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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Real Life......

I'm back from vacay. It was a nice long week to be away. We went on a cruise to Mexico for five days. I have never spent soo much time with my husband of 14 yrs as I did on this trip. Morning, noon , and night! Jesus, I thought we'd kill each other. Turns out, we only fought once (over me spending money as usual). In all, we woke up together, ate together, napped together. AAAAHHHHHH. It was nice to come home and be apart.....only he doesn't want to be apart. We laugh about it....he just came in and gave me a hug and said, "I like you now"....jeez.

We took some Harloquin Romance novel like pic of us looking lovingly into each others eyes while holding a rose...hahahahaha....too fucking funny. I'm using it as blackmail. There was another one that had him all GQ'd out with his hand up under his chin that would've been better but alas I didn't want to spend the 19.99 on it. In hindsight, I should've. I could have run out to the garage right now and showed all 10 guys who are here for Sunday Night Football. He also didn't drink at all. I know fucking shocking as all get out. He had 2 beers and that was on the first night. I had a margarita or two a night, nothing big...didn't want to chance a hang over and the sea. We went to karaoke every night almost. Never did get up and sing, though we should have. Me and oldest sis sang every song that was played and I'm sure we were loud. We didnt care. That was fun. Next time, we're going up on stage though. If some of those people could get up on stage and "perform" especially the gal Geenie...jesus, put a stake thru my heart...she bit, I could get up there as well. We ate...ok...I ate...sooooo fucking much....I'm actually sick to my oversized stomache that I ate so much. Again, I'm typing this all while my $400 treadmill looms in the background. As of Monday, its back to real life and no more napping, eating, and singing.

As for home, it was nice and clean due to the mother in law staying the week so that was really nice. The kids were still alive and breathing so that's also a big plus.

I believe it will be Vegas at the end of October. We need to take the mother in law somewhere.


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