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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i have never been more stressed out than i was yesterday. and for a stupid thing. it's not because i gave up my poor doggy (more on that later), it's not because my mom isn't feeling well and will be in the hospital (more on that later too), it's not because school is almost out and the kids are going here and there and all over the place......no...it was because of softball. this shit 's gonna stop if its gonna be like this every monday and wednesday.

The Green Machine had its first game last night. It ended up a tie 5-5. NOT good enough according to the coaches. This was the team that was supposedly the best in the league and we fucking tied them, what do they want??!! Hubby was not happy to say the least. I couldn't believe how he was acting. I had to remind him once in the truck and we had drove off out of the park....that what just happened stays back there. I mean it. Once we're gone ....softball moods are kaput. He had to leave to drink a few beers and go over the game with the other two coaches. How convenient. I'm left at home to console not only an upset daughter because she got yelled at a lot, but also a hurt one cause she got her finger jammed by the ball when she was catching and a bruised rib cause the pitcher hit her while warming up.

Then it was all about me when I had to all of a sudden be scorekeeper. I don't know the first thing about softball nor have I even seen a scorebook. What the fuck?! Tiny little diamonds and I'm supposed to be able to put 1B, F-6, K...all that shit and also keep track of where the girls hit out in the field on this tiny ass thing. You should see my book...its got scratches, lines, X's all over the fucking thing. Quite hilarious.

Big sis came by the game cause she had to go get mom some drinks and she couldn't wait until I got out of the gam...poor thing. sorry sis. She saw my frustration on my face and quietly walked away.

Now I know this is no biggie, but I just hadn't realized that when these games started it was going to be this emotional roller coaster with hubby coaching and the girl playing. It's a nightmare. You'd think they were playing in the fucking World Series.


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