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Sunday, February 04, 2007


The girl went to the movies last night for the 7:00 showing of The Messenger ( I really want to go see that). The hubby and I went for a snacker (KFC) and for a drive thru town like we used to when we were teenagers....and then my cell phone rings.

Girl: Mom? Hey, I just sooooo got kicked out of the movies!

Me: What! Where are you?

Girl: I'm in the lobby they kicked me out.

Me: We'll be right there.

Driving up to the movies, we see the girl and a couple of her friends in the lobby. Figured they all got thrown out. Nope...just my girl. Seems they got sssshed before the previews even came on and as my daughter eagled eyed the usher coming towards them, the girl that WAS doing the talking kept right on. The girl (my girl) tapped her on the shoulder and said she's being watched and then proceeded to open her phone to see what time it was. BAM! Mr. "I still live with my parents in the basement and never kissed a real girl" Manager pointed to her and said get up and go call your parents.
So when we got there and got out, hubby went to "talk" to the manager and I listened to the other girls give a play by play and call oldest sis at the same time.
Hubby and manager convo went like this:

Hubby: Was it soo bad that you had to throw a little girl out of the theatre?
Manager: I have a 150 people inside to watch a movie.
Hubby: The credits hadn't even finished yet. I know how it is to work in a movie theater, I've worked one before.
Manager: I've worked in the business for 13 years and...
Hubby: Listen guy, I'm not here to compare theater working with ya. I just want my daughter to go back in and watch her movie.
Manager: Here's your ticket and get your refund at the front window.
Hubby: (turning to the girl): You see, there's assholes working everywhere daughter.

I'm glad hubby went in, I think I would've been more sarcastic and make a scene.
10 yrs, no even 5 yrs ago, hubby would've handled it much much different. We're talking guy on the floor with a bleeding face different. I guess he has evolved somewhat.

So the drive that started out like we were teenagers ended up with us being parents after all. Damn....i guess its true....you can never go back.



At 11:16 AM , Blogger RWB said...

That's what happens when you give an asshole a little bit of power!

I think your husband handled it better than I would have!


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