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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ben Franklin has left the building....

Temporarily that is. I came home to my surprise to find my power shut off. Switch a light..nothing. Looked at the clocks...nothing. Damn a black out. Hubby came home at 5:15 and i asked...did you pay the electic bill? A look of dread passed his face...shit...it wasn't a black out. Since it was after 5:00 we would be without electricity until the morning. We called mom and told her we'd all be spending the night. I took the girl to cheer and hubby and the boy took off for Gma's. Nothing exciting, right???? Wait....

Ok, its 4:30 am and hubby can't find the cigarettes I had just bought him. He wakes me up and I get up go to the living room grab them out of my purse and talk a little bit while he gets ready to go to work. I go to the bathroom and lay back down. Between 4:35 and 5:05 I guess it happened.

I hear the bedroom door open, I hear shuffling of the feet and I of course thought it was mom checking on me. Figured hubby had woken her up. WRONG. I said, "Mom, its soo cold in here. I don't remember it ever being so cold in the house before." Nothing...no reply. "Mom?" I sit up in bed and its dark so of course I don't see anything. I lay back in bed, cause fuck if I'm gonna get up to investigate.

In the morning mom comes in and wakes me up at 6:45.
"mom, did you check on me last night?"
"No, says mom...why?"
"Somebody did", I replied.

Mom just said that it was probably dad seeing what I was doing there.

Hmmmmm....I don't know what to think of that. I called big sis and of course she la la la'd her way thru most of the conversation with hands over ears. Sorry to spook there sis. Called baby sis and she said as soon as she heard that I had been there, she knew something was gonna happen. Baby sis has been "feeling" - "seeing" things for awhile. I told her to maybe make her feel better and not think that she was going crazy.

I'm still at a lost. I haven't had anything like that happen before. I've had 3 dreams about my dad since he's been gone. I'll have to outline them tomorrow, cause its getting late and I wanted to write this down while I still had the nerve and courage to do it.

Good night dad.


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