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Sunday, September 11, 2005

flight 93

Jeez...i'm typing this as I'm watching the re-enactment of Flight 93, 9-11-01. I was actually gonna use my time tonight on this blog to bitch about a stupid "misunderstanding" I had with mom today. I even wrote up a pre-draft in the car while I was waiting for her while she shopped. I threw it away. I'm sitting here hearing all the real life messages from the people who were on Flight 93 that awful awful day. Grandmothers, mothers, father, kids....all on that trip. One stewardess even traded another co-worker that fateful flight. The show showed both planes going into the World Trade Center and the other on into the Pentagon. On flight 93, after each of the real life phone calls to loved ones, they would show the person they were talking to and let them tell their story. Wow. The flight people knew someting bad was going on. They had heard about the 3 planes and knew it wasn't looking good for them. The amazing thing was that all these people who were so lucky to leave messages or call their loved ones, all seemed so calm, under control, sooo brave. It was common for those who were talkiing didn't know what to say. Some just sat there on the phone breathing. I mean, what do you say?? Could I actually get words to come out of my mouth to sum up my love and my life to the ohter person? It kind of puts everything in perspective. I mean, here I was gonna bitch about something soo stupid on today of all days and I turn on the t.v. to watch this show and.....nothing. I realize I don't have shit to bitch about anymore......"that's all I got to say about that". God Bless to the people of September 11th.


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