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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Oh hell no. Yesterday at my office, the air conditioner broke at 2:30. Now, we keep this office like a meat locker. It's usually around 74 degrees and I'm wearing a jacket while I work. I luv it. The boss and 3 others are luv it. There's 3 big ol pussies that can't stand it. so what, if the boss likes it cold, its gonna stay cold.
So when it shut down on us, I really didn't start to notice until 45 minutes later that it was getting kind of warm. By 4:00 pm I was sticking my head into the freezer. I didn't care. I put ice in a bag and had them all over my body. It still didn't work. I was now hot and in certain places freezing. It didn't take down my body temp like they say it does. I suffered the last hour and ran to my car where I proceeded to put my AC on full blast and call hubby to bitch.
This morning, as I promptly got to work at 8:10 am, I noticed that our 2 doors were open. Not a good fucking sign. I can't believe it, a 103 - 107 (depending on which weather forecast your gonna belive, and I mean really, after 100 fucking degrees, it all feels the fucking same) and we have no air!!!!!!
I ain't gonna make it. I know it.


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