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Thursday, July 17, 2008

the MRI

We got some health issues in the familia again. This time (or should I say the 4th time) hubby is sick.
I won't go into icky details, but suffice to say, he will now know how it is to get rammed from behind.
But before that, hubby had go get an MRI for a seperate problem he's been having. Seems as though his left leg alternates between mind numbing pain and just plain numbness. The Dr scheduled it for 2:00 yesterday. At 2:20 I get a call from him saying he was out of there. Please follow:

hubby: I'm out.

me: out? already. those tests are like 30 minutes at least

hubby: well...i was laying down watching my feet go thru the tube and i started saying "stop stop". The tech's were trying to calm me down thinking I was claustophobic "there there Mr. Hubby just relax and breathe". In the meantime, I'm hearing the wheels grinding on the bed that's rolling me thru and I start yelling "I'm not claustophobic, I'm stuck. I'm stuck."

Seems poor hubby wasn't in the "non-human" size of the MRI machines. He was in a normal size one, which is what we have in our mayberry size town.

He now has to go to the big town up north to go thru a tube he can actually fit.

Funny side note: Don't know If i wrote this down here or not but 14 years ago or so hubby did get stuck in a pipe 20ft underground. He had to be air lifted up in one of those baskets by a crane or some shit in front of every local news channel. I'll have to write about that some day.



At 2:34 PM , Blogger Mel Chickk said...

I still have the newspaper article.




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