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Monday, September 26, 2005

I killed my new hairdresser......

I can't believe it. I know I laid in bed at night cursing my new "Rip Torn" reject hairdresser for giving me the Joe Dirt haircut from hell, but seriously....I didn't mean him no harm. I came back to work from vacay and there was an obituary with his picture on it taped to the door. I stood there in shock. He died 2 days after the fucked up haircut. 2 days!! I was talking to him, he seemed normal, a little gayish and talky talky but otherwise no problem. Hell, i even decided to give him another try and told him I would be back for a color. I talked to the next door neighbor, and she said it had been a sudden death. It was some kind of annurism (sp?) in the throat that had exploded. Maybe it was brought upon by his guilt over my cut?? Jesus...he was only 52. I feel bad. I didn't know him for long but he was really nice. "Hair today, gone tomorrow" (i couldn't resist, what a bitch)


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