room". One guy came out and I of course smarted off with, "He's gonna cry when he gets into the car".....a quote from Friday. Granted not my most shining moment, but i did say it where he couldn't hear at least. By the way, the guy looked fine so it must've not been tooo horible...i hope.
So after about 20 minutes into the surgery, sis and I both thought sufficient time had passed where we could sneak off and go to the cafeteria. ooooohhhhh wrong....I meant the Bistro..whatever...some crappy coffee, some snickers bar and day old salads....yech! It didn't stop us from getting those frosted brownies though. We went back up saying that after we got mom's news we'd go hit up the cafeteria. Dont' get me wrong, we're very serious when it comes down to why we're at hospitals but it's something about hospital food thats gooood! We've been in enough of them to know which are good and which are bad....a discussion that sis and I had while there. We're putting this hospital at a question mark, cause when we did go down to eat, they didn't serve lunch until 4:30 and mom would be in recovery by then...damn! So back up to the waiting room we went.

I'll tell you one thing and I don't know if I could say this about the other sis's......we sure can keep ourslves entertained. It doesn't matter where we are, big sis and I can talk. I found this out cause we went to Las Vegas once and did nothing but sit in front of Starbucks for like 5 hrs and did nothing but people watch ( a favorite amongst all of us girls in the family) and talk. I enjoy these times where we can just sit and talk and watch.

Mom came out around 4:00 and her Dr said everything was fine, but.......2 polyps, "diver down" disesase (which is my medical term for those pouches you have in your stomache lining that act up when irritated by seeds and a lack of fiber) and a hiatal hernia (which Gma had and is very heredity and which most likely I'll end up with). So all in all, not bad..not good, but certainly not the worst. We went in to the recovery room to find a semi lupey mom due to the drugs and waited for her to get released.

After we made sure mom was alright and back in her house and settled in, what did sis and do??? We took off to our local mexican restaurant for dinner......casuse by then we were starving. I don't feel bad cause I know mom would've done the same!!


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