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Friday, June 09, 2006

We gave up our dog. We had too. I thought this family could do it, but we really didn't realize how much time we're away from the home. We had no time with it to properly train it and it wasn't fair to her. We called up the owners and explained (well we really didn't, friend R called up acting like me cause I was too chicken) that even though the dog was beautiful and was very good, we weren't the right people. We were only thinking about her best interests and wanted to have her go to a good home. What the fuck did they care, they were getting her back for $100 less than what we bought her for. I even threw in the leash, her 2 favorite toys and her brush. I didn't even go with hubby to drop her off. I got him to drop me and the girl and her friend off at the mall so I didn't have to see her go. She really was a beautiful beautiful puppy. We just weren't ready for her.
As far as the kitten. She is no problem. Keep the litter box clean, give her food and water and play with her when SHE wants to play with you and all is good. She gets to the roam the whole house during the day and at night sleeps with Aud by her feet or in my bed on top of my head. Either way she's sitting like a fat hog. Anyways, since we named the dog and cat to go together, I thought it was unfair to keep Violet when there was no Ivy.

So may I introduce you to our little kitten

Queen Meow Meow......

Meow Meow for short. But if you ask hubby...her name is "Where's that bitch at now?"


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