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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Books, trains and Vampires

I saw my friend R in her lovely little town. It was probably only 10 degrees cooler over ther but a way huge difference. I think it's just that is so much "cleaner" over ther. Cleaner as in no humidity. No stuffiness. It was niiiiice.
We picked up the girl in Roseville and headed over to catch the train on Sunday.
On the way, we passed by:

Take a look at this. We arrived 2 1/2 hrs early at the train station and this is what I got from her for the first hour

This is the second hour:

And this is what I got on the train ride:

For six hours I watched her read a fucking book!!! Hey, I'm all for books and reading. I remember the "learning is power!" slogans, but enough is enough.

I brought it on myself. I had bought her the damn book around graduation. I had been hearing about these Twilight series book and the movie had been filming and was set out for Decmeber. It's a total rip off of another vampire/girl love story but hey. I had Buffy she's got Twilight.
It's taking her about 2 days to finish each book.
I guess she is a bit like me. Obsessive personality. Great

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