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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Softball going good. The girls are at 2-0-2. Won 2, lost 0, tied 2 (due to time restraints they make us stop at an hour). She didn't catch last night, she played 2nd base. And even though I luv the little girl at catcher, she's got's to go. Unfortunately that leaves Aud to do the duty. These girls are thinner and faster than our girls and they like to steal. The poor catcher didn't know what hit her (except when the ball did and that was quite often). No practice tonight, just cheer for her...yeah.

Today is June 15th...payday...riiiiiiight. WRONG. The new payroll girl didn't get the checks in the pony bag, so I'm the only one who didn't get a check. Everyone else is direct deposit. I don't do direct deposit, cause like I've said before, I like to skim a little off the top.

It's Father's Day this weekend. I haven't gotten the hubby anything else. He's easy. I just have to go to Sears and pick up some stupid tool or something.


At 12:26 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

Hubby wanted the hammock that was in the Kmart ad. I went to buy it, he is too heavy for it! I got him a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt that he will never wear, probably not even when we are in Hawaii.

Tired of Gwen yet?


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