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Monday, July 21, 2008

I heart Vampires

I Got a call from the girl while I was at work. It was a somewhat panic call from a 13 year old.

the girl: "MOM!!"

As my heart leapt thru my throat, I hurriedly answered WHAT!

the girl: "The new book is 1/2 about Jacob and his point of view!!!"

JUMPING JO HASSAFRAS (OR WHATEVER THAT STUPID SAYING IS) ..She's calling about the plot of next book she's breathlessly awaiting. (Due out Aug 2nd)

I thought it was "Mom, I broke my toe, or Mom, how do you put out a grease fire. JEEZ..I don't know something, by the sound of her voice.

Nope, it had to do with her stupid vampire, Edward (because as we all know, SPIKE is the one true vampire.) She informed me tht she was going to be quite upset if Jacob gets in the way of Edward nd his true love Bella.....WHATEVER!

Not only is she doing this but her cousin-sister is at it also. I'm sure it's the same over at that house.

Aug 2nd can't come soon enough.



At 11:06 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

She got book 3 tonight. I wont see her for a few days now.


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