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Monday, July 21, 2008

the ride that never stops

Jesus...the boy just finished summer school on Thurs the 17th and what
do I find in the mail??? Registration packets for both kids. I didn't even get a chance to breathe before they started ramming the idea that they will begin school in 3 more weeks.
Registration is the 6th for both of them. The girl is a freshman (god, kill me now) and the boy is a junior so they get to go on the same day. Not that means anything to them, cause they'll avoid each other like the plague. At school, they are on two entirely different planes of existenece and they like it that way.
Ugh, registration also means a cool 300 clams that has to be paid out. Activity cards, PE clothes, locks, yearbooks & pictures.
After registration , is the school clothes shopping done at the last moment of course and also the backpacks, paper, pens, and the list goes on....
With hubby off on medical leave a couple of weeks means that money is tighter than its ever been....
I saw Fun with Dick and Jane last night on TV...I think it was a sign.



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