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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back at it

June has come and gone and its July. I can't go back and write about things...I can't remember them well enough, so I'm starting yet again.

July 4th was depressing. No big BBQ at my house. No firework spectacular. No competition. Nada. No money, honey's.
We sat around oldest sis backyard and reminised about the "old days".
Gma B, Cat, Gma, Middle Sis and family and me and mine sat outside, ate some good BBQ dogs and waited for darkness so that we may begin to cry.
Hubby came over but left before dark cause he was down in the dumps.
When he left, I told everyone he was gonna cry in the car.
As poor as we all were this year, we actually each gave $20 bucks and got us a box of pathetic looking fireworks and some whistling petes (to light off in memory of Dad).

To put it in perspective, here is what our fireworks display has been in the past. me and sis have a competition to see who has the best display. If you head on over to hers, you could probably read about it. I think i did one too...can't remember.

And then this is what we had for this year.

Big difference.
Officially, the trophy will have 2008 - Winner: Recession. Cause face it, it kicked our asses this year.



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